Fakes – Season 1 Episode 4 “WE ARE THE CAPTAINS NOW ” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Fakes starts when the girls have 5 days, 4 hours, and 3 minutes to meet the deadline given by Tryst. Becca was the first one who discovered the letters being left on their doors and has been taking them before Zoe sees them. She is worried that Zoe is going to lose it even further if she sees them. She has secretly been trying to find out who is behind the letters while also working with Zoe to print the IDs.

She soon gets a lead from watching her sister’s online game and decides to handle the situation without involving Zoe. She gets a few guys who play football at their school to scare the culprits who turn out to be young students from another school. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and they pin another letter on their doorstep. This time Becca didn’t get to Zoe’s house in time and Zoe sees the letter.

Becca explains that she was worried about how she would react but Zoe is taking it as best as she could. Zoe is more panicked about the fact that she has homework and she doesn’t think they can manage to do it all on their own. Zoe wants to call Tryst and talk to him and Becca agrees but gives Zoe a fake number.

The next day, Zoe goes ballistic after finding out that Becca gave her a fake Tryst number. She wants to know what Becca is planning as they only have two days. Becca says she doesn’t think Zoe is holding up well enough to talk with Tryst. As they argue Ken walks in on them and unknowingly shares information that proves to be helpful. The photo lab has printers and people are printing cards from it.

Zoe is immediately inspired and they head to the lab immediately. As it turns out, the person running the photo lab is also the leader of the young kids who was leaving threatening letters on their doorsteps. Small world, I guess! Becca plays a good cop while Zoe plays the bad cop as they try to strike a deal with the group.

Time is flying and they have 24 hours left to deliver the IDs to Tryst. They are also working with the young kids at the photo lab to meet the deadline. They agreed that they will pay them if they let them use the photo lab and help them make the deadline. They are able to deliver the IDs to Tryst and he is happy, he pays them and they are excited that it is over.

With everything done, they get to relax and they start reminiscing about the good times they had as kids. They also talk about the adrenaline rush they had the past week and somehow they miss it. What is wrong with them, seriously? Zoe says she has been thinking and hands over a business plan document. They call Tryst and ask to meet him in person as they can’t share the news over the phone. He shows up and they offer to make more IDs, they have ideas and are excited to share them with Tryst!

The Episode Review

This episode is narrated from Becca’s point of view. I am surprised that the girls managed to meet the deadline, things seemed bleak in the last episode. We finally learned why Becca went MIA and she ended up saving the day in the end.

I am shocked that Zoe would come up with a business plan and wants to continue making fake IDs given how she was scared of being caught and had panic attacks before. I would have thought she would gladly welcome some semblance of normality and want to put the whole situation behind her. Isn’t she worried about studying and doing her homework on time?

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