Fanta G Spot – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Hit the Spot (Fanta G Spot) starts with a couple watching a porn video when all of a sudden the man gets turned on. He and his girlfriend start having sex and the girl begins mimicking the woman in the porn film. She claims that she becomes an actress when she makes love with her partner because she’s never climaxed and does not know what it feels like to have an orgasm.

She states that she always gets close but her boyfriend finishes before she can and she is left lying to him that she had a good time. The episode then cuts to media company, Play Books’ office headquarters where two editors, Mi-na and Hee-jae, are asked to meet their boss – Mr Lee.

The two women, who also went to university together, discuss their respective sex lives when Mi-na accuses Hee-jae of having a steamy night with her boyfriend of five years all thanks to the bags under her eyes. Hee-jae chimes back saying that Mi-na never gets sick of ‘it’ because of how much she loves sex.

The two women reach their boss’ cabin where Mr Lee asks them to be the new hosts of a fantasy podcast called, ‘Fanta G Spot’ because the original hosts of the show had bailed on the company last minute. The girls are unwilling to participate initially but give in when Mr Lee bribes them with a full month of paid vacation once the first season of the podcast is done.

Hearing the lucrative offer, Mi-na and Hee-jae get to it and begin recording the first episode. The two girls talk to their female listeners asking them not to be shy about their sexual urges and enjoy the podcast. The hosts then narrate the story of the woman from the prologue who cannot experience an orgasm in her life because her boyfriend always climaxes before her.

The two girls discuss the problem and Hee-jae believes that all women may have faked an orgasm in their life. After recording the first episode, the two colleagues leave the office premises discussing how they would spend their paid month-long holiday. Mi-na talks about the woman from the story on their podcast and claims that the woman should have ended her relationship with her boyfriend after the third time they had sex.

Mi-na claims that sex isn’t a sport which is why all individuals should enjoy it. Hee-jae is left in thought when Mi-na claims that she can never continue to fake an orgasm just to pacify a man’s ego. Mi-na and Hee-jae are both picking up books about female sexuality from the Play Books library when Mi-na blurts out that the ‘G-spot’ does not exist anymore.

Her loud explanation causes many female visitors at the library to listen to her argument about the G-spot. She takes Hee-jae away to show her what women really needed to focus on. Mi-na takes Hee-jae to a sex toy shop and the latter is amazed after seeing the different kinds of vibrators and sex toys.

She introduces Hee-jae to the penis ring and explains how it’s used and claims that the sex toy is actually made for women to always climax when they have sex with their partner. That night, Hee-jae is at home looking at all the things she got from the sex toy shop when her boyfriend arrives from work. She is excited when she tells him about the penis ring but he dismisses it saying he does not need to wear a sex toy because he was pretty good at what he was doing.

The couple has a fight and Hee-jae fails to explain to her boyfriend how he wasn’t doing a good job to keep her satisfied. On the other hand, Mi-na is ordering take-out Tteokbokki to have with her partner after their steamy lovemaking. The two sit to eat the take-out food when the guy implies that he would like to be committed to Mi-na. Mi-na claims that she was not ready to commit yet and calls him insane for thinking about it.

He claims that he would date someone which leads Mi-na to think that he was ending their hook-up arrangement. The guy claims that he could still continue to hook up with Mi-na even after he found a girlfriend. Mi-na is triggered by the insinuation and leaves him alone in the hotel room stating that she was not morally corrupt to do something like this to another woman. Later that night, Hee-jae goes out to have a drink at a local restaurant she frequents.

She asks the owner what happens to a couple who have been dating for a long time. He states that the partners do not try to learn new things about each other which makes the excitement of the relationship fizzle out. At her own house, Mi-na is looking at porn movie titles in order to get herself off when Hee-jae interrupts her.

Hee-jae is looking for more alcohol and takes three cans of beer out of Mi-na’s refrigerator as she narrates her troubles. Hee-jae tells Mi-na about the fight she had with her boyfriend and how he misunderstood that the idea of them using the penis ring was Hee-jae mocking his performance in bed.

A flashback shows how she tells him that she never had an orgasm in all of their relationship and her boyfriend had claimed that Hee-jae probably had anorgasmia. Hee-jae is shocked at the accusation and the couple has a verbal argument in the middle of the street. Back to the present, Hee-jae tells Mi-na that she had memorised how the actress in the porn movie climaxes because she had been faking one for years.

Mi-na is shocked to hear that Hee-jae has never had an orgasm all her life. Hee-jae is more upset about the fact that her boyfriend never really understood her and the two women drink the night away with Hee-jae venting her frustrations about her ignorant boyfriend. Hee-jae claims that she is tired of faking it and would not continue to do so anymore.

Mi-na takes out the expensive champagne from her special liquor cabinet and raises a toast pledging to make sure her best friend and colleague experience an orgasm as soon as possible. The next day, the famous author of a sex education novel – Kang In-chan arrives at the Play Books’ headquarters.

Mr Lee tells one of his employees that he tried very hard to have the novelist and psychologist be an advisor for the Fanta G Spot podcast. Mr Lee introduces In-chan to the two hosts – Mi-na and Hee-jae and the novelist seem interested in Hee-jae.

The Episode Review

On one hand, it is amazing how K-dramas are now open to exploring themes related to female sexuality, but at the same time. I am not sure how viewers will be taking this show.

Having a K-pop idol like EXID’s Hani as the main lead could work for the makers in terms of viewership numbers but I really hope the show has a good story to back it up. From the looks of it, Mi-na seems to be a straightforward woman who knows what she wants and it is possible that she would fall in love with a guy that is totally not her type.

Hee-jae and In-chan are surely going to hook up as the show progresses because of the way he looked at her as the episode came to an end. I am looking forward to the scene when the makers show that In-chan was at the restaurant where Hee-jae was discussing her relationship problems with the owner, because that seems to be the most plausible explanation for him to recognise her. 

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