Fanta G Spot – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Monstrous Rush of Hormones

Episode 3 of Fanta G Spot starts with Hee-jae learning that she is on her period. She starts experiencing all the PMS symptoms including acne, mood swings as well as sweet cravings along with painful stomach cramps. Coincidentally the episode of the Fanta G Spot podcast is talking about PMS and the different symptoms women have during the onset of their monthlies.

Hee-jae and Mi-na read comments from their women who all talk about the different PMS symptoms they deal with during that time of the month and some talk about bloating, sweet cravings as well as breast pain. The women read a specific problem together and it is that of a woman who starts PMS-ing almost a month before her period.

She writes that her biggest symptom is the messed-up hormones that lead her to fantasize about men who are good to her. She claims that she usually takes long baths in order to calm her nerves down. However, during the baths, this listener often starts fantasizing about random men who could have been anyone, including a stranger who was nice to her on the bus.

The listener asks if it was normal for her to fantasize about different people all the time during her PMS weeks and the hosts claim that this behaviour was pretty normal. Mi-na states that women end up feeling aroused after ovulation due to oxytocin, a hormone released by the female body.

Hee-jae mentions that rather than craving sex, some women want little things like physical touches and warmth, including hugs and head pats. After work, the duo head off shopping as Hee-jae buys a designer wallet for Hyun-woo. Mi-na is opposed to her friend investing any more time in that guy but Hee-jae states that she only wanted to reignite the spark in their relationship for her fifth anniversary with Hyun-woo.

The two women have some snacks and Mi-na congratulates Hee-jae for experiencing her first orgasm using the vibrator she purchased. Mi-na is upset that Hee-jae will be on her period during her fifth anniversary. Hee-jae states that she would have a special night with Hyun-woo after her monthlies are over.

Mi-na is writing down something in her list of requirements from her sex partner, one of which is regularly getting a Brazilian wax as well as recent STD, AIDS and Criminal background check results. Hee-jae calls Mi-na a maniac for wishing for so much from her partners but Mi-na disregards her friend and sends the list to her new match on the dating app.

Mi-na tells Hee-jae about Woo-jae, the biker who drove off after breaking her mirror. She adds how much she disliked his scruffy hair and beard and claims she would get in touch with the man regarding the repairs. Hee-jae decides to take off for the night when Mi-na suddenly gets a text from Woo-jae asking about the cost of the car repair.

Mi-na accidentally sends Woo-jae her list of requirements from her sex partner. Meanwhile, Woo-jae is setting up a hook-up with a girl and has his own copy of his STD test results laid out. When he learns that his date did not get an STD test, he leaves her alone, wanting nothing to do with her.

Woo-jae reads Mi-na’s text and responds by saying that he agreed to her terms and would like to make some more additions to the list. Mi-na can’t help but cringe at what she said to him but is appalled at his response. A few days pass and Hee-jae is out on a date with Hyun-woo for their fifth anniversary. Hyun-woo can’t help but bicker about everything including the meal.

He asks Hee-jae to meet his mother considering they were 30 and it was time for them to have a child and eventually get married. Hee-jae is shocked and tells him that they had other things to deal with first before getting to marriage and children. Hyun-woo completely ignores the fact that Hee-jae wasn’t done with her meal and asks to go to the room after he is done with his meal.

Mi-na is getting her regular Brazilian wax when she spots Woo-jae at the same facility. Woo-jae now has a complete makeover with a clean shave and a haircut. The two bicker about the accident and Woo-jae asks if she was ready with the documents for a hook-up. Mi-na promises to stay in touch but during her wax session, she learns from the aesthetician that Woo-jae was a regular at the salon.

In the room, Hyun-woo is busy watching a match on TV while she tries to get them some desserts and drinks to celebrate their anniversary. Hyun-woo does not even take a second to appreciate the arrangements in the room and Hee-jae breaks down. Hee-jae tells him that she confirmed from a gynaecologist that she did not have anorgasmia. Hyun-woo is shocked to learn that and is further shocked when Hee-jae tells him that she climaxed after using a vibrator.

The two argue about how their relationship was only deteriorating but Hyun-woo only lists down his troubles. Hee-jae argues that he never took her problems seriously and blames Hyun-woo for not satisfying her. Hyun-woo blames Hee-jae’s reaction on her periods and she just loses it. She ends her relationship with Hyun-woo and leaves him alone in the hotel room.

Hyun-woo is shocked and follows her out but Hee-jae is determined and would not listen to him. She asks him to let her go and leaves the hotel thankful that her hormones gave her the courage to do something she has been wanting to do for years. The rest of the week of Hee-jae’s monthly cycle passes with her moping in bed with Mi-na texting her, all worried.

After some days have passed, Hee-jae catches up with Mi-na over drinks telling her that she had broken up with Hyun-woo. Mi-na also informs Hee-jae about her interaction with Woo-jae, who turned out to the Mi-na’s ideal match. Hee-jae claims that it was nice to be finally free and adds that she did not need to fake an orgasm anymore.

The two women are drunk out of their minds as they create a scene on the street as they get back home. Hee-jae takes a cab back home and on her way back as she lets herself remember her relationship, Hee-jae cries her heart out finally accepting the end of her relationship. She cherishes the good times he shared with Hyun-woo and how he loved and appreciated her in the glory days of their relationship.

Hee-jae then thinks back to all the times Hyun-woo made her feel like crap and bursts into tears so hard that the cabbie offers her a towel for her tears. In-chan is walking by Hee-jae’s house when her cab pulls up. Hee-jae leaves the tax and is about to fall off to the ground when In-chan rushes to save her.

She ends up sitting down on the street still as she sobs uncontrollably. In-chan asks if she is okay and Hee-jae claims that she is in pain and her stomach is cramping because of her periods. He watches Hee-jae cry out loud as the episode comes to an end.

An epilogue shows Hee-jae meet Hyun-woo one last time before parting ways from him for good. She gifts him the designer Dolce and Gabbana wallet she has purchased for him and thanks him for all the good memories they once had before leaving. As she walks away, Hee-jae comes to terms with her newly single self.

The Episode Review

This episode was really confusing and I don’t think having Hee-jae breakup with her partner of five years over crazy PMS hormones was a good message to send out to the world of men who already have a hard time understanding women.

The idea that Hee-jae was frustrated with her relationship and he boyfriend not understanding her was a good enough reason for the breakup but to let him blame it all on her period seems really unnecessary.

With that being said, both of our couples are already falling into place with Woo-jae being the real man of Mi-na’s dreams and In-chan being there to support Hee-jae as she struggles to find closure after ending a long relationship. I wish the episodes were as long as a regular K-drama because I – like many others I’m sure – are finding these extremely fun and hilarious.

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