Faceless Love (2023) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Everyone has a hidden side

Episode 4 of Faceless Love goes into a flashback one year after Neeraumpan (Vee’s mother) went missing. Mirin and her mother Su meet Neeraumpan at the church. Su shows her the newspaper where it says Neeraumpan’s family is still looking for her.

Su suggests Neeraumpan go back to her family and avail proper treatment. Neeraumpan explains that the doctor has advised the dementia will only worsen and eventually she might not even remember herself. She asks them to keep her condition a secret.

It turns out Mirin recognizes who Vee is. She warns Mirin that her association will be risky but Mirin asks her mother to support her for the time being. Mirin then takes Vee to the kitchen where they bake the cake together. She asks Vee to help her bake a cake for someone else.

Shortly after, Mirin takes a cake to Vee’s mother. It is revealed that Mirin visits Vee’s mother on a weekly basis. When Mirin tells her that the cake is baked by Vee, she breaks down into tears and says it is very delicious. Mirin reassures Neeraumpan that he does not know anything. She goes on to tell everything about Vee to his mother.

Neeraumpan requests Mirin to get her Vee’s photos. A short flashback shows us how Vee and Mirin’s cake baking took place. Suddenly, Neeraumpan forgets who Mirin is and why is she eating cake. Mirin consoles her.

Back at home, Ms Noi is visiting to buy new brownies. Mirin tells her the shop is closed on a Sunday, but Ms Noi insists she make some.

While leaving, Ms Noi places a rather unreasonable order of 30 brownie boxes to be delivered before 9am the following Tuesday. Mirin is not happy with timeline for the order, but her grandmother Ms Nee tells her to accept it anyway. Ms Noi launches into a rant about how Mirin should care for a regular customer like Ms Noi.

The following day, there is a meeting at Next office. Non’s mother Mr Sroyphet spares no detail and informs everyone about Mirin’s fiasco on the gala night. It cost them to lose a major investment for the new application.

Vee apologises to everyone on Mirin’s behalf and assures he would get the investment for the app. Ms Sroyphet interrupts and says they all should help since there is an acute shortage of time. She smartly inserts Non into the picture and most board members agree with Non’s addition.

Vee’s grandfather leaves after addressing the concern. And so do most of the members. Vee, Mirin, Non, Ms Sroyphet and Ms Aew-eas stay back. Ms Sroyphet offers to help Non to find investors. But he says he would like to do it on his own.

She takes it as a chance to jab at Vee and says just because Vee does not have a mother to help him that does not mean Non cannot ask his mother for help. Vee is offended and leaves. Mirin follows him but just then, Ms Sroyphet sees Mirin’s name ‘Neeraumpan’ and stops her to ask about it.

Non interrupts and tells Mirin to go and research about investors so that her mistake is not repeated again. Mr Sroyphet is suspicious about Mirin’s name and asks Non to look into her past.

Mirin goes to check on Vee. Vee compares himself to Superman and his aunt Mr Sroyphet to a kryptonite. Mirin apologises for her mistake and suggests if they can head out to refresh their minds. Vee suggests they go to Big Noi, the Dragon Emperor of Investment. This person is said to be unrivaled and quite influential in the world of investments.

Since no one knows what Big Noi looks like, their only clue is that Big Noi likes nature. Vee holds Mirin’s hands to stop her from going back to her desk. As Vee and Mirin head out to find more about Big Noi, Non enters the room.

Non warns Vee to be careful of the attention on him. He also tells them that a boss and a secretary should not be holding hands. Vee dismisses the warnings and says he will do his best to compete with Non.

Vee and Mirin are out looking for Big Noi when they hear a few men talk about Big Noi. The duo follows the crowd and find Big Noi. Big Noi wins a game and Vee joins the next one. Big Noi immediately says he has nothing to give to anyone and leaves.

Vee and Mirin follow after Big Noi. Big Noi  challenges them to show that they are like him. Vee joins Big Noi in the next activity to win him over and secure the investment.

On the other hand, Non invites Tanya for coffee. He asks her to invest in Next Innovation. When Tanya asks if Non has anything more than profits to offer, he says there is a chance to get closer to Vee.

Tanya asks if Non truly cares for Vee or is he only doing this for his personal gain. Non says his work and personal life are different and that one day he will prove that he is better than Vee.

Vee and Mirin succeed in meeting with Big Noi. Big Noi mistakes them for insurance agents. Vee asks if he is Big Noi indeed and turns out he isn’t. Mirin gets to finging more information about Big Noi.

We are brought to a flashback fourteen years ago. Vee’s grandfather show Vee who Big Noi is, but since Vee has face blindness, he does not know who it is.

In the present, Mirin finds little more information from her overseas friend. Vee suggests hiring a private investigator to find Big Noi. He is adamant about finding Big Noi.

Non and Tanya have a small chat which is nothing more than a product placement segue. The next morning, Non leaves after a quick breakfast. But before that he tells his mother that Tanya is his investor. After Non leaves, we see that Ms Sroyphet has hired a private investigator to dig into Mirin’s past and present.

Mirin delivers the brownie boxes to Ms Noi as per her request. A big fancy car arrives to takes Ms Noi to the airport. She hears the security guard address Ms Noi as Big Noi, just as the car leaves. It strikes Mirin that Ms Noi is the Big Noi that Vee is looking for. She goes to confirm the same and presents Big Noi with the investment request.

Big Noi asks Mirin to tell Vee to meet her in two days. She allots only fifteen minutes of her time. Mirin informs the news to Vee and also presents with a research on Big Noi. Vee tells her to come and stay at his house to work on a plan to present to Big Noi.

He asks Mirin to prepare hot chocolate. As she prepares the hot chocolate, she talks to herself about Big Noi and Non overhears.

The epilogue traces an event two years after Vee’s mother Neeraumpan went missing. Sroypet is talking to a private investigator. She wants to make sure that Vee is left alone and has no one by his side.

The Episode Review

We knew that Sroypet does not have good intentions from the start and this episode just cemented that idea. Her jabs at Vee for not having a mother are pure evil. No decent human would press on a pain point of others.

The revelation that Ms Noi is Big Noi became a little obvious at the start but it was a good one nonetheless. Why should one thing that only men can hold such positions of power?

Product placement seems to be a recurring theme in each episode and the segues into placing them are taking away the fun from watching the episode. At times, those even feel unnecessary. But it is what it is!

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