Family Guy Season 21 Episode 3 “A Wife-Changing Experience” Recap & Review

Family Guy

A Wife-Changing Experience

Episode 3 of Family Guy Season 21 starts with Babs addressing people gathered to celebrate the marriage anniversary of Peter and Lois. The couple, however, is discussing tastelessly what to have for dinner. Carter gifts them a brand new Range Rider car. To everyone’s amazement including Carter, it’s a toy car. Carter didn’t realize it was a toy because it looked big in the magazine.

Lois suggests Stewie may play with the car. At the same time, Peter kept asking for a replacement gift which Carter intelligently avoids. Stewie is delighted to have a car fit for his size.

Joe rolls in on Lois changing in the restroom. He gets aroused and leaves immediately in embarrassment. Back home, Bonny tells Lois that Joe amazed her in bed after a very long time. Lois realizes Joe performed well because he was thinking about her during the act.

Meanwhile, Stewie is enjoying his new Range Rider (and the license plate reads HOTSTU). He blabbers about its features to Brian.

Lois is outside cleaning a bunch of shoes. She notices Joe watching her from his window. Determined to add flavour to Joe and Bonny’s marriage, she rolls her shirt and pants to expose more of her body in order to entice Joe. She is quite happy to help him. Afterwards, she tries to swing the same sensual magic wand around Peter, but it doesn’t work. Peter doesn’t react to her sexual advances – which upsets her.

Stewie picks up drunk Brian from outside a bar. Brian pukes all over Stewie’s brand-new car – and even on a part of little man’s face.

While on a walk, Quagmire notices Lois putting on a sensual show for Joe. He tells on Lois to Peter. Peter straight goes to Joe and hits him in the face. Later, Peter has a heated argument with Lois. To exact revenge, Peter puts on nothing but mini denim shorts and goes out to chop wood to attract the attention of the opposite gender.

Stewie is scrubbing his car, but can’t kill the vomit smell.

Lois goes to Joe dressed provocatively. Joe gently rebuffs her advances, and thanks her for her nice gesture.

Stewie is hitting the road again with all his toys in the backseat including his beloved Rupert. He notices a kid on a bicycle who is enjoying his simple life. He subsequently crashes into a pole. The next scene shows an insurance agent telling Stewie that he won’t get any reimbursement because there is a nest camera footage where Stewie can be seen setting his car ablaze. In response, Stewie tells the agent that he has footage of him pleasuring himself in garden hedges. The agent immediately offers a cheque to Stewie.

Lois, as a nurse, is at a veteran hospital to pleasure the war vets. She is captured by Police and put into the van where she finds Peter who has also been caught for something similar. The two reconcile and start making out. Back home, Peter and Lois have role-play sex.

The episode ends with Chris finishing reading a story to Stewie.

The Episode Review

It’s fresh, vibrant, and has that special Family Guy feel; after a long time we have a complete episode with a good mix of jokes, cutaways, humour, and characters. The gripping plot has been further improved by some unexpected cameos. And it’s great to see Stewie being behind the wheel.

Well, it isn’t a big deal if you missed the first episode of this season, but if you miss this one you are missing an awesome treat. It’s a good one to watch.

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