Fanta G Spot – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Perfect Partner Requirements

Episode 4 of Fanta G Spot starts with Hee-jae waking up a single woman after her drunken night before. She probably does not recall meeting In-chan the night before and diver straight to her phone where she finds her latest credit card bill.  She is due more than 3 million won and will have to restore her bank account just as she restored her self-esteem after breaking up with Hyun-woo.

Hee-jae starts first by cleaning up old memories from her apartment that reminded her of Hyun-woo and starts redecorating with items and colours that mean something to the reborn Hee-jae. Both Hee-jae and Mi-na are called to their boss Mr Sim’s cabin and on her way there Mi-na tells Hee-jae that she will be hooking up with Woo-jae. Hee-jae is excited about the new partner Mi-na will have but Mi-na is worried about how a guy like her would really turn out to be.

Hee-jae bumps into In-chan outside Mr Sim’s cabin but the two pretty much avoid each other altogether. Mr Sim tells the two that they would have to work an extra hour that weekend and host a live show of the Fanta G Podcast for PR. Instead of hiring a PR representative, Mr Sim offers to pay the duo some extra amount in exchange for one hour over the weekend.

The live show was to be held at the same time In-chan would be having a seminar for his readers at a book festival. Desperate to make some cash, Hee-jae agrees to work the weekend and Mi-na unwillingly agrees also to keep up the team spirit. Hee-jae reassures Mi-na that she would be able to make it out in time and asks her friend to help her out this time.

Hee-jae works until late that night and Mi-na asks her out for drinks. She tells Mi-na that she was going out on a blind date. Mi-na is surprised but proud of the changed woman Hee-jae is turning into and wishes her well for her rebound date. Hee-jae is behaving in a prim and proper way on her date with a handsome-looking man.

Everything is going pretty well and Hee-jae is tipsy after her date orders Red Wine instead of Soju for her. The only catch is that Hee-jae’s date seems to be texting someone on and off throughout the entire date. Since she is in a good mood after the wine, Hee-jae agrees to get a room with the man and the two head out after their meal.

The two are walking down a street full of hotels and motels and the man tells Hee-jae that he is looking for a decent one for the two to go to. Hee-jae tells him that the one they were at was pretty decent and claims that it was clean too. He is apprehensive about the place and begins texting someone. The guy tells Hee-jae that his mother did not approve of the hotel.

Hee-jae realises that the ‘Mumma’s boy’ has been texting his mother all evening asking for instructions to follow through with the date. He gets a call from his mother and begins talking to his mother in the most childish way possible. He attempts to bail out from spending the night out with Hee-jae but the latter calls it good riddance and leaves on her own.

Since it’s the weekend of the live stream and In-chan’s seminar, the girls get ready to set up the podcast stall on their own. Soon the chairs begin to fill up with listeners who find the girls interesting. Mi-na and Hee-jae are talking about sex partners or friends with benefits and ask the audience to share their opinions about the modern relationship pattern.

Most of the audience members state their preferences when it comes to their sex partners but as soon as the discussion starts getting interesting, all of the audience members rush to see In-chan at his seminar. The girls are left behind with not a single person in the audience while In-chan discusses the ideas of sex and masturbation with his listeners.

He tells his fans that the pandemic causes people to deal with another added stress which was their sex drive which was on the rise due to being confined inside their houses with nothing interesting to do. He states some rules in order to ensure that individuals are having safe and fun sex.

His rules surprisingly coincide with Hee-jae’s requirements for a sexual partner as they both say talk about the importance of hygiene, birth control, protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy, communication as well as attention to physical and verbal expression.

Hee-jae wonders if someone that checks off all these boxes even existed unbeknownst that In-chan was actually mentioning them all right across the room from her. Mi-na and Hee-jae put an end to their podcast as Mi-na and Ms Sim’s secretary decide to leave Hee-jae to carry the props back to the office. Hee-jae stands to hear In-chan’s thoughts during the seminar and is impressed with all of the things she hears.

Mi-na and her documents make it to the restaurant where Woo-jae is waiting for her with documents of his own. The two chat for a while as the biker orders a drink for Mi-na. Mi-na states that cunnilingus is a must for her and Woo-jae states that anal sex is a must for him. Mi-na is gobsmacked by the request and states that she was down to give it a shot after getting herself checked by her doctor.

The two agree to set a date in order to hook up but Woo-jae states he will have to cancel their date or rush out in the event of an emergency. Mi-na wonders what Woo-jae does for a living and the biker states that he would like to get to know her better as well. Tension builds as Mi-na sensually drinks the alcohol out of his cup and asks to go to a room upstairs.

Inside the room, the two start making out sensually as Woo-jae smears the lipstick off Mi-na’s lips leaving her shocked. She asks to use the washroom in order to freshen up but inside the restroom, Mi-na’s composure falls apart as she tries to get a grip of herself after the intense make-out session.

On the other hand, Hee-jae is scrolling through her phone when Hyun-woo starts sending her multiple texts asking her to take him back. She goes to her regular restaurant and finds In-chan there celebrating the success of the seminar, all by himself. The restaurant owner knows In-chan somehow and Hee-jae orders the same drink as In-chan to try out something new.

One sip down and Hee-jae realises single malt whiskey is not for her. She asks for her regular Soju and starts drinking alone too. Hee-jae raises a toast of In-chan but notices that it has started raining all of a sudden. At the same time, Woo-jae gets an SOS call asking him to arrive as soon as possible. Woo-jae leaves with Mi-na inside the restroom still and writers her a note to inform her that he had to leave urgently.

He promises to catch up soon but Mi-na, who reads the note after getting out of the restroom is disappointed or being stood up. Hee-jae is slowly getting drunk and starts talking to In-chan about her problems with men, particularly her ex, Hyun-woo. She calls men selfish when it comes to meals, sex and dates. She states that men really regret and realise their mistakes only after it is too late for them.

In-chan states that he was not the kind to dominate his partner but Hee-jae generalises saying all men were actually similar. The two start getting drunk together and start mixing alcohol leaving them too drunk, too soon. Hee-jae wants to test her theory and wants to see if In-chan is the type of guy who uses the word ‘sex’ or says ‘make love’ like all her past lovers.

In-chan passes when he uses the word sex and Hee-jae asks him what his face looks like when he orgasms. Unsure how to answer her, In-chan cannot explain but Hee-jae states that they should both check to be sure and they both go to Hee-jae’s apartment in order to hook up. The episode ends with Hee-jae and In-chan intensely making out with tongues on her couch.

The Episode Review

This episode was extremely sensual and I wonder how Coupang Play allowed this to air in a reserved country like South Korea. The topic of sex has been explored in some capacity in South Korean media but keeping female pleasure in mind, I am really glad the show is taking into consideration the different issues both men and women need to think about when it comes to sex.

Both couples are at different places in their relationship where on the one hand I think Mi-na will start blowing off Woo-jae for bailing on her when she was turned on by the kiss. On the other hand, I am sure In-chan and Hee-jae will regret their drunken mistake soon in order for there to be some tension among the couple to build-up for the remaining six episodes. I’ll be looking forward to next Friday!

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