Fallstar – Sacred Mirrors | Album Review


Track Listing

Timebender And The Jet Engine 
Sky Symmetry 
Crooks And The Damned 
Screaming Through The Walls 
Eternal Engine (Die Up) 
The Persistence Of Light
Savior Self  
Water House 


Fallstar creates diverse songs that break conventions lyrically and musically, and while their sounds play on, they send tingles down our spines. Every lyric means the world to this band, every riff stretches the band to the limits, and every memory is sacred. This type of music empowers even for its volatility and rage-fuelled screams and growls.

The music may not be for everyone as it is rough around the edges, but nothing is diluted or augmented. The band change nothing for the sake of it. They play with their hearts on their sleeves, putting out records that resonate and place wisdom into jaded hearts.

The rhythms are flawless here and the melodies are resounding, making for a gratifying listen. The band has certainly been through trials and tribulations, and that is heard through their lyrics – words that point to pain and misfortune.

There are 12 songs on the album. Insight plays out with burgeoning guitar sequences and attitude. The lyrics tell us that we shouldn’t judge and the pain is twisted in the fabric of reality. Those screams increase the volatility.

Screaming Through The Walls opens slowly with subtle vocals and the lyrics depict times when you may have been alone and losing your mind. The chorus is infectious.

The Persistence Of Light begins with brooding screams and the instrumentals beat hard, and then the wonderful chorus cuts through. It’s a majestic listen.

Saviour Self begins with startling instrumentals and growls, proving the band is angry as the world crumbles. The clean vocals give the listener respite, and the guitar sound commands attention.

On Sacred Mirrors, Fallstar plays hard and fast with heaps of emotion charging through.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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