Faithfully Yours (2023) Movie Review – Is this Netflix’s worst film of the year?

Is this Netflix’s worst film of the year?

There have been some bad films released on Netflix lately and sometimes it can feel like a race to the bottom. Well, a new frontrunner has now emerged, coming in the form of Dutch thriller Faithfully Yours. Painfully slow, painfully obvious and painfully cliched, this film not only tries your patience, it does so with some of the most morally questionable and one-dimensional characters seen in quite some time.

The premise itself isn’t altogether bad, and with competent writers, could have added some much needed depth and nuance to the characters in order to make this one a more thrilling affair. We’ve seen these sort of erotic-ish thrillers work well in the past, with 2002’s Unfaithful immediately springing to mind.

This is no Unfaithful though, and instead this dour drama features one-note cheating wives, Isabel and Bodil, whom we follow across the course of this 90 minute flick.

Despite giving the illusion of being happily married, both sneak off for secret affairs at the weekend, using each other as an alibi. When Isabel is killed and Bo’s two worlds collide, she finds her secrets start to tumble out of control.

As the movie progresses, we learn more about the case, the investigators covering this, as well as Luuk and Milan’s role to play as the two unknowing husbands, respectively. Unfortunately, Faithfully Yours is one of those movies that thinks it’s cleverer than it is. We learn early on that everyone lies, and in the final twist is something you’re likely to see coming a mile off.

However, the route to get there requires you to fully invest in Bo as a character and it’s hard to do that when our first introduction to her is as a cheating, lying wife. She’s also a judge too, although that doesn’t factor into her thinking at any part of this movie when she loosely attempts to figure out what’s going on. In fact, the few clues she happens upon occur by absolute chance and good luck, rather than her skills or intellect.

The police work in this film is almost non-existent too. In fact, Investigators Ann and Sophie don’t really do anything noteworthy, beyond testing the blood samples, even telling Bo at one point that she’s “definitely not a suspect” despite her erratic, sketchy behaviour. She’s also caught changing her story numerous times so she absolutely should be a suspect! But then beyond that, there are a couple of niggling plot inconsistencies, and a really poor third act.

But beyond the narrative, even the technical aspects of this film fail. The score is woefully uninspiring and early on the music is really poorly mixed with the dialogue, which doesn’t help matters. The editing is also sloppy, with some scenes dragging on for far too long. Seeing a little boat rocking along the shore for 9 seconds, or a character walking up a flight of stairs for 8 seconds (yes, I did count) just drags the pace down to an eye-wateringly dull level.

And dull is perhaps the best word to describe Faithfully Yours. There’s really very little to rally behind here. The narrative is woefully dull, the characters are flat, one-note caricatures and the technical aspects have absolutely no redeeming features. This isn’t even “so bad it’s mildly funny” like the 365 Day films. This is just a bad film and definitely not recommended.


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  • Verdict - 2/10

7 thoughts on “Faithfully Yours (2023) Movie Review – Is this Netflix’s worst film of the year?”

  1. Did I miss something? Didn’t the police realize the body had gone missing? That last act really threw me! I was like WHAAAT?!?

  2. Straight trash. Morally corrupt woman, dumb plot and a stupid ass ending. This movie was a joke. Screw all involved.

  3. It is so interesting to read this review. I experienced this movie in a much different way and liked it very much. I was surprised by its ending – in a good way!!

  4. Painfully bad……..the acting, dialogue, character formation and overall storyline is below par. Unfortunately, this movie has zero positives to recommend it. AVOID….. a waste of 90minutes.

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