Fanfic (2023) Ending Explained – Does Tosiek get his happily ever after?

Fanfic Plot Summary

The story predominantly revolves around angry, rebellious teen Tosia who’s struggling to find her place in the world. She finds her life surprisingly entangled with Leon, who similarly has trouble adjusting and fitting in.

As the two grow closer together, Tosia discovers that she’s actually more comfortable in Leon’s clothes, and makes the bold decision to change his identity to Tosiek. Together, the pair find themselves navigating through xenophobia, various setbacks and, ultimately, embracing who they really are together and individually.

Where does Tosia’s anger come from?

Tosia writes fanfiction about a band which consumes most of her (we’ll switch to he/him pronouns once that part of the story is reached!) time. She gets great feedback from people online, but she’s also stuck in a depressive, downward spiral. She’s angry, struggling to fit in and tellingly in one of her posts, contemplates whether to let someone else “into the band”.

By this point, one could make comparisons between Tosia’s emotional state and her fictional band. Therapy isn’t helping and she’s been popping her father’s pills to quell her anger. But where is this pent-up anger coming from?

When Tosia heads to Leon’s party, enticed by the prospect of electronica, letting her hair down and Leon’s guacamole, she gets changed and ends up wearing Leon’s clothes. Instantly she finds herself way more comfortable and makes the bold choice to change her identity to go by the name of Tosiek and be known by the he/him pronouns.

Does Tosiek’s father accept his new son?

Tosia and his father fall out, and there are shades of 2003’s movie Thirteen here, as Tosia decides to cut his hair, telling his dad that he’s a boy now, not a girl. He doesn’t understand but Leon, by comparison, is super cool about everything.

In Leon’s apartment, he helps sort Tosiek’s hair out and from here on out, Tosiek is born anew. Tosiek and Leon spend the night together and get on really well.

Tosiek wakes up to find 32 missed calls from his dad. When they sit down to talk together, Tosiek’s father admits that he’s made many mistakes and regrets that he’s hurt his son. However, he undercuts that by claiming that Tosiek is “playing dress-up” and needs to snap out of this.

He’s not the only one who doesn’t accept Tosiek though; hurtful images of Tosiek and Leon flood social media after the pair end up dancing and flirting at a party together. Initially, Tosiek believes this is Konrad’s doing, a homosexual in class who is close with Leon, and then also Maks, the resident bully. However, it’s not either of them.

Who posted the hateful videos?

It turns out the real culprit here was Roksana. Initially, she supported Tosiek and his choice, calling it cool that he’s finding himself. Roksana wanted to do a school project centered on “How transgender people define themselves.” In class though, Roksana and Tosiek bungle their project when the former rushes out of class.

In the classroom, Tosiek’s teacher belittles him and refers to Tosiek by the wrong pronouns. This gets Tosiek’s back up and he confronts the teacher. She thinks this is all dress-up and a “phase” but all the other students turn on her. As the disgraced teacher packs up her stuff and leaves class, Roksana speaks to Rosiek in the bathroom and admits she’s the one who created the hate account.

Roksana has been jealous of Tosiek and calls him self-centered and uncaring. She goes on to mention how Leon’s parents cut all ties with him because he’s gay. In fact, he spent 3 months of the last year in the hospital because homophobic kids beat him up for dancing with a guy.

Roksana is especially annoyed because Tosiek has been too self-centered to care about anyone else, including how Roksana, Konrad and Leon have all been bullied for their choices while Tosiek’s support while transitioning is a direct contrast to this.

Do Tosiek and her father make up?

Tosiek and his father have had a tenuous relationship across the film’s run-time but towards the end, they find solace in one another. After spending the day working, they sit down and Tosiek’s father admits that he’s always had an inkling that Tosiek wasn’t comfortable being Tosia. A kid at kindergarten called Daniel made a big impression on Tosia and back then, she wanted to be called Daniel.

Tosiek’s mum was all for this but Tosiek’s father admits that he was wrong in thinking that it was best if his child had no knowledge of this and “snapped out of this phase”. He apologizes profusely for getting this so wrong and apologizes.

Do Tosiek and Leon have their happily ever after ending?

Tosiek and Leon slowly grow closer together and by the final act of the movie, realize they’ve found solace in one another and are meant to be together. Tosiek, who realizes the error of his ways thanks to Roksana’s big revelation, tries to look for Leon after an earlier fight.

However, he’s shocked to learn Leon has left school and gone back home, moving in with his homophobic parents. Tosiek decides to find Leon and recruits the help of Konrad, Maks, Matylda, and Emilia to do just that.

After finding Leon’s parent’s address, Tosiek’s dad drives his son down to Warsaw. Whilst there, Tosiek finds Leon walking his dog and runs up to him, hugging and kissing the other boy. The pair finally get their happily ever after!

What meaning can one gain from Tosiek’s fanfiction?

One of the mainstay additions of this film comes in the form of Tosiek’s fanfiction, involving the Stars and Cinders band. Throughout the movie, Tosiek has used this as a coping mechanism, merging in real-life elements with that of fantasy to help cope with the stresses and confusion of adolescent life and growing up.

The band within the story has always been rather fractured and we haven’t seen them play together properly, until right at the end of the film. When Fanfic comes to a close and we get glimpses of how this fictional story ends, Tosiek and Leon are both up on stage singing and playing instruments together.

This shows how the pair have harmoniously come together in the best way. The ending to this fictional world also allows Tosiek to focus more on his real life rather than that of a crazy punk rock band, and echoes the cliched happily ever after that this movie leans into.


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