Fanta G Spot – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Can Do It Alone Just Fine

Episode 2 of Fanta G Spot opens with a prologue with a woman who has never engaged in self-pleasure. She claims that she has had sexual partners in the past and is currently dating someone but never had the thought of masturbating. One day, the woman starts and soon gets addicted to it.

Things get out of hand when the girl claims that she can no longer control herself. However, she claims that masturbating makes her feel like she has ownership of her body but is worried about how her mind urges her to use a facial massager as a sex toy. She poses the question to the podcasters wondering if she is masturbating too often.

Hee-jae and Mi-na, alongside Mr Lee and his secretary, are in a meeting with Kang In-chan discussing the script for the next episode of the Fanta G Spot podcast. Mr Lee’s secretary shocks the room when she says that she does not engage in self-pleasure.

The group discusses how 5 out of 10 women do not masturbate and In-chan claims that the conservative view, as well as the lack of sex-ed, has built up a lot of myths about women exploring their own bodies. Hee-jae claims that the story of the woman using a facial exfoliator to masturbate is hazardous but In-chan counteracts that the underlying issue is how her partner is not able to satisfy her.

In-chan’s argument triggers Hee-jae when he claims that all women must masturbate in order to have a healthy sex life. He asks the hosts to educate listeners about the myth around female masturbation but Hee-jae is lost in thought. Mi-na and Hee-jae discuss In-chan’s views and Hee-jae suggests that she should date him because Mi-na is so impressed with his ideas.

Mi-na claims that In-chan was not her type and starts looking at potential matches on a dating app on her phone. Hee-jae is shocked when Mi-na claims that she rejected more than 100 men the night before. Mi-na asks Hee-jae to discuss the idea of using sex toys with Hyun-woo (her boyfriend) for the sake of Hee-jae’s pleasure.

Mi-na leaves to meet her date who turns out to be a catfish. The episode then follows Mi-na on her journey of rejecting the dates she is meeting in person from her dating app one after the other due to their various flaws. After one of her dates brags about his “firewood” she puts him to test and gets a room with him only to be disappointed at what she was seeing.

Meanwhile, Hyun-woo visits Hee-jae’s house behaving as though nothing was wrong with them. He brings her strawberries as an apology and plops on her sofa after having too much to drink after work. Hee-jae cuts the strawberries up and serves it on a plate but instead of her, Hyun-woo starts chomping them down. She asks him to apologise for their argument from the night before and walks out of the room in frustration.

The next day, Mi-na and Hee-jae are working out at the gym when the two look at the different types of men at the gym. Hee-jae tells Mi-na that Hyun-woo brought her strawberries and the friend immediately points out that Hee-jae hated the fruit. Hee-jae claims that her partner of five years did not even know that she disliked strawberries.

When they are working out, Mi-na experiences core-gasm (a type of orgasm experienced after intense core workouts) and Hee-jae feels left out. As the two women leave the gym, they hear sex noises from the men’s changing room. Upon inspection they sneakily watch a couple having sex in the gym changing room and are shocked to see the intense lovemaking in public. They run out of the gym, after getting the couple’s attention because they were laughing.

Outside, Hee-jae wonders if she really has anorgasmia as Hyun-woo accused her and Mi-na takes her to the Ob-Gyn to know for certain. The girls are in the waiting room discussing that there should be cuter nicknames for the genital organs. On the way to the doctor’s cabin, Mi-na looks at a pregnant woman in disgust before Hee-jae drags her in.

Inside, Dr Lee (Mi-na’s older sister) examines Hee-jae and claims that she does not have anorgasmia explaining more details about how some women develop the condition. She educated the girls about how most women do not experience orgasms just from penetration and Mi-na adds on to the discussion with her own experience.

Dr Lee claims that she is wasting her time with two women in their late 20’s who should be well aware of these things, and playfully kicks the two friends out of her office. On their drive back, Hee-jae claims that she will be exploring masturbation and asks Mi-na to drop her at the sex toy shop.

As she drives back home, a biker zooms by Mi-na’s car and breaks her mirror. She parks her car and gets out to confront him but he is arrogant about the accident claiming that he needs to rush to get somewhere. Mi-na asks him about the damage to her car but he gives her his contact number and asks her to contact him later.

On the other hand, once inside the toy shop, Hee-jae goes overboard with her sex toy purchase and gets multiple items from the shop. She is in a rush and leaves the shop without getting the toys packed properly and just stuffs them all in her purse. Her purse won’t close now but she walks back home holding on to it carefully.

On her way, Hee-jae spots a dog and starts petting it. As she gets up after petting the animal, she bumps into In-chan who was walking by and all the sex toys from her purse are dropped out of her bag. She rushes to pick them up and is embarrassed when In-chan hands her one of the vibrators she just purchased wishing her well for the night she was going to have.

As it turns out, they were walking down the same path and Hee-jae tries making conversation with In-chan. He tells her to stop trying to get comfortable with him and walks away. Once at home, Hee-jae sets off to complete the mission Mi-na assigned her.

The episode moves to the next day as Mi-na and Hee-jae are recording the new episode of Fanta G Spot. In-chan recalls his conversation with Hee-jae from the night before and smiles to himself. Both girls start discussing the myths about masturbation and get loads of comments from listeners in real-time.

Mi-na and Hee-jae try to educate the listeners, including Mr Lee’s secretary, who seems convinced by the suggestions made on the podcast and promises to try masturbating.

The episode ends with an epilogue showing us what happened with Hee-jae when she used the vibrator for the first time. Hee-jae experiences an orgasm for the first time as she imagines herself as one of the actresses from the porn movies but does not have to fake it.

The Episode Review

This show really is something! I am amazed by the plot of the show but some of the topics that the show is currently exploring seem like a breath of fresh air for the genre of K-dramas. I love the approach of having a male advisor for the podcast but it seems like In-chan is mansplaining Hee-jae and Mi-na.

I am sure Mi-na and the biker (Won-jae) will be hooking up pretty soon but something tells me that she hates the idea of being pregnant. As it goes for K-dramas, I am guessing we will see that Mi-na is pregnant soon and will eventually start accepting that part of female sexuality.

Hee-jae needs to break up with Hyun-woo right now and we all know that In-chan is the man for her. Can’t wait to see this new office romance blossom between In-chan and Hee-jae now that she has finally met a guy who could help her understand her own body better. 

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