Family Guy – Season 22 Episode 4 “Old World Harm” Recap & Review

Old World Harm

Lois informs Peter she has saved enough to afford a vacation for both of them. Excited, the lady goes to the passport office to get her passport renewed. Stewie reads some news related to a bathtub accident and decides he will take showers from now on.

Peter sees an advertisement about jetpacks. As expected, he uses all Lois’ money to fund a stupid jetpack experiment.

Stewie asks Brian to help him shower. Brian clearly says no, but Stewie isn’t convinced and is ready to start on his own. 

Joe tells Peter he could stay at his mother’s Florida mansion, which is now a retirement community. In Florida, Lois is understandably mad. However, that changes when Lois, the youngest woman in the community, gets some immense attention from the old men there. On the other hand, Peter is also enjoying the attention and the compliments showered by the old women.

Peter and Lois are enjoying the sunshine of Florida, but little do they know the seemingly utopian retirement community has organ harvesting in its mind. On the pretext of giving them a massage, the helpers of the community try to harvest their organs. However, Lois discovers just in time the truth about organ harvesting, and the couple flee.

In the shower, Brian and Stewie are puzzled by the shower knobs and the entire machinery associated with it. They are stuck in the bathtub. In the end, they use Meg’s fallen hair stuck in the drainage to rescue themselves out of the bathtub. The duo vows never to take a shower again.

In Florida, Peter and Lois fight off the old people and return home. It is revealed that Joe was in on it and he deliberately nudged Peter to visit Florida because he wanted legs.

The Episode Review

A good episode that could’ve been better. The main plot has meaty bits, but the subplot appeared totally pointless. However, the writers managed to cleverly sneak in several jokes that spiced up the narrative a bit.

This season, Family Guy has been pretty consistent. Granted, there haven’t been any mind-blowing episodes so far, but every episode has something to entertain you. What do you expect from the upcoming episodes?

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  • (2.5)

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