Faithfully Yours (2023) Ending Explained – Who killed Isa and why?

Faithfully Yours Plot Summary

Despite giving the illusion of being happily married, both Isa and Bo sneak off for secret affairs at the weekend, using each other as an alibi. When Isabel is killed and Bodil’s two worlds collide, she finds her secrets start to tumble out of control.

As the movie progresses, we learn more about the case, the investigators covering this, as well as Luuk and Milan’s role to play as the two unknowing husbands, respectively. Unfortunately, Faithfully Yours is one of those movies that thinks it’s cleverer than it is. We learn early on that everyone lies, and in the final twist is something you’re likely to see coming a mile off. But let’s dive into the plot.

What happens to Isa?

When Bo heads back to her house, following an altercation with Michael whom she’s been having an affair with, she finds blood everywhere. Isa’s suitcase is by the front door and her friend is nowhere to be seen, but for a large bloodstain by the hallway. This gives more context to an ominous intro we see at the start of the movie, where a bloodhound covered in blood races up to his owner.

Isa is married to Luuk and the police soon learn that the blood on the floor is consistent with that being Isa’s. They also find a picture of Isa dead with her throat presumably slit with a piano string, orchestrated by the killer to show their dirty work. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a message sent via the Dark Web by someone called Zadkin 1337, with the words “Mission Accomplished”.

Michael claims he doesn’t know Bo when questioned by the police, throwing further shade on Bodil. However, he’s just doing what she told him given she precisely said to act like they don’t know each other from now on.

Who was Isa being unfaithful with?

Luuk also knows that Bo is cheating on Milan but that’s not the juiciest of tidbits here. Footage obtained from the hotel shows Isa with another woman kissing in the hallway. And who is this other woman? Only Bo’s sister, Yara. Yara and Isa were going to run away together and escape Luuk but that obviously hasn’t transpired.

In a further twist, it turns out Milan actually has a camera set up inside Bo’s house, right in the corner too. It’s a live feed and not exactly hard to miss, but Bo realizes it’s there and she’s shocked. To confirm her niggling suspicions, she finds video footage of her affair.

Bo believes this is enough incentive for Milan to kill her so instead of looking through the archive to see if there are videos of Isa’s murder, she races over to see Michael instead.

Who does Bo suspect next?

Once inside his house, Bo finds a piano in his living room and begins playing some of the keys. However, she quickly realizes that there’s a piano string missing and suspects he’s the one who killed Isa. She hurries out his apartment, while Milan admits back home that he knows about Michael and doesn’t actually mind. He’s glad she’s not in love and warns her not to run away.

Bo finds Luuk has passed out and seemingly overdosed from drugs and alcohol. Milan is a doctor and believes he’ll be fine but Bo starts to suspect Milan is the real culprit here… despite initially believing it to be Michael.

Bo tasers her husband, cable-ties him and leaves him in a heap in the living room. When Milan regains consciousness, he admits that he’s really into this cucking kink, and he’s not interested in other women, not does he want to kill anyone.

Who is the killer? What does Zadkin mean?

So what’s up with the Zadkin? Well, it turns out Ward Zadkin is the name of Luuk’s protagonist in his new book, the Night Watchman, which we saw brief glimmers of earlier in the movie.

Bo realizes that Luuk is the real killer here and in true villain fashion, he monologues to Bo about his intentions. He actually hired an assassin to kill her but the guy mistook Bo for Isa and killed her with a piano wire. The message through the Dark Web used the codename from his book. Luuk is livid at Bo for getting in the way and wanted to be rid of her, blaming Bo for issues in their marriage, calling her his soulmate.

Luuk grabs the taser and believes Bo should be punished. However, he takes his eye off the ball and she finds an opportunity to race outside. Bo’s car has been tampered with so she’s forced to run and she does so… down to the secluded beach. Luuk follows with an axe in hand and chases her into the water, where he slashes wildly. Take that, waves! Bo blindsides Luuk from behind and manages to drown him, killing the guy outright.

How does Faithfully Yours end?

On Luuk’s computer, the police manage to map out the whole course of events in detail. It turns out Bo was the target after all and Luuk was the ringleader in this and hired an assassin to kill Boo, who mistook her for Isa. Ann and the police chalk up Bo’s actions to self defence so she’s definitely not going to prison, nor facing any ramifications for being a murderer and a cheater. They also believe the hitman has already left the country so they’re not going to extend the case any more than they have to.

With the case closed, Bo races up to a private airport in Ostend where Yara is intending to get on a plane. There’s no security anywhere and Bo finds Isa very much alive. Bo slaps her friend and learns that all of this was staged from the very beginning.

Isa played Luuk, realizing what his whole assignment was going to be, so she paid the assassin double to do nothing and not kill her. This was her chance to get rid of Luuk so she faked her own murder with Yara’s help, explaining why she was at the house in the first place, and took a photo to make it look legit. She also planted Luuk’s book so Bo would slowly figure out the truth.

When Yara and Isa both leave together, Bo decides to go out as she started the movie, by lying her way through her life.

What plot inconsistencies does Faithfully Yours have?

We could be here all day with the issues in Faithfully Yours but as a bit of fun, we’ve dug into the movie and picked out some of the more egregious plot inconsistencies and issues that stand out. To be fair, most of these revolve around shoddy police work!

Although the police do blood work, they don’t think about looking too deeply into Isa’s close friends and family, nor do they ever actually do a manhunt to try and find the body. You’d think the first person they’d investigate is Luuk, her own husband, but despite a few questions, they never dive too deeply into his life. Had they actually done their job, it wouldn’t have taken long to link Luuk’s book to Zadkin, which is a super simple and painfully basic connection.

If that wasn’t enough, the police don’t suspect Bo, despite showing herself to be unhinged. They don’t even find it suspect that she shows an empty folder labelled “videos” when she arrives. And how did Milan delete all of these from a distance?

Furthermore, we have the situation involving Isa. There’s no mention of exactly what happened to her beyond the staged death and how she managed to avoid detection during the time. It sure would have been helpful to check those camera feeds right? Given Milan likes watching his wife, he didn’t think to look over the footage and see if anything was picked up with Isa?

There are more issues here but these are the main ones that stand out. How about you guys? Did you enjoy the movie? Did you find other plot holes we haven’t listed here? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. The airplane at the end has American tail nimbers.
    Any plane with tail numbers beginning in N are U.S.

  2. To Cindy, it makes sense to me that Bodil would run into the water because she was such a good swimmer, and she was believed Luuk had a broken ankle.
    To others who don’t now why the missing piano string was part of the movie… to show that Bodil was paranoid and thought that since the murderer may have used a piano string as a garote, Michael probably was the murderer. She is so used to lying that she trusts no one to tell the truth. The coincidence led both Bodil and us astray.

  3. It was ridiculous to think that someone running away from a potential murderer would head straight for the ocean and run into it! I think the average person might run down the road in an attempt to get help but this idiot decides that jumping into the ocean is a good idea!

  4. Another incongruity was not one missing piano string, but three. At that particular pitch, most pianos use three strings stretched to the same pitch. Removing one string would be hardly noticeable, but all three is conspicuous and silly, Of course, since this was supposed to be a staged, non-event murder, maybe this could help to support the hypothesis of having used a piano-string garotte.

  5. I agree Gmj! That part about the Michaels piano missing did not make sense. And he did not even end up being the asassain. Also, how and why did Milan delete the videos if he was not the killer? what was the point in that? It was still a great movie with lost of different twists!

  6. I found the movie very intriguing. The one thing that puzzled me was the piano chord being missing from the piano at Michael’s apartment. That led me to think that Michael was a part of the plot to fake Isabel’s death.

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