Falling For Christmas (2022) Ending Explained – Does Sierra get her memory back?

Falling For Christmas Plot Synopsis

As the highly anticipated Christmas season approaches, so comes the plethora of Christmas movies that are a decorated success during the holiday season that is soon approaching. The 2022 Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas stars Lindsay Lohan in the lead role and is a simple “Christmas Wish” come true kinda story.

After Sierra Belmont, heiress of the Belmont Summit Resorts goes out on a ski trip in the middle of December when it is snowing like crazy, her influence boyfriend, Tad proposes to her from on top of a cliff. Sierra accepts the proposal but also accidentally falls off the cliff and is discovered at the bottom of the mountain by a small hotel owner, Jake.

What happens to Sierra after she falls off the cliff?

Jake takes Sierra to the hospital where she wakes up to find out that she has lost her memory. Because she does not know who she is and where she could go, Jake offers to let Sierra stay at his humble bed and breakfast hotel – The Northstar Lodge. There Sierra (who now goes by Sarah) tries to regain her memory by doing regular everyday things like washing laundry and making a foamy mess of everything as well as plunging the toilet and flooding the lodge.

Because of the chaos she is causing, Sierra often feels that she is good for nothing and ends up beating herself up for causing trouble. Sierra’s chaos is the least of Jake’s issues because his hotel is on the brink of collapsing. Due to a lack of proper funding, Jake will soon have to close his bed and breakfast down.

Meanwhile, Tad too is lost in the forest and he meets a local, Ralph who teaches the bratty influencer how he should live a life of humility as they journey back into town. Since Sierra’s father went on a business trip before she went missing, she was the second in command at the Belmont Summit Resorts. Before leaving for her ski trip with Tad, Sierra had warned the hotel staff to leave her alone during the entirety of her trip and the staff took the heiress a little too seriously because it has been four whole days since she has gone missing.

What is Avy’s wish? 

Meanwhile, at the Northstar Lodge, Avy, Jake’s daughter is hoping her widowed father finds true love again after she wished for it by the Christmas tree days ago. With Sierra (Sarah) at the lodge, the chances of that happening are high as Jake and Sarah are having quality time in each other’s company. Sarah is learning how to do mundane tasks well as she gets close to Jake’s family.

Jake and Sarah like each other too but Jake is hesitant about making the first move with her because he worries about her past and wonders if she has a partner waiting for her in her actual life. The two try to suppress their emotions and Sarah tries to make herself useful by suggesting a way to help save the lodge. She plans a Christmas celebration with old guests of the lodge who could pitch in some amount to help save the lodge.

How does Sierra help Jake save the Northstar Lodge?

Jake is initially unhappy with Sarah’s suggestion but eventually comes through when he agrees to hold a special soiree for his older guests. The night of the celebration is on Christmas Eve and Jake sees Sarah in a red dress, which instigates him to confess his true feelings for her, no matter the consequences. The guests start showing up and Jake and Sarah’s private moment is lost.

Jake tries to tell his guests about the financial crisis the lodge is in and the guests point out how accommodating and generous Jake had been to them in the past and all pitch in to support Jake and Northstar Lodge with huge sums of money. Sarah is happy that she finally was of some help to Jake. Just as Jake and Sarah are taking in the response from the guests, Ralph walks in with Tad who announces that he had been looking for Sierra, his fiancee.

Does Mr Belmont find Sierra? What happens to Tad?

At the same time, Sierra’s father, Mr Belmont arrives at the bed and breakfast to take her back and she goes back home leaving her memories of Jake, Avy and the Northstar Lodge behind as she returns to her actual life. The next day, Jake watches the news to see that Sierra had announced her return back home and credited her safekeeping to Jake and the Northstar Lodge.

Avy convinces Jake to still give his feelings for Sierra a shot and confess to her. At the Belmont Summit Resort, Sierra realises that Tad is not someone she loves and breaks off her engagement with him. She is in a homely mood unlike her usual self as she makes her own breakfast in the hotel kitchen shocking the staff.

Does Sierra get her memory back?

Sierra then confronts her father about her future plans and claims that she wants to work with the resort and hotels. Her father is happy to see her finally taking charge of her responsibility. As she leaves the hotel to go out, Sierra runs into Jake and tells him about how she is now newly single. Jake confesses his feelings for Sierra and they kiss as it starts snowing. Mr Belmont and Avy find the couple outside and join them as they enjoy the snow together.


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