Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Hurricane Helene; The Bachelor Party

Episode 2 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena and Ruby readying themselves to receive their guests. Elena advises Ruby to put on a smile and elevate her mood for the visitors. Ruby confides in Elena that she deeply misses her friend, Gina. Elena then offers to have her come over for a movie night to help her cope with her breakup, but Ruby declines the invitation.

Javier escorts the first group of guests, Mateo, Shawn, and Eli, into the resort. Mateo is getting married and Shawn is serving as his best man, while Eli is a groomsman. Each of the men has their own dream scenario in mind.

Meanwhile, guest Helene Reyes is dozing off on the plane with an eye mask on. Elena goes to retrieve her from the aircraft. She is not pleased with the three men she had to fly with.

Helene shares with Elena that her mother conceived her during a hurricane in Belize, and believed she was going to die. Her mother raised her as a single parent and they had a strong bond. However, her mother passed away a year ago. Helene desires to find her biological father, who her mother affectionately referred to as “Sunshine,” and she remembers him having a fantastic smile.

Elena takes Helene to the front part of the resort and directs her to choose a path. Her dream scenario will unfold as she follows her intuition. Helene asks Elena if her father could be one of the three men on the plane, but Elena replies that she does not know, but finds it meaningful that they are all there together.

Ruby offers to take charge of organizing Mateo’s bachelor party to help her overcome her breakup. Elena agrees, on the condition that there will be no strippers involved.

Shawn desires to be fearless, Eli wants to be irresistible to women, and Mateo wonders what might have happened if he had stayed with a woman he met while travelling.

Eli leaves the group to pursue a woman in a yellow bikini, while Elena takes Mateo for a walk, and Ruby escorts Shawn to a tattoo parlour.

Elena brings Mateo to a door and informs him that his fantasy is on the other side. After hesitating, she leaves to give him some time to make a decision. Helene, who has been following them, watches from behind a plant.

Mateo eventually enters the door, and Helene follows him down a street to a cafe, where he is recognized as an American by the server. Helene believes the server is her mother.

Elena drives Javier to her hacienda, and Ruby walks with Shawn, who is enjoying the feeling of not worrying about every little thing. When Shawn asks about Ruby’s tattoo, she tells him the story of how she began her new life on the island with the tattoo and shares that her only fears are singing in public and being alone for the rest of her life.

When they arrive at the tattoo parlour, Ruby is surprised not to see Isla, the woman who had previously tattooed her. The proprietor informs her that there has never been an Isla working at that parlour. Shawn chooses a koi fish tattoo to symbolize his newfound bravery and decides to get the tattoo done on his own.

Mateo orders a bowl of paella at the cafe, and Helene leaves when she realizes the server is not her mother. She finds Elena waiting outside, who points out they are in Spain, not Belize. Elena also mentions that Mateo could still be Helene’s father since Barcelona is one of the places he has been in his life.

Elena notes that Helene is the first guest she has ever seen to follow another guest into their fantasy and recommends she goes with the flow and take a seat. Helene does so, only to find herself on a boat at sea. She is unable to start the motor, but soon discovers Shawn, who has surfaced from scuba diving, and tells him that she thinks he might be her father.

As Ruby is organizing the bachelor party, she is approached by Elena. Elena confides in Ruby, expressing her concerns that there might be something wrong with her that led to her relationship with Gina ending. Elena suggests that they perform a closure ceremony to help her move on.

Shawn assures Helene that he never slept with her mother and suggests that perhaps Eli could be the one.

As Mateo revisits his day with Camilla in Barcelona, he decides to change the events of the past. However, they are caught by Camilla’s furious husband.

Helene approaches Eli and reassures him that she is not trying to hit on him, and then asks him a question.

Elena offers Shawn some fugu sashimi and suggests that he should confront his fears. When Elena leaves, Helene takes her seat and tells Shawn that Eli has never been to Belize. Shawn suggests that Helene take a closer look at Mateo.

Mateo and Camilla escape her husband and Mateo shares with her about his fiancée Sophie. Realizing he has been comparing Sophie to a mirage, Mateo bids farewell to Camilla. Elena arrives with a drink and leads Mateo to the party. Helene approaches Mateo to ask him about Belize, but before he can answer, Shawn grabs the microphone and declares his love for Eli in front of everyone.

Eli embraces Shawn and tells him he loves him too, but not in a romantic way. They agree that things will be awkward for a while. Before joining the group hug, Mateo tells Helene that he was indeed in Belize a few years ago.

The men share a drink and Eli confesses that he did not break up with his last girlfriend, but rather she left him, causing him much disappointment. However, Shawn’s declaration has brought him back to life.

Elena takes Helene for a walk, while Shawn encourages Ruby to face her fear of singing in public.

Helene is disappointed with her experience on Fantasy Island and wants nothing more than to have her mother back and a comforting hug. Elena offers to accompany her.

Helene continues her journey through the glade and is suddenly caught in a raging tropical storm. A woman emerges to see if she’s okay, and to Helene’s surprise, it’s her mother during her time in Belize. She embraces Helene and assures her that everything will be alright, then invites her to a place of safety. A young Javier emerges and guides them to a secure shelter he found. Elena is taken aback.

As Helene and Elena return to the party to find Javier, Ruby is on stage, singing her heart out. Helene approaches Javier and they discuss the storm named after her, Hurricane Helene. She reveals to him that she is Blue’s daughter, and he realizes that she is his daughter too. He asks if he can embrace her.

Ruby performs a closure ceremony, burning all the items that remind her of Gina. Afterwards, she dips into the ocean for a swim, naked. Isla appears beside her and reveals that she often swims in the ocean at night. She expresses hope that they will meet again.

The men depart on Javier’s plane, but Elena offers Helene the opportunity to stay a while and get to know her father better. She checks with Javier to make sure it’s okay, and he gratefully accepts Elena’s offer. Elena updates Ruby on this development, anticipating that their lives are about to change.

The Episode Review

Javier and Elena have just started getting close and Helene will definitely add a new element to their relationship. I am glad that even though they are not publicly dating, Elena is secure in their relationship and wants to help Javier bond with his daughter. She handled this situation gracefully like a classy lady. I am looking forward to seeing how Javier handles being a new dad and in a new relationship.

Ruby is getting over a break-up so we can understand why she was feeling sad. I didn’t realize she was this invested in this relationship. I can’t wait to see where her story with Isla will take us.

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