Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 6 “Forever and a Day” Recap & Review

Forever and a Day

Episode 6 of Fantasy island season 2 starts off with Javier and Elena getting ready to pick guests. Javier mentions that he was unable to pick up the guests because of the high winds. He is happy this allowed them to spend more time together.

Javier mentions that Helene’s birthday is coming up and he wants the three of them to have dinner together. Elena is happy and agrees to have dinner. Javier drops Elena off and she meets with Ruby. Ruby teases her about the upcoming birthday dinner and says she is glad Elena is happy.

Just then the first guest arrives. Her name is Dr Nancy Lee, she is a therapist. She is exhausted and wants to start her fantasy journey the next day. The other guests, Emilio Hernandez and Oliver Gold arrive and they are welcomed by Ruby and Elena. This is the first time they have been able to take a vacation in the past three years.  Every time they planned a vacation, Emilio’s work got in the way.

Elena sits them down and asks about their fantasy.  Emilio and Oliver want to connect and be together with no distractions. Elena asks Oliver to remain behind because he has another fantasy, to give Emilio the perfect proposal. Oliver gives Ruby the instruction for what he is planning at the proposal and Ruby is happy to help. She feels like it is an easy fantasy but Elena tells her only time will tell.

The following morning, Oliver awakens with a happy grin on his face, though the presence of a noisy and disruptive bird outside their room irritates him and his partner. In the midst of a romantic moment, their breakfast is delivered by Ruby.

Emilio takes a moment to glance at his phone and notices that the breakfast cart is fully stocked with all of his favourite treats. While pouring tea, Ruby accidentally spills some and offers to replace the tablecloth, but Emilio assures her that it’s not necessary.

Meanwhile, Elena meets with Nancy to discuss her fantasy. Nancy believes she is a good therapist who can distinguish a client’s problem within the first three minutes of visiting them. Elena is skeptical but nonetheless, she wants to fulfil Nancy’s fantasy. Nancy wants to tell clients exactly what is wrong with them without holding back.

She starts with Elena and tells her that her lone wolf approach to life will bite her in the ass. She tells Elena that it is obvious that she wants to get close to the people she loves. Elena points to Javier and Helene and says they are close. She tells Nancy about their dinner plans later but Nancy tells her that it is okay to show people her mushy centre. Elena doesn’t take kindly to this and leaves.

Over at the tiki bar, Oliver is getting ready to propose to Emilio, but things don’t go as planned. Emilio arrives and is treated to a choreographed dance performance by Oliver and the bar staff, which Ruby captures on video. Despite the grand finale of Oliver’s proposal, Emilio declines.

Elsewhere, Tension arises during dinner with Javier and Helene when Elena discovers that Helene did not invite her willingly, leading to an awkward atmosphere.

Ruby checks in on Oliver, who is struggling after Emilio moved out of their shared room. He spends the night crying himself to sleep, only to awaken the next morning to the same squawking bird and  Emilio asleep beside him.

Ruby enters the room with the breakfast cart, but this time manages not to spill the tea. Emilio checks his phone while Oliver rushes out to find Elena, who confirms that they are both trapped in a time loop.

Oliver is determined to find a way out of the loop, and Elena tells him they are stuck in a time loop. They think if they learn what mistake they made, they can get out of the time loop. Meanwhile, Javier observes Nancy giving her blunt therapy to clients, which often ends in tears. Despite Nancy’s conviction that this is the right approach, Javier declines her offer for a session.

As Oliver and Emilio walk on the beach, Emilio comments on how hard Oliver seems to be trying with him. Oliver proposes again, but Emilio once again turns him down.

The day begins anew, and this time Oliver manages to prevent Ruby from spilling the tea. He then confides in Ruby about the time loop and enlists her help in figuring out why Emilio keeps rejecting his proposals.

Elena explains the time loop to Ruby and asks her to find out Helene’s favourite cake for a fancy birthday dinner. However, the dinner goes poorly and Helene storms out.

After another repeat of the day, Oliver yells in frustration at the squawking bird and sends Emilio to answer the door while he checks Emilio’s phone, where he finds a message from someone named “JC” asking if they have broken up yet.

Javier discovers Oliver sitting by himself on the beach and offers to lend a helping hand. Oliver confides in Javier and asks if he knows the reason behind the message sent by Emilio’s sister. He’s desperate to uncover the reason behind Emilio’s desire to end their relationship. Javier suggests that he seeks help from Dr Nancy.

Nancy accuses Oliver of being dishonest with Emilio, which he denies, stating that he would never lie to him. Nancy questions when they last had an argument, to which Oliver replies that they’ve never fought because he avoids conflict. Nancy highlights that pretending to be happy when he’s not is also a form of deception.

She asks him why he doesn’t communicate with Emilio when he’s unhappy, and he’s unable to answer. Nancy emphasizes that this is more crucial than Emilio’s answer to his proposal.

During dinner with Helene and Javier, Elena takes a chance and inquires about Helene’s concerns. Helene reveals her feeling of not fitting in on the Island and in Javier’s life. She perceives herself as an outsider and feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. She leaves the table, declaring she should depart the Island.

The next morning, Elena finds Oliver at the bar drinking mimosas and joins him. Oliver shares with Elena the story of how his ex broke up with him because he refused to watch The Lord of the Rings. Elena suggests they indulge in comfort food and enjoy their last night on the Island.

Ruby talks to Nancy about feeling strange and tells her about her connection to the Island through her tattoo. Nancy is fascinated by the idea.

Nancy struggles to figure out why Ruby is feeling the way she does. Ruby asks why Nancy wanted her fantasy. Nancy explains that she’s tired of always listening to other people and wants someone to listen to her for a change. She offers to be Nancy’s listener.

After indulging in chocolate cake and drinks, Elena arrives at dinner with Javier and Helene still tipsy. She speaks honestly about the situation and urges Helene to stay on the Island for Javier’s sake. Elena professes her love for Javier and encourages Helene to share what she really wants. Helene reveals that she just wants her birthday back and misses her mother. Elena understands and leaves the table.

The day then starts over again.

Ruby arrives at Oliver’s room, but he opens the door before she knocks and tells her that he won’t propose to Emilio. He admits that he’s decided to stay in the time loop because he’s scared of Emilio breaking up with him. He asks Ruby to pass the message to Elena.

Later, Oliver and Emilio take a walk on the beach. Oliver suggests they have lunch, but Emilio declines, saying they just had breakfast. Oliver stops and questions if he’s become so good at lying that he does it automatically. Elena arrives, and Oliver asks Emilio for a moment to talk with her.

Elena encourages Oliver to face his fears and break out of the time loop. She tells him that she believes in him and that he’s fabulous.

Back in the room, Oliver has an honest conversation with Emilio about their relationship. He confesses that he feels unworthy of love and that he secretly believed that if they ever broke up, it would prove to be true. Oliver acknowledges that he needs to sort things out, and he understands why they need to end their relationship. He wants Emilio to be happy with someone who is more sorted out, so he leaves the room.

Elena speaks to Nancy, thanking her for her advice, which Nancy doesn’t remember giving. Elena realizes that Javier is faced with an impossible choice, and she may have to make the decision herself to spare him the pain.

The time loop has ended and Oliver wakes up alone in his room. Emilio knocks on his door and they go for a walk on the beach. Emilio admits that he wants Oliver to know he’s wonderful and proposes to him. Oliver accepts, and they both say their goodbyes.

At the office, Ruby and Elena meet instead of at the dock. Nancy visits and thanks them for reminding her about the importance of listening, and thanks Ruby for her help in particular.

Elena gives Ruby the rest of the day off and tells her she’ll be doing the same. Ruby is confused.

Later, Elena waits for Javier at his trailer. She missed Helene’s birthday dinner this time and tells Javier that there’s nothing more important than his relationship with Helene. She breaks up with him and leaves, crying.

The Episode Review

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster. The break-up hit hard since we have been championing Elena’s relationship with Javier. It is sad that Helene and her didn’t get close it led to this situation. I think that they can still salvage their relationship and Elena and Helen can try to get to know each other.

Something Nancy said struck me, most of the time, we all try to act strong because that is the only option life gave us. It would be good to show a soft side once in a while and let people get close.

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