Family Secrets – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Big Day

Episode 1 of Family Secrets begins with a pregnant woman dressed in a wedding gown running in the streets. She looks lost and someone keeps calling after her.  The scene cuts and viewers are taken to five years back, the same woman is running in the streets. Her name is Kaśka and she just got into med school and is excitedly trying to contact her family and share the good news.

She is absentmindedly on her phone and doesn’t notice she is at a railway crossing. This is when Pawel shows up at the nick of time and saves her from being run over by a train. 

Fast forward and we are back on the wedding day. The wedding guests are getting antsy as Kaśka is running late. The groom Janeczek is worried that Kaśka is having second thoughts while the best man tries to solve the mystery of the father of Kaśka’s unborn child instead of finding out why she is late. 

Meanwhile, Kaśka and her sister Alicja are back in their apartment . Alicja is trying to get Kaśka ready and to the wedding venue but she has locked herself in the bathroom and  Alicja is worried she might want to call the wedding off.

In the bathroom, Kaśka is having a flashback of her second run-in with Pawel at a party for the first-year medical students, and it turns out they are studying at the same medical school. They instantly connect, having fun and dancing the night away.  

The scenes alternate between flashbacks and the current time. Kaśka decides to leave the bathroom and have the wedding. On the way, she has a flashback to seven months before the wedding. She is walking at night soaking in the rain, crying, and unable to reach Pawel on the phone. Her mom kicked her out of the house and she went to her sister’s place.

The next day, Kaśka is yet to hear from Pawel even though she left him a message on his phone. We learn that  Kaśka is seeing a new guy and Alicja is eager to know all about this new man.  Unfortunately,  Kaśka is not willing to tell her. Kaśka is still trying to reach Pawel and is frustrated she can’t reach him and he has not called back.

After her class, Kaśka runs into her Professor who offers to give her a lift as they discuss the specialty Kaśka has chosen. Kaśka accepts the offer but says she doesn’t wish to discuss her specialty. On the way, the professor picks up her husband and in a twist of events, Kaśka and her husband know each other.

We are transported back to the present at Kaśka’s wedding and the choir is tired from singing to distract the guests. The professor and her husband are part of the guests and they are arguing and the professor alludes to an illicit relationship her husband had and an agreement they made. In the midst of all this, Kaśka finally arrives, much to the relief of everyone.

As she arrives at the wedding, Kaśka has another flashback of how she met Janeczek, the man she is about to marry. They met by coincidence after being introduced to each other by Alicja’s boyfriend, Robert. Janeczek is Robert’s best friend and in another twist, he is the son of Kaśka’s professor.

She also has a flashback of the fight she had with her mom seven months ago. Her mother has decided not to show up at her wedding.

Back at the wedding, Kaśka is having second thoughts and the episode ends with her walking away from Janeczek.

The Episode Review

This show perfectly utilizes time frames to tell the story and by the looks of it, is a juicy one. This is the first episode and there are many questions already, the burning one being the identity the father to Kaśka’s baby . Is it Pawel or the man about to officially be her father-in-law? Why exactly are they getting married with all this mess going on? 

Either way, I hope we will be getting some of these questions answered in the next episodes. The show so far seems promising and it looks like things are just beginning to unravel at the wedding. The episode is certainly tantalizing and makes you curious about what will happen next.

Next Episode

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