Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Big Secret

Episode 2 of Family Secrets starts with Alicja trying to check on Kaśka and Emil (Janeczek’s dad), curious to know if the wedding is off. Kaśka is unable to proceed with the wedding because her mother is not there and she is hoping to stall until she makes an appearance. Emil offers to get Malgosia (Kaśka‘s mom) but his wife, Dorota, won’t let him and he walks out of the church.

We see another flashback, eight months before the wedding, Dorota and Emil are fighting over whether their son Janeczek will take over their family clinic. Emil believes he is not obligated to hand over the fruits of his hard work to their son. Dorota leaves and later has a run-in with Pawel at a café while getting coffee. Pawel happens to also be in her class.

Back on the wedding day, Janeczek is worried that the priest will leave and Kaśka asks him to wait until her mom arrives. The choir is getting more tired from singing and some of the guests are leaving. 

Meanwhile, Dorota is trying to dissuade Emil from going to Malgosia,  it is revealed that she is the woman Emil had an affair with. Dorota also hints at a secret that Kaśka is hiding from their son. Dorota doesn’t understand why her son is hell-bent on marrying Kaśka. 

Through a flashback, eight months before the wedding, in a jaw-dropping twist Dorota is having an affair with Pawel! She calmly tells her husband about her romance with Pawel. Emil decides to “deal” with the situation by making sure Pawel is dismissed from school.

Back in the present time, Janeczek and Kaśka are asked to leave the church to allow the priest to marry the next couple waiting in line. 

As Emil drives to Malgosia’s place, he has a flashback to how he first met and began his affair with her. She was riling from her separation from her husband Marek and he had just learned about his wife’s affair. She wanted to have more than a fling but Emil thought they were just having fun. Kaśka discovered their affair and asked Emil to stay away from her mom if he is not serious with her.

Malgosia accidentally sees them and misunderstands the situation. She thinks that Kaśka is also having an affair with Emil. She refuses to listen to Kaśka’s explanation and kicks her out of the house.

Back on the wedding day, Malgosia finally arrives at the church and is shocked to learn that Kaśka is pregnant. Kaśka is happy to see her mom but their sweet reunion is short-lived once Alicja says they still don’t know who the father of the child is. In her true melodramatic nature, Malgosia faints upon hearing this.

The Episode Review

Once again, Family Secrets has perfectly utilized time frames to capture the complicated relationship between the characters. It has nice comedic timing and even with all the flashbacks, the story flows smoothly, making it easy for the viewers to understand the dynamics of each character.

This episode offered a few answers and raised more questions. Kaśka’s pregnancy secret is something everyone is curious about. We get more insight into Dorota and Emil’s marriage and their relationship with their son Janeczek. It is interesting to see Malgosia’s relationship with her children and how that plays into the secrets everyone is keeping.

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