Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review & Ending Explained

Will They / Won’t They?

The season finale of Family Secrets begins with Kaśka being treated in the ambulance, and Alicja is keeping her company. Kaśka is feeling sad, she had hoped that Pawel would show up and rescue her.

The scene cuts to a flashback three months before the wedding, Kaśka is still messaging Pawel, even though he is not responding. Janeczek found out about the messages and he is angry. In retaliation, he decides to hook up with Anka.

Kaśka pays Pawel’s dad and he refuses to tell her where he is. He simply tetorts that Pawel thought it was over between them when she turned down his marriage proposal.

At the wedding, Janeczek reveals to his mother that she didn’t kill Pawel and she leaves. Kaśka confides in her grandmother, revealing that Pawel is the father of the child. Her grandmother advises her to stop wasting time waiting for Pawel. After the talk, Kaśka tells Janeczek that she doesn’t love him. He says that he loves her and confesses to knowing what happened with Pawel. 

Pawel’s accident happened seven months before the wedding. After leaving Robert’s house, he went home but refused to tell his dad what happened. He then went to meet the school’s director who advised him to change schools. The director was aware that Dorota is obsessed with Pawel, telling Pawel it would be pointless to fight because the Jaworiwicz family is powerful.  

As it turns out, Malgosia is also secretly looking for Pawel and manages to find him three months before the wedding. She goes to meet him and tries to convince him to come back. It was all part of her plan to break up Janeczek and Kaśka. 

After he meets with Malgosia, Pawel comes back to Warsaw and meets with Janeczek and informs him he plans to tell Kaśka the truth. They get into a fight and Janeczek tells Pawel about Kaśka’s pregnancy.

At the wedding, after learning that Pawel is the father of the unborn baby, Malgosia tells Kaśka about her meeting with Pawel and apologizes. In the meantime, Janeczek calls Pawel and asks him to come to the wedding. Janeczek tells him that Kaśka needs him and he should be there for her.

Pawel is divided on whether he should go to the wedding or not. His father and grandmother told him he should go and he finally leaves for the church.

Emil finds out that Janeczek was the person who helped Pawel that night. He decides to tell the whole truth to Kaśka and she decides to go after Pawel and they meet on the road.  Pawel is about to cross the road and then a car screeches as it hits something and the series ends. Did the car hit Pawel? 

The Episode Review

What a cliffhanger!  I had hoped that after all the secrets were revealed, Pawel and Kaśka would get a happy ending.

These two would have spared each other a lot of heartaches if they had just communicated better. This whole wedding to Janeczek would never have happened and they wouldn’t have been pawns in the messed-up life of the Jaworowicz family. I have never been so relieved to see a wedding being called off!

Malgosia had a redeemable moment in the end. She may look like she doesn’t care about her daughters but that is clearly just a façade. 

All in all, this was a good ending and viewers can interpret it as they wish. You are free to decide if they get a happy ending and have a cute baby. Pawel can be hit and be in a coma and wake up on the day his baby is born or he could die. Choose an ending you fancy!

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3 thoughts on “Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review & Ending Explained”

  1. **edited** I also just binge watched this series! It was so good!!….until it ended! I hope this means there is going to be a season 2!!! Pleeeeeaaaase! I need my happily ever after!!!!

  2. Just binge watched all 8 episodes of Family Secrets on US Netflix and sooo adore the families’ dynamics. Friends, family, and I aren’t happy about the ending though! We’re waiting for Pawel and Kashka to reunite. We’re expecting them to be married, have their baby, and have overly involved families. We’re also expecting more drama for the last year of medical school. Both sets of parents (Dorota & Emil, Malgorzata & Marek, Alicia & Robert, and of course Jan
    and the other awesome characters. They’re all so interesting. All of that will take at least another 8 episodes 🙂 Love, love, love the show and waiting to find out what happens with them all.

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