Family Guy – Season 22 Episode 2 “Supermarket Pete” Recap & Review

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Supermarket Pete

Episode 2 of Family Guy season 22 starts with Peter’s boss, Preston Lloyd delivering an update on the brewery’s next move. The brewery is to transition to an open floor plan and due to the construction, it is going to remain closed for two months.

Meanwhile, following a light argument with his friends, Joe is forced to join Brian at the Clam. Brian and Joe team up to write a true crime novel. They share some weird ideas.

Griffin’s family’s financial status is crumbling, and Lois informs Peter that they can’t steer through two months without a source of income. At the local grocery store, Lois finds Peter working as a store assistant. Lois doesn’t approve of his new job, however, as usual, Peter shrugs it all off with complete indifference.

Brian and Joe aren’t getting anywhere with their novel due to their utter mismatch of skills. They decide to go to a victim’s family to find meaty bits for their novel. As expected, the family doesn’t respond. As the duo leaves, they accidentally discover a key buried outside the house that might hold the answer to mystery of the murder. 

Lois loses it as she realizes with Peter working at the grocery store, her shopping experience can never remain the same. When she snaps at Peter at the grocery store, the store manager bans her from the store. Bonnie suggests the best way for Lois to exact revenge would be to get a job at the Clam, Peter’s favourite place in the world. Against her expectations, Peter is unaffected by her charade. Instead, he sees it as a chance to have an extramarital affair (yeah, extramarital affair with his own wife).

Brian and Joe, who are all but ready to bang out the story, are confronted by true crime presenters. When a fierce battle breaks out among the presenters, Joe and Brian realize they have no right to exploit the agony of victims. Lois confesses to Peter that the grocery store is her ultimate happy place, and she feels extremely bad she can’t go there again. Peter vows to have the ban removed.

Peter speaks with his boss and gets himself fired and Lois’ ban removed. Later, Peter finds out the brewery’s transition plan has been called off, and he can get back to work.

The Episode Review

Another good one from Family Guy. Even though the story isn’t particularly strong, it makes up for an entertaining watch owing to funny punchlines and innovative sub-plot. The narrative subtly touches upon an important yet often undiscussed topic – the exploitation of crime stories in the pretext of looking for justice.

Family Guy is on the right track as the first two episodes deliver as per our expectations. It’ll be great to see how the season shapes up.

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  • (3.5)

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