Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Protecting the Ones I Love

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 10 takes us back to when Yoo-Ra, Tae-Gu, and the other kids were trained by MGD when they were young. We get to see their training routine when the MGD camp was attacked, and the entire Cycle 2 group killed except Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu. And finally, we see the pivotal moment when the pair escaped.

After Yoo-Ra and Tae-Gu decided to split when they escaped, Yoo-Ra ended up at a market (the MGD camp was in Thailand). People stare at her because she’s all dirty and looks tired. She ended up in a couple’s house and they weren’t around, so Yoo-Ra found some food to eat, locked herself in a closet, and fell asleep.

The couple returned and found Yoo-Ra in their closet, eventually deciding to take Yoo-Ra as their daughter.

Time passes, and Yoo-Ra is all grown up. One day, Yoo-Ra’s adoptive mum told her that a guy approached and asked about Yoo-Ra, but her adoptive mum told him off. Deep down Yoo-Ra knew the Warrior and his men were looking for her as she was among those who survived when the Cycle 2 group was killed.

One day, Yoo-Ra came back home and saw from afar her adoptive parents’ bodies being carried away by some men. She then saw Tae-Gu among those deceased. Devastated, she had no other choice but to run away.

Back to the present, Yoo-Ra is at her café, and she cannot control her tears. Elsewhere, Do-Hoon arrives at the building where the black SUV near Butterfly was when she was shot.

Chae-Ri calls to inform him that the building was vacant until recently and the contractor is fake. Do-Hoon asks Chae-Ri about the whereabouts of the black SUV, and she tells him it left the building. Do-Hoon asks Chae-Ri to track the SUV’s movements while he goes into the building to check what’s there.

He is suddenly attacked by several men at once though but fortunately, Do-Hoon manages to fight them all. He then looks around the room and finds his and Chief Oh’s NIS employment information. He also finds photos of him and his family going about their day-to-day activities.

Ji-Hoon calls Do-Hoon and tells him he went to his house to tutor Min-Seo, but she isn’t at home; her phone is off, and Yoo-Ra is also not around. Do-Hoon senses something wrong, so he leaves that building.

On his way, Chief Oh, who went to that building, calls him. Do-Hoon tells Chief Oh that those men that attacked him may also be looking for Tae-Gu. He then asks Chief Oh to check the employment information he found there. Chief Oh mentions that their employment information is usually confidential, meaning the MGD may be working with someone in the NIS. Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra is in a taxi with her bag containing her gun.

Back at the building, Chief Oh tortures one of the men who attacked Do-Hoon earlier until he confesses who he’s working for. Then, Yoo-Ra calls Chief Oh and asks her what she is doing in that building. Chief Oh then gets a glimpse of Yoo-Ra at a nearby building, pointing a gun in her direction. It turns out, Yoo-Ra was actually going to kill Tae-Gu. Chief Oh tells Yoo-Ra that Tae-Gu isn’t there and Min-Seo is missing.

Do-Hoon arrives at Min-Seo’s school, and it seems he hasn’t found Min-Seo there. He checks the school’s security camera footage and sees that black SUV (it looks like the NIS can access almost any place’s security camera). Do-Hoon then zooms in on the SUV, and it seems he has seen Min-Seo and Tae-Gu inside.

Meanwhile, Tae-Gu is driving to an unknown destination with Min-Seo. Yoo-Ra, who’s heading to Min-Seo’s school, tries calling Tae-Gu, but he doesn’t answer. She also tries calling Min-Seo, but her phone is off. Yoo-Ra also contemplates calling Do-Hoon, but she doesn’t.

At Min-Seo’s school, Do-Hoon receives a text from Chae-Ri informing him of the current location of the black SUV that Tae-Gu is driving. As he’s about to leave Min-Seo’s school, Yoo-Ra arrives, so they go to find Min-Seo together.

On the way, Do-Hoon asks Yoo-Ra if Min-Seo mentioned anything about meeting Tae-Gu, but, Yoo-Ra tells him Min-Seo didn’t say anything. Tae-Gu then texts Yoo-Ra and tells her that if she wants Min-Seo back, she should go and finish her task (killing Chief Oh). Yoo-Ra tells Do-Hoon to stop the car, and as he does so, Chae-Ri calls and tells him the current location of Tae-Gu. So, they keep going.

Tae-Gu is still driving with Min-Seo when she wakes up pressed, wanting to go to the restroom. She insists on Tae-Gu stopping at a restroom, or she’ll soil her pants (so typical of an 8-year-old). Fortunately, Tae-Gu finds a restroom at a gas station. While Min-Seo is in the bathroom, Tae-Gu texts someone telling them he’ll eliminate the “target” as planned. It isn’t clear if he’s talking about Chief Oh.

Elsewhere, Jae-Sung meets again the mysterious man he met in the last episode. His face is finally revealed, and it is Director. Jae-Sung gives Director a phone with pictures of Yoo-Ra and Chief Oh. Director then calls someone (who may be Warrior) and tells him that they still gained when they “exposed” Butterfly. This is because they now know it wasn’t Kang Otak (Bullet) who killed Wolfe. Director asks the person he’s talking to on the phone if he wants to know who did it. That person already knows it’s Yoo-Ra, who was Bullet’s favourite.

Director tells that person now that Butterfly is dead, he will eliminate the remaining targets. That person tells Director to hurry up as he wants to return to Korea safely. The director then gives Jae-Sung the phone with photos of Yoo-Ra and Chief Oh and tells him to get to work.

Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra arrive at the gas station Tae-Gu took Min-Seo to relieve herself. They show the gas station attendant photos of Min-Seo and Tae-Gu, and he confirms they were at that gas station. Do-Hoon then gets a text from Chae-Ri informing him of Tae-Gu’s current location again.

Elsewhere, Tae-Gu takes Min-Seo to a restaurant to eat. Later, Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon arrive at that restaurant and find Tae-Gu and Min-Seo gone. As they leave the restaurant, Yoo-Ra tells Do-Hoon that she’s sorry. Knowing what she meant, Do-Hoon tells her they should find Min-Seo first.

Tae-Gu and Min-Seo go to a photo studio, where Min-Seo insists on putting some decorations on Tae-Gu, and they take pictures. Later, Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra arrive at that photo studio and don’t find Tae-Gu and Min-Seo.

Meanwhile, Woong-So calls Yoo-Ra and tells her he broke up with Ms Park while they were in Qingdao. They leave the photo studio, and Yoo-Ra texts Tae-Gu warning him that if anything happens to Min-Seo, he will also pay for what he did for her parents.

Chief Oh finds Jae-Sung, and he tries to run away but she catches her. Tae-Gu and Min-Seo arrive at a house later that night, and Min-Seo takes out her phone to call Yoo-Ra, but Tae-Gu offers to charge the phone for her. He actually doesn’t want her to call Yoo-Ra, as she’ll find out where they are.

Min-Seo insists on playing with Tae-Gu so he agrees to teach her how to fight. In doing so, he has flashbacks of himself playing with a little girl.

Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra arrive at the house where Tae-Gu and Min-Seo are and start looking for Min-Seo. Tae-Gu reads the text Yoo-Ra sent her earlierk warning him that if anything happens to Min-Seo, he will pay for what he did to her parents too. He then remembers Yoo-Ra threatening to kill him if he harms her family again in the last episode.

Tae-Gu puts two and two together and realizes the couple they murdered back in Thailand were Yoo-Ra’s adoptive parents. Min-Seo then tells Tae-Gu that she’s hungry, so he goes to buy food for her. However, Tae-Gu asks Min-Seo to stay put.

Elsewhere, Chief Oh captures Jae-Sung, and she notices the new MGD Union’s tattoo on his wrist. Chief Oh begins interrogating him and it turns out, Jae-Sung was the one who sent the men who attacked Do-Hoon at the building earlier. He had sent them to kill Tae-Gu.

Chief Oh then asks Jae-Sung where his hidden phone is, but he doesn’t say anything. It seems all the new MGD Union members under Warrior have secret phones.

Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon are still looking for Min-Seo at that house, but it’s Yoo-Ra who finds her. She then texts Do-Hoon to inform him she has found Min-Seo.

Meanwhile, Tae-Gu returns from buying food, and he doesn’t find where he left her. He looks up and sees Yoo-Ra with Min-Seo. Just then, Do-Hoon comes and hits him. He warns Tae-Gu not to try harming or coming close to his family.

Tae-Gu asks Do-Hoon if #19 (Yoo-Ra) is still part of his family. Do-Hoon then points a gun at him and tells him to mind his business. He even calls Tae-Gu #19. Do-Hoon tells Tae-Gu that the new MGD Union is just using him and are planning to kill him.

Tae-Gu returns to the building and finds it messed up. Someone calls him, and Tae-Gu tells him he was lost for a moment and will now settle “it” by any means.

Chief Oh is still with Jae-Sung when his hidden phone rings. Chief Oh goes and picks up the phone call. The person on the other side of the call asks how far things are with killing Chief Oh and Yoo-Ra, thinking he is talking to Jae-Sung. Chief Oh recognizes the caller – it’s the Director. She tells him it’s her on the phone and asks to meet.

Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon take Min-Seo to spend the night at Woong-So’s house with Ji-Hoon and Do-Hoon. They both head home, and it’s clear there’s still a lot of tension between them. They reach their house and realize there may be an intruder. The episode ends with them being attacked by several men.

The Episode Review

This episode has given us another major plot twist; NIS’ Director is collaborating with Warrior. I’m glad Chief Oh told Do-Hoon the truth about her past. I also feel Tae-Gu is a victim in this case because despite being on Warrior’s side, he does have a soft spot for Min-Seo and Yoo-Ra.

As for Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra, I hope they’re not harmed by those men who came to attack them in their house. I would like to see them talk things out.

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