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Falling Inn Mediocrity

Growing up, some of my favourite movies were romantic comedies and I remember watching The Bodyguard multiple times in the cinema when I was a teenager. Now that I’m a bit older, I enjoy sitting down in the evening with my daughters and watching classic Rom-coms like ‪Sleepless in Seattle‬, ‪Pretty Woman‬ or Only You (one of my all-time favourites). These movies remain some of my favourites thanks to great acting and excellent stories.

Having watched so many romantic movies in the past, many have failed to make my top 10 list and Falling Inn Love unfortunately will not be bucking that trend. While it’s not a bad movie per-se and can be charming at times, it’s not a particularly memorable or original one either. It doesn’t do much to stand out and follows a very predictable path.

The story starts in San Francisco where home designer Gabriela Diaz loses her job and her boyfriend within a week. On a drunken whim, she enters an online contest where she wins an Inn in New Zealand. Deciding this might be the break she needs, she jumps on the opportunity and flies to the other side of the world. When she arrives, she unfortunately finds her prized Inn, the Bellbird Valley Farm, crumbling and falling apart. With the help of contractor Jack, she’s determined to renovate the Inn back to his former glory but also wants to add some personal touches to it along the way.

As mentioned before Falling Inn Love follows a very predictable story path and all the tropes you’d expect to see in a romantic comedy are here. Like many other similar movies before it, the main character has recently become single and meets a new potential love interest, fighting her attraction at first. Of course, all the usual clumsy moments like falling on top of each other or unexpectedly seeing them everywhere are here, along with some very cheesy moments that make Falling Inn Love incredibly predictable and lacking in originality. The idea of renovating a crumbling building has been done numerous times before too and we can quickly see what is going to happen before it even begins.

However, Christina Milian is quite charming and witty. She manages to slot into her role pretty well by delivering a believable performance and some funny little one-liners too. She also has some good chemistry on-screen with Adam Demos which does help. The secondary characters are quite endearing as well and form an eclectic group of supporting actors which adds more charm into the movie. Of course, let’s not forget Gilbert the Goat who also gets his happy ending too.

The setting is quite beautiful and does showcase some picturesque scenery from New Zealand which helps. As expected, some of the camera work includes fading  and slow-motion shots, which do reasonably well to add more emotion and drama to the story. The film’s soundtrack is just as predictable too, gearing heavily toward uplifting pop tracks.

Falling Inn Love follows the typical rom-com rules here and after the first five minutes, you’ll find yourself accurately predicting most of the movie’s plot points. While the characters are endearing enough to keep you watching, the film doesn’t really stand out and will fail to be memorable a few months from now. Still, if you are looking for an easy to watch feel good romantic comedy, there are worse out there but Falling Inn Love falls deep in mediocrity.


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  • Verdict - 5/10

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