Fakes – Season 1 Episode 3 “Don’t Panic. (definitely don’t) ” Recap & Review

Don’t Panic. (definitely don’t)

Episode 3 of Fakes starts with the girls assuring Tryst that they can deliver the IDs, and he says he will be checking in as he is sure they will figure it out. Zoe is losing it and wants to know what will happen if they don’t make the IDs and how they will pay Tryst. Becca tries to calm her down.

They go back home and weigh up the pros and cons of their options. They can’t escape to Mexico and don’t have $30,000 lying around so they have no choice but to make fake IDs. They settle on doing it one time only and never do business with Tryst again.

The next day they agree to meet at the computer lab and get the ball rolling on their order. Throughout the day, Zoe can barely keep it together. Finally, they get to the computer lab and Zoe gets frustrated as she is the only one doing the work. Their “ work “ is interrupted when other students barge in to use the lab. This forces them to stop and head home.

At home, the family situation at Zoe’s house is precarious, to say the least. After dinner, Zoe researches more on how to make fake IDs and shares the information with Becca the next day. They discuss a plan and decide to get printers so that they don’t get caught doing illegal activities at school. As they wrap up their talk, Tryst shows up to check in and subtly threatens them with cutting their fingers if they cross him.

This makes Zoe even more anxious and fidgety. Becca on the other hand is managing and rolling with the punches. After school, they head to a store to buy a printer but unfortunately, they can’t pay because Becca’s card is declined. The store attendant suggests they use the print center. The girls quickly settle in and get to printing and Zoe explains the process. The process was going smoothly until the printers started having a problem and they nearly got caught by the store attendants. They are left with no choice but to think of how they will print the rest.

Later, when they get home Zoe checks the IDs they have printed so far and realizes they have a problem. The dimensions on the IDs they printed out are wrong. She tries to get a hold of Becca but she keeps getting directed to voicemail. The next day at school, Becca is still MIA and Zoe is freaking out.

Becca finally texts back and sets up a meeting with Zoe at Clem’s event later that day. Zoe gets there and Becca is still nowhere to be seen. Clem (Becca’s boyfriend) is disappointed she didn’t come and send Zoe but he still appreciates her presence. On the other hand, Zoe is stressing out that they are running out of time and Becca is being a no-show. She gets home and finds a threatening message hanging on her door. The letter advises her to stop selling fake IDs or she will die.

It’s at this moment that Becca shows up and finds Zoe screaming. She sees the letter and says she can explain.

The Episode Review

With time running out, the girls will have no choice but to get it together but I am unsure if Becca is really holding up well under the pressure or if she is just pretending to. She barely did her part and messed up the few cards they printed then went MIA. What is going on with her family that has her so distracted from the fact that their lives are in danger?

I am also curious about the letter, how will she explain it. Did she put it there? What is going on? I doubt the girls will deliver the cards on time but who knows what miracle they can cook up in the eleventh hour. Let’s see how they will manage to save their lives.

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