Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 15 “Adoptation” Recap & Review

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As episode 15 of Family Guy season 21 starts, we cut to the Griffin family having food at the dinner table. Lois begins talking about a dream, and the rest of the family resorts to extreme ways to avoid listening to her – and it includes the use of cyanide.

Later, while the Griffins are having dinner with Carter and Barb at a fancy hotel, the news report on TV reveals that Exxon Pewterschmidt is responsible for dumping millions of tonnes of oil into the Gulf of Mexico which has resulted in irreparable damage to nature. Carter is worried the dirt on him might eventually lead to a collapse of his company.

In a bid to fix his image, Carter goes to an orphanage to get a picture with a child. Carter unwillingly buys candy for a little girl named Taitum. While leaving, his conscience awakens, and he decides to take the girl home. The knowledge that Carter has adopted a girl concerns Lois as she recalls her father’s indifference towards herself as a child. To make sure the girl is okay, Lois and her family go to Carter’s. Lois feels jealous when she notices Carter doing lovely things for Taitum that she never got to experience as a kid.

After that, Carter takes everyone to the Zoo. Once there, he asks Lois to take Taitum to the restroom. In a mix-up, Taitum gets lost. The group kicks off a search operation, and they soon find Taitum in the pit of gorillas. When no help proves successful, Lois herself jumps into the pit to rescue Taitum. When Gorillas approach her, Peter encourages her to narrate one of her dreams to fend off the gorillas. As soon as she starts, the gorillas retreat, and Taitum is rescued.

Later, Carter informs Lois that his affection for Taitum was his way to compensate for not being an ideal father and as a result, Lois and Taitum accept each other as sisters.

The Episode Review

Family Guy has this unique capability to turn so-so storylines wonderful with dozens of tiny hysterical bits here and there. And it’s one those episodes where the story is ordinary, but the slapstick ingredients it’s been mixed with produce a great outcome.

Though the episode focuses majorly on Carter and Lois, each Griffin gets tiny but chucklesome portions. In the last couple of episodes, Family Guy has been able to put together the original comical essence that made the show iconic. Family Guy appears to be headed for a bounce back!

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