Family Business – Season 1 Episode 3 “Hog Wild” Recap & Review


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Now midway through the show, Family Business delivers another funny episode, one that manages to move the plot forward whilst never losing sight of the comedy as the main drive of the episode.

We begin right where the previous episode left off with Joseph in the truck. He finally gets his Dad’s attention and they come face to face. Gerard tells him that he is going to Amsterdam which angers his son. He reminds him that today is the day Aure is leaving for Japan. Surprised at first, Gerard quickly changes his tone and tells him that it will teach her a lesson for abandoning the family.

On their way to Amsterdam, they have a conversation where Gerard reveals that he is aware about the upcoming legalization of cannabis and that his source was Enrico Macias whom he made a 50/50 deal with. While Aure desperately tries to find out where her Father and Brother are, we see Olivier visiting Joseph’s mother’s grave.

Back in Amsterdam, Joseph and his father bond whilst trying their future merchandise out in different coffee shops. This leads them to later get into trouble with two prostitutes and their pimp. Refusing to give them anymore money, Gerard gets slapped, causing him to collapse and fall unconscious. Still under the effect of cannabis, Joseph rings his sister panicking, believing that their Father died. He then begs her to come rescue them.

Aure, Olivier, Ali and the grandma arrive in Amsterdam believing that Gerard is dead. Relieved at first to see that her Father is alive, Aure later gets angry as she has missed her flight. She’s planning to sell trainers that she has designed in Japan and are worth over 40,000 euros. Unfortunately, she gets a call from the French police revealing that her suitcase, containing all her shoes, was destroyed as it was left unattended. Devastated, she calls her girlfriend in Japan who makes her understand that she is not welcome there without the shoes. Shocked by this revelation, Aure breaks up with her.

Joseph tries to comfort her by talking about joining him on his new project however she remains cautious. The grandma then joins them and decides to take charge of the deal. She has an old friend in Amsterdam that could help them. Upon meeting him, they learn that the quickest way to get a lot of cannabis is to grow it.

On the way back to France, Ali finds out that Joseph has been dating his sister which angers him, causing them to fight. This prompts the police to jump in and stop them as they look suspicious. The episode then ends on a cliffhanger with the police about the search the truck.

Family Business delivers another strong episode where we see the different relationships evolve thanks to a continued focus on character development. There are some interesting back stories on the side characters too, which certainly helps keep the flow of the series going and give this one more depth. At the halfway point, Family Business has so far managed to keep the right balance between drama and humour but whether it can keep this up remains to be seen.


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