Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Family Prevails Over Everything

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 12 begins with an intruder breaking into Chief Oh’s house while she’s asleep. Fortunately, she hears the intruder approaching to attack her and wakes up just in time to fight them off. She overpowers the attacker and shoots him. Chief Oh checks the attacker’s wrist and sees the MGD tattoo.

Just then, Ma Young-Ji calls to inform her that there’s something wrong at the NIS headquarters. Chief Oh asks Ma Young-Ji where Do-Hoon is. She tells her that the last time she talked to him was when he asked her earlier to decipher a code, which turned out to be a secret message with an address.

Chief Oh then remembers Yoo-Ra telling her earlier that she shouldn’t tell Do-Hoon what she’s about to do. Chief Oh tries calling Yoo-Ra, but she doesn’t answer.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra is at the NIS headquarters, engaged in a serious shootout with the people there, including Jae-Yeol. Jae-Yeol quickly realizes it’s Yoo-Ra they’re shooting at, and he asks his colleagues to stop. Then he calls out to Yoo-Ra and convinces her they don’t intend to harm her.

Just then, gunshots are fired from outside the NIS headquarters, killing several agents. Shortly after, several men, seemingly from the MGD, enter the NIS headquarters and begin shooting the agents. It seems Yoo-Ra was sent there to finish off NIS.

Meanwhile, Chief Oh is still trying to call Do-Hoon when he texts her that he has captured Mo-Taeil (Warrior). Back at the NIS headquarters, more men from the MGD shoot at Jae-Yeol and the rest of the NIS agents. Yoo-Ra comes to their side and starts shooting at the men from MGD. Do-Hoon comes in and helps Jae-Yeol, Yoo-Ra, and the rest to finish off the men from MGD.

One of the NIS agents and Jae-Yeol’s close friend, Han-Soo, is shot. So, Do-Hoon asks Jae-Yeol to take Han-Soo to Chief Oh’s office as he continues to shoot at the men from MGD. Yoo-Ra follows Jae-Yeol, but the men from MGD shoot through the glass leading to Chief Oh’s office. Yoo-Ra prepares her gun and shoots the rest of the MGD men.

What does everyone do after the shootout?

Later, other NIS agents come to pick up the bodies of the NIS agents and MGD men killed during the shootout. Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra are standing there, and Do-Hoon is clearly devastated by what just happened. Yoo-Ra asks Do-Hoon what Director was thinking when sending those men to the NIS headquarters. Do-Hoon tells Yoo-Ra that whatever Director is thinking, they must end it.

Yoo-Ra asks Do-Hoon to quit his job as a NIS agent because it’s dangerous. Do-Hoon then tells Yoo-Ra that he will handle things from here.

Does Tae-Gu stay in Korea?

After Do-Hoon rescued him from being shot by Warrior in the last episode, he decides to return to Thailand. But before he does, he goes to see Min-Seo at school one last time. Yoo-Ra happens to be picking Min-Seo up from school and sees Tae-Gu with Min-Seo. Later, Min-Seo urges Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon to make amends, and they do.

Tae-Gu returns to Thailand and joins forces with Chief Oh to take down Director. Unfortunately, he gets shot dead when he goes to visit the grave of the little girl we saw him having flashbacks of. It seems it was his daughter.

What happens to Warrior?

Chief Oh takes Warrior into custody after Do-Hoon captured him at Tae-Gu’s house in the previous episode. While in custody, a man seemingly from MGD comes in and shoots him dead. It turns out that he was following orders when he tricked the “Cycle 1,”(Chief Oh and other MGD graduates at that time) into killing all the people at the MGD camp back then.

After everyone at MGD died, except Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu, he met with the man who seemingly ordered him to do what he did. The man then assigned Warrior a bodyguard and sent him away. This bodyguard was none other than Director.

Is the Director demoted?

He is indeed, Director gets demoted from his position at the NIS. Later, he is called by the same man he’s been conspiring with to betray Warrior. The man tells him that Chief Oh now knows who he is. He then orders him to go away to Thailand, similar to what happened to Warrior.

The man even tells Director to stay put and that he will be recognized one day, just like he said to Warrior when he sent him away.

The director goes to Thailand, and it seems he plans to take over MGD. That is why Tae-Gu and Chief Oh were trying to take him down before Tae-Gu was shot.

What happens to Chief Oh?

Chief Oh gets promoted to Director’s position. Later, she starts dating again and seemingly finds the perfect guy for her. It turns out Chief Oh got divorced thrice because she was afraid her spouses would be endangered as she was a former member of MGD.

What about Jae-Yeol and Chae-Ri?

Jae-Yeol and Chae-Ri get back together again, which isn’t surprising because they never stopped having feelings for each other even after they divorced!

And Ji-Hoon and Mi-Rim?

Mi-Rim finally gives birth to a baby girl, who they name Kwon Jang-Soon. However, Mi-Rim’s birth had its challenges. For starters, she gave birth before her due date. When she went into labor and was taken to the hospital, Ji-Hoon got cold feet and ran away. Fortunately, Yoo-Ra was there to bring Ji-Hoon back to his senses.

How does Family: The Unbreakable Bond end?

After the shootout, Do-Hoon decides to go after the Director, heading to Gajin Harbor to find him. Only, the Director is already gone. Just then, Do-Hoon receives photos of Ji-Hoon, Woong-So, Yoo-Ra, and Min-Seo at the hospital where Mi-Rim is giving birth. It seems someone is spying on them.

A man approaches Do-Hoon and gives him a phone to talk to someone. It turns out it’s the same man who has been communicating with Director. He tells Do-Hoon to leave the harbour because he won’t find anything there. Do-Hoon warns the man that he will come after him if he tries to harm his family, b ut the guy shrugs it off, claiming that nothing will happen to his family.

Later, Do-Hoon quits his job at the NIS, but Chief Oh tries to persuade him to return to the NIS to help take down Director.

As for Yoo-Ra, she’s finally able to put the past behind her. Later, she goes with Do-Hoon to visit her adoptive parents’ graves, a place where Tae-Gu had told her earlier . The episode ends with the family celebrating Kwon Jang-Soon’s 100th day.

The Episode Review

If this show has taught us anything, it is the power of family. The main concern for Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon was their family, and they proved that they would do anything to keep them safe. Sadly, Tae-Gu ended up dying. It’s clear he wanted to live peacefully on his own, but still, he wanted to get revenge on Warrior for what he did.

I’m glad Chief Oh decided to give dating and marriage a second chance, as it seemed she wanted a family of her own. Warrior and Director got the ending they deserved too, but it looks like Director is still willing to go further to get what he wants. And that is taking over MGD.

I’m still curious about who the man Director has been communicating with on the phone. We still don’t know what happened to Hwacha, one of MGD’s original members, and I wonder if the man who has been communicating with Director is Hwacha. It seems we will never know, which is a bit disappointing.

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