Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Betrayals and Tough Decisions

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 11 takes us back to when Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon first met. Do-Hoon was in Thailand, seemingly spying on someone, when he met Yoo-Ra at a restaurant where she worked.

Shortly after, they warmed up to each other and began dating while Do-Hoon was still in Thailand. Then, Yoo-Ra found out her adoptive parents were killed, so she ran away. She then met Do-Hoon and asked him to take her with him back to Korea.

Back to the present, Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon arrive home, and Do-Hoon quickly realizes there may be an intruder in their house. Two men attack them, and fortunately Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon fight and overpower them.

Woong-So arrives at their door immediately after, and Do-Hoon quickly drags the two attackers to their extra room as Yoo-Ra tries to buy time, preventing Woong-So from entering the house.

Woong-So finally comes in though and notices the living room is messed up (that is where Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon fought those attackers). He asks what happened, and Yoo-Ra tries to divert his attention from the mess in the living room as Do-Hoon is tying up the attackers in the other room.

Do-Hoon calls Jae-Yeol to come and help him with these attackers, but he doesn’t answer. Do-Hoon then tries calling Chae-Ri, who’s asleep. It turns out she’s in bed with Jae-Yeol (I wonder if they’re back together). Later, Do-Hoon comes to the living room, and Woong-So asks Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra again if they were fighting. Do-Hoon tries making up a story that there was an earthquake, explaining the mess in the living room.

When Woong-So presses them with more questions, Yoo-Ra makes up another story that Do-Hoon hid a “nest egg,” that’s some sort of secret savings in the living room. Yoo-Ra tells Woong-So that she found it, which is why the living room is messy.

Later, Yoo-Ra serves Woong-So food and drinks, and he finally falls asleep. Chae-Ri and Jae-Yeol arrive, so, Jae-Yeol and Do-Hoon take those attackers to Chae-Ri’s car. Chae-Ri, who’s outside, sees Yoo-Ra, along with Do-Hoon and Jae-Yeol taking those attackers to the vehicle.

Jae-Yeol and Chae-Ri conclude that Yoo-Ra now knows Do-Hoon works for the NIS. Jae-Yeol and Chae-Ri begin “sympathizing” with Yoo-Ra, pretending to know how she feels now that she knows the truth about Do-Hoon.

Jae-Yeol and Do-Hoon finally put the two attackers inside Chae-Ri’s car, and Jae-Yeol tells Do-Hoon that the two attackers have the MGD tattoo. He also asks Do-Hoon how deep he got himself in this MGD case and how he will explain things to Yoo-Ra now that she knows the truth about him. Do-Hoon then asks Chae-Ri to find out if Tae-Gu sent those attackers to their house, and if it isn’t him, he should find out who it is.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra returns to the house and checks up on Woong-So, who’s asleep. Yoo-Ra then remembers seeing the MGD tattoo on the wrist of one of the attackers earlier. Do-Hoon returns to the house, and they can’t talk about what they found out about each other.

The next day, Do-Hoon wakes up and doesn’t find Yoo-Ra. He panics and starts looking around the house for her. He then meets Woong-So, who’s still in the house, and asks him where Yoo-Ra is. Woong-So, who’s still convinced that Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra were fighting the previous night, tells Do-Hoon that Yoo-Ra went somewhere to get supplies for her café.

Do-Hoon returns to the bedroom, and Woong-So follows, urging him to apologize to Yoo-Ra. Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra sends Do-Hoon a text telling him she’ll be back and that he should take care of the family.

Elsewhere, Yoo-Ra is with Tae-Gu. Yoo-Ra is there to find out where Mo-Taeil (Warrior) is so she can kill him. Tae-Gu asks Yoo-Ra if she thinks all this will end once she kills Warrior. Yoo-Ra asks Tae-Gu if there’s someone above him. Seemingly confirming it, Tae-Gu asks Yoo-Ra why she thinks they’re both alive. He then tells her to face the facts that the MGD is the one that will decide their fate.

However, Yoo-Ra doesn’t care about any of that, as she just wants to protect her family. She begins shooting things around him, threatening to kill if he doesn’t tell her where Warrior is. Just then, Tae-Gu receives a text. He asks Yoo-Ra to check it, and she finds out that Tae-Gu has been instructed to kill Wind (Chief Oh).

Do-Hoon is taking Min-Seo to school when she begins telling him how much fun she had with Tae-Gu, as we saw in the last episode. Do-Hoon asks what they did while they were together, and Min-Seo tells him everything. She even tells Do-Hoon that Tae-Gu asked her to apologize to Yoo-Ra on his behalf. Min-Seo then tells Do-Hoon she feels bad for Tae-Gu since Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra hate him.

Tae-Gu is heading somewhere with Yoo-Ra. Tae-Gu begins having a flashback of when he was looking for Yoo-Ra in the market where she worked in Thailand. He also remembers going to her adoptive parents’ house and finding her parents killed. He asks the men there who asked them to kill Yoo-Ra’s parents. As the men there take away Yoo-Ra’s parents’ bodies, Tae-Gu remembers getting a glimpse of what seemed like Yoo-Ra hiding.

Later, Chae-Ri meets up with Do-Hoon at Yoo-Ra’s café. She tells him that it’s most likely that those attackers weren’t sent by Tae-Gu but by someone else above him in the MGD. Chae-Ri also gives Do-Hoon a hidden phone she found on one of those attackers. This phone is similar to those we’ve seen the men working for MGD have in the previous episodes.

Chae-Ri tells Do-Hoon that Chief Oh had instructed her to investigate one of the MGD’s original members (Hwacha). She found out that Hwacha had called someone in Korea thrice (Hwacha isn’t in Korea). She then found out that a text from the same number Hwacha used to call someone in Korea sent a text to this hidden phone.

Elsewhere, Chief Oh is meeting with Director. Shadow calls to inform her that she has prepared two snipers to kill Director once he gets there. Meanwhile, Director (whose full name is Lee Jung-Mook) calls someone to inform him that Warrior will be arriving in Korea. And since he has been too powerful to be neglected, he should come to Korea for easy control. The man on the other side of the phone tells Director to handle Warrior quickly.

Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu arrive at the location where Chief Oh is meeting Director. Yoo-Ra takes the bag with the gun and exits the car, but, Tae-Gu stops her. Yoo-Ra then notices something in one of the buildings there, so she goes to check.

The director meets with Chief Oh. It turns out that Director knew she set up snipers to kill him, so he sent his sniper to kill Chief Oh’s and prepare to kill the Chief thereafter.

Meanwhile, Tae-Gu is at another building nearby, preparing to shoot the Director instead of Chief Oh as he was instructed. Yoo-Ra also goes to the building where Director’s sniper, who killed Chief Oh’s sniper, is and snaps his neck. Yoo-Ra takes the sniper’s gun and prepares to shoot Director.

After they’re done talking, Director signals one of his snipers and they shoot Tae-Gu. He signals another, but it’s Yoo-Ra! Yoo-Ra shoots the other sniper, who’s working for Director. Realizing what has happened, Director pulls out his gun, and Chief Oh does the same. The director then shoots Chief Oh. Yoo-Ra starts shooting at Director, but he manages to escape, so Yoo-Ra goes to rescue Chief Oh.

At the NIS headquarters, Do-Hoon opens the hidden phone Chae-Ri gave him earlier. He notices something strange inside it, so he takes a photo of it and asks Ma Young-Ji what it is. It turns out it’s a code with a secret message in it.

Yoo-Ra is with Chief Oh at her house, tending to her gunshot wound. Fortunately, Chief Oh wore a bulletproof jacket when she went to meet Director earlier. So, when the Director shot her, he only managed to shoot her arm.

Chief Oh tells Yoo-Ra that Director probably knows she tried to shoot him earlier. She then asks her to stop because she can’t handle him. But, Yoo-Ra refuses and says she’ll risk everything to protect her family. Yoo-Ra then asks Chief Oh not to tell Do-Hoon what she’s about to do. Otherwise, everything will fall apart.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon finds a link inside the hidden-phone Chae-Ri gave him earlier. He sends it to Ma Young-Ji to decipher and find out what the message behind it is saying. Ma Young-Ji deciphers the link and finds this message “Warrior, Gajin Harbor, 20:00.”

This means that Warrior is arriving in Korea at Gajin Harbor at 8 pm, as Director said earlier. Seeing this message, Do-Hoon heads to Gajin Harbor. Meanwhile, Warrior finally arrives at Gajin Harbor.

Back at Chief Oh’s house, Yoo-Ra takes Chief Oh’s phone while she’s asleep and texts someone (it seems to be Director). Yoo-Ra refers to herself as #27 in the text and asks where she should go. The person then sends her an address of where she should go.

Do-Hoon arrives at Gajin Harbor and doesn’t find Warrior. He realizes there’s only one exit in the harbour, so he calls Ma Young-Ji and asks her to secure the security camera footage at that exit between 7-9 pm.

Meanwhile, Director calls Warrior, and Warrior asks if Tae-Gu has disappeared. Director asks what he should do with Tae-Gu, and Warrior tells him he’ll take care of Tae-Gu himself. Director tells Warrior that if he takes care of Tae-Gu, he’ll finally get what he wants. Ma Young-Ji tells Do-Hoon which car was at the exit at Gajin Harbor and where it’s heading.

Yoo-Ra is somewhere where she takes a gun and heads out. Elsewhere, Warrior arrives at Tae-Gu’s house. Of course, Tae-Gu (who’s in bad shape as he was shot earlier) is surprised to see him. Tae-Gu quickly realizes Warrior is there to kill him.

As Warrior is about to shoot Tae-Gu, Do-Hoon arrives just in time and hits Warrior unconscious. Tae-Gu then tells Do-Hoon that Yoo-Ra is MGD’s last target to kill.

The episode ends with Do-Hoon heading to save Yoo-Ra, and Yoo-Ra at the NIS headquarters shooting and getting shot at.

The Episode Review

This episode has just shown us how far people can go to get what they want, whether good or bad. On the one hand, Director is seemingly betraying Warrior, and Warrior has betrayed Tae-Gu.

On the other hand, Yoo-Ra has proven how far she can go to protect her family, and so does Do-Hoon. I again feel bad for Tae-Gu because he is ultimately the victim of Warrior, just like Yoo-Ra. It’s also confusing as to what Yoo-Ra is doing at the NIS headquarters. Perhaps the next episode will show what she went to do there and what will happen to her!

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