Family Business – Season 1 Episode 4 “Running to Seed” Recap & Review


The Threat

Family Business returns for another comedic slice of family drama as the series continues its march through this solid first season. The episode itself starts with the police searching the truck but only finding meat. After the police leave, the grandma tells them that she has hidden the cannabis seeds inside the carcasses.

Back in France, they calculate that they could make 2.5 million so they all decide on their respective roles. However, Gerard has doubts and wants to speak to Enrico before starting anything. This leads Joseph to confront Enrico about his 50/50 deal and counteroffers 2%, which he then accepts.

While Aure and the grandma learn how to grow cannabis, Joseph gets into more trouble with his girlfriend as his lies grow deeper and deeper. As he leaves her, she takes a positive pregnancy test out of her pocket.

Clem visits Joe and Olivier. She tells them she has arranged a meeting for them but is concerned as she wants everything she has asked for, including Olivier. In desperation, Joseph begs his sister for more money. They have a serious conversation where she tells him she has none and reveals to him that she is a lesbian. It’s a touching moment and one that comes at the right time in the series too, giving both characters more depth.

Olivier and Joseph then meet with Ali’s brother, Youssef, whose agreed to lend them money. He tells them they have 2 months to pay it back with 30% interest but also threatens them if they don’t pay it back. Joseph brings the money to Clem but she insists on having Olivier as agreed. Joseph explains that he can only arrange a dinner with him.

While Ali’s boss fires him for not doing any jobs in the last 2 days, Joseph finally convinces Olivier to go out with Clem, which leads them to have a promising first date. We then see Aure and the Grandma successfully growing the plants and Gerard struggling to renovate his shop.

The episode ends with the family finding out that the police will be doing target practice next door to the country house where they are growing the plants, spelling trouble for their future endeavour.

As we reach the last few episodes of this new Netflix comedy, the story carries on with the same tone as before whilst adding some tense moments, especially with Youssef’s threat looming over the family. There are some touching moments here too, especially between Aure and her grandma. It’s these moments that really make Family Business shine, as it tackles important issues like grief and coming out to a religious family.

Of course, Family Business continues to deliver enough humour to keep you entertained and it’s here where the show really excels. Given what we’ve seen thus far, It’ll be interesting to see if the different narratives are resolved at the end or if the show ends on an open note, ready for a potential second season.


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