Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Call It A Day

The revelation of Pawel’s accident proves to be too much for Kaśka at the start of episode 7 for Family Secrets, and she faints. At this point, I expect at least one person to faint in each episode.

The scene cuts to a flashback, eight months ago the night Dorota ran over Pawel. Dorota and her husband were having another argument. This time it is about Pawel, Emil is angry and doesn’t understand what Dorota sees in a young man like Pawel.

Janeczek walked in and overheard their conversation. He decides to secretly follow his mom and witnesses the accident. It turns out Emil is also following her and he tells her to take his car and go home. He promises to handle the Pawel situation. Dorota leaves and Emil soon follows her leaving Pawel there, lying in a pool of his blood while it is heavily raining. Janeczek was secretly watching them.

Once they leave, he drags Pawel to his car and drives him to Robert’s parent’s home out of the city. He takes care of him, nurses his wounds goes back home to find his mother has tried to commit suicide.

The next day, he checks on Pawel. Pawel is curious why Janeczek didn’t take him to the hospital. Janeczek lies that Pawel refused and offers to drive him to the police to report the accident. Pawel declines the offer. Robert is having a party in the house and has no clue that Pawel is in one of the rooms.

Kaśka is also at the party, it was the first night she met Janeczek and they didn’t get along so she left the party. Pawel sees her through the window and rushes to go speak to her but misses her. Janeczek lies to him, claiming he’s engaged to Kaśka and takes him back inside the house.

The next morning, Janeczek wakes up to find Pawel has left. It was the day that Janeczek and Kaśka fought because he thought she was having an affair with his father.

Back on the wedding day, Kaśka’s family calls an ambulance. Kaśka refuses to go to the hospital, forcing them to do a check-up over where the ambulance is.

In the midst of all these Janeczek is keeping his distance. Alicja and Malgosia are not impressed by his actions. His parents try to force him to leave with Kaśka and be by her side but he refuses.

In another flashback, we are taken back to the day Janeczek found out Kaśka is pregnant. Alicja is excited to know what the next plans are and Janeczek finds all these questions frustrating so she leaves. Janeczek runs after her and tells her that even though the child is not his, he wants to try and raise it together.

Janeczek and Kaśka decide to give themselves a chance, they move in together and start planning their wedding. Alicja doesn’t think this relationship is a good idea and Robert is always worried if Janeczek is making the right choice.

Kaśka also informs her mom about her upcoming nuptials to Janeczek. Her mother is furious that she is marrying the son of the man she had an affair with. She still thinks that Kaśka is the reason she broke up with Emil. She starts plotting how to separate them and tries to get Marek to help her but he refuses. She goes to Emil and asks him to stop his son. Emil tries to talk to Janeczek to call off the engagement but he brings up Pawel’s accident and tells them Kaśka is pregnant.

Still, on the wedding day, Dorota is convinced Janeczek is only marrying Kaśka to get revenge on them. Janeczek admits to wanting revenge and failing to get it. Dorota asks him if Pawel is alive but Janeczek refuses to tell her.

The Episode Review

At this point, I am not sure the wedding can be salvaged. It is past that point and maybe it’s time to call it a day and head home. The truths have started to unravel and it is darker than I could have predicted. 

Emil and Dorota deserve each other because they are evil and selfish to the core. Dorota not only ruined Pawel’s education, but she also ran him over and left him for dead in the middle of who-knows-where. 

I know Janeczek is not a good man by many standards but at least he has a shred of humanity. I can’t wait to see if Pawel is alive and if he will show up.

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