Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 4 “The Munchurian Candidate” Recap & Review

Family Guy

The Munchurian Candidate

Episode 4 of Family Guy season 21 starts with Peter and Lois out for dinner at a new restaurant in the town. The waiter comes to note down the order, and offers to cover Peter’s ears for while his wife speaks. Lois asks for food for both herself and her Instagram. Modern times, huh? The couple make a plan to have sex later at night.

As usual, a showy Brian is getting ready to write donning massive spectacles and a cardigan. Before he can type a word, he is interrupted by loud construction noises from the backyard. It’s Stewie who has got construction workers to put up a tree house for him. Stewie invites both Brain and Chris to check out his man cave. Brian snaps when Stewie questions if he is wearing Lois’ cardigan.

Meanwhile, Lois tells her lady friends that she isn’t satisfied with her sex life.

Stewie excitedly shows Brian and Chris around his newly built tree house. However, he is heart-broken when he overhears Brian and Chris making fun of him and his new house.

Peter and Lois are sitting with a counsellor in a bid to repair their sex life. The counsellor suggests hypnosis as an option to get Peter to behave in a highly – sensual way when he hears a certain trigger word. In a mess-up caused by Peter’s notification ringtone, “Extra-Extra” becomes the trigger phrase to get Peter in the mood for sex.

Back in their bedroom, Peter and Lois have great sex, thanks to “Extra-Extra” ringtone. Lois uses the ringtone to make up for their failed phase in sex before seeing the counsellor. Stewie has changed everything about his house including the very vibe in order to impress Brian and Chris. But, he, once again, overhears them talking ill about him behind his back. Except, this time his murderous side is activated. Typical Stewie!

At Carter’s place, Peter ends up having sex with Babs – triggered by the phrase. On their way home, the embarrassed couple get calls from both Carter and Babs, but they don’t respond.

At Stewie’s man cave, tied-up Brain and Chris are being thrashed by him. Stewie is prepared to kill them. But, his mind changes when Brian and Chris employ flattery to escape Stewie’s rage. After Stewie lets them go, they one more time do the same thing. Stewie bolts out with a crossbow to kill them. Voices are heard that confirm he did something evil out there.

Back at home, Lois holds the basket while Peter vomits crazily. Meg walks in and turns on the television. The trigger phrase is heard again, and Peter dives towards his daughter while Lois holds his leg trying to stop him.

The Episode Review

Right off the bat, the episode features no neighbors and no cutaways. Nevertheless, it manages to be incredibly hysterical. It’s a strong plot and very nicely executed too. There are some scenes that many of us know we are going to want to catch again. What’s special is that the episode is a combination of three classics: Classic Peter, classic Stewie, and classic Brian. And hence a must-watch especially if you are into pointless, shapeless comedy. Every minute of it will give you something laughable.

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7 thoughts on “Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 4 “The Munchurian Candidate” Recap & Review”

  1. Are they actually choking digging comedy? It’s just repetition and I could easily read the pattern, especially this season(21) eps 10. Compare to early season, this is trash. Show getting bored after disney owned them. You need to stop Seth, it’s time for new fresh start

  2. Can’t say confidently what that was The often features these jokes on and off – that are hard to understand. But, it’s fun when you get the reference after sometime – because you need to know something else before you can understand this one.

  3. What did the comment mean in the beginning when they showed waiter-slam then he gets black eye…
    Was that a point from somewhere?

  4. Ok that was great. But that scream from Lois was absolutely hell-like or like a horror movie scream. Which traumatised me 😱

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