Fantasy Island – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Fantasy Island begins with Ruby sitting down to eat breakfast. She’s been trying to ring Mel but the call is not going through. However, as Elena explains why, a new arrival to the island via helicopter interrupts their chat.

This is Eileen Mitchell and she wants to try and patch up her estranged relationship with daughter Theodora. Elena promises to make her dreams a reality – but of course be careful what you wish for.

Theodora and her family show up at the beach but, to Eileen’s horror, she’s invisible and unable to communicate to anyone other than Ruby and Elena.

The whole idea of this is to teach Eileen how to listen and to see the error of her ways. Eileen has been ignoring Theo’s feelings and throughout this episode she learns how poorly Theo has been treated, pushed aside in favour of Eileen continuing to be seen in the spotlight.

Our second guest this week is sceptical Professor Charles Wakefield, who’s determined to experience something out of this world. Given what we’ve seen on the island, that can certainly be arranged!

Charles is invested in trying to find the God particle, and eventually finds evidence of the unexplainable in the form of Eileen. Or, at least Eileen’s ghost. The pair communicate together through touch, holding hands and discussing their woes. Eileen tries to use Charles to communicate with Theodora but instead, this helps Eileen learn the error of her ways. In fact, they both share a cheeky ghost kiss too.

Meanwhile, Ruby starts to reflect back on her choices. It’s the first time we’ve seen her actually talk about Mel and her life outside the island in a while, and she gushes over how she has 3 kids.

Anyway, Eileen manages too patch up her differences to Theodora, thanks in part to Charles being used as a conduit to relay on her thoughts. It’s a nice redemptive arc for her, as Charles reflects that his fantasy happens to be Eileen herself. I mean, it’s no God particle but it is a happy ending nonetheless.

As the guests leave the island once more, Elena brings Ruby’s favourite chair and a number of photo albums to the island so she can reflect back on the life she’s left behind. There’s even a note from Mel too, wishing her well.

The Episode Review

That was actually a pretty good episode! With some nice reflection from Elena and some good moral lessons, Fantasy Island starts to deepen its themes and ideas. The whole concept of being “seen” and learning how to see others is reflected nicely through Eileen being turned invisible.

There’s a poetic irony to this as well, with the redemptive arc Eileen goes on ending in a satisfying way. That’s to say nothing of Charles either, who finally experiences something out of this world – and finds love in the process.

The two stories complement one another nicely, and in essence end up being one consistent plot thread. Out of the three episodes so far, this one is arguably the best and sets things up nicely for the season ahead.

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  1. Hey, thanks for commenting! Yep, you’re absolutely right, thanks for the correction! That’s my bad, I was too busy thinking of the second episode to be honest. However, I’ve gone in and corrected this part of the recap.

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  2. There was a scene in the first episode when Mel told Ruby to stay and have a second chance and that he would tell their family that she had not made it back because she “died” on the Island.

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