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Faceless Love (2023) Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review



Everybody hides their own secrets

Episode 3 of Faceless Love begins with Vee’s mother Neeraumpan crying at the amusement park and looking lost. A young girl offers her candy, and she turns out to be Mirin. Mirin’s mother asks Vee’s mother if she is okay. The staff also try to help her when she looks lost.

Mirin explains to Vee that Mirin is her nickname. Vee does not approve of it but Non says that he will hire Mirin if Vee fires her. Vee throws a tantrum. Mirin literally gets pulled between the two. She knocks some sense into the two of them. She says she would appreciate if they were fighting over her skills than considering her retention as a win.

Non urges Mirin to let him take her home. Non apologises to Mirin for dragging her between his and Vee’s fight. He says they probably did not mean to fight over her but some other topic. Non says he is older and takes care of most work but his younger cousin Vee is the boss and thinks he is the center of the world. 

Mirin says that perhaps Vee thinks of Non as his center of the world because he always seeks Non’s approval before taking any decision. She assures Non that she will be fine even if Vee fires her. She applauds Non’s likeable quality and leaves.

Non arrives at his home to find Vee waiting for him. Vee apologises to Non about his behavior earlier. Non launches into a rant about Vee’s childish behavior and gets also brings up Mirin replicating his mother’s hot chocolate recipe.

Non’s mother arrives after hearing all the ruckus. She berates Vee for troubling her son and hits a nerve by saying Vee lacks manners because he did not have a mother to teach him.

When Non is getting ready for bed, his mother comes in to check on him. She tells him to let Mirin continue to make mistakes while working with Vee. Vee’s mistakes will make Non stand out. She tells Non that he will be able to start his own business soon. As she is leaving, she asks Non to keep Mirin close so that he can learn Vee’s secrets.

Mirin bakes a cake for Vee as an apology for her rant the previous night. Upon reaching office, Aew-aes tells her that Vee isn’t in the office. She says it is perhaps Vee’s ‘Skip Day’ which is when he just goes off the grid without any warning.

Mirin waits at the office hoping Vee will show up but Non shows up instead. When his stomach grumbles, Mirin offers her the cake she baked.

Mirin has a hunch where Vee could be and heads off. Non sees the cake was for Vee, and is not happy to have it. He offers the cake to Aew-aes but she refuses.

Mirin goes to the amusement park and finds Vee there. Vee is surprised to find her there. The two ride the ride together and Mirin asks why he chooses the park on his Skip Days. Vee grows nostalgic and remembers the day his mother left.

Mirin asks Vee what he would do if he met his mother then he says he would be the one to leave that time. Mirin tells him that she won’t leave and that he would find him everywhere he looks.

As they eat ice cream, Vee asks Mirin to keep the place and his story a secret. They knock their ice creams in promise and end up very close to each other in order to save the ice cream from spilling. Vee waits in the car for Mirin. He drinks an energy drink and smiles to himself. His driver is surprised to see Vee smile.

Mirin arrives huffing and puffing. Vee tells her that she will need to adjust a lot to keep up with him as his secretary. Vee falls asleep in the car and his head tilts on to Mirin’s shoulders.

He drops her home and asks her to join him for Tanya’s meeting the next day. He complains about Mirin’s short height as well. She says a bunch of insults as his car departs.

The next day, Tanya is not happy to see Mirin at the meeting. After Vee leaves to attend a call, Tanya calls Mirin a dog who won’t leave their owner. She berates Mirin for joining her date with Vee. Mirin fights back and says she has her job to do. Vee overhears some of this conversation. He defends Mirin and leaves.

Mirin is waiting for the elevator when Vee joins her. She apologises to him but Vee tells her that she should not apologise to him but instead better herself so that others can respect her.

He remembers the cake she made for him, and she tells him that she and Non ate it. Vee throws a tantrum that she should have let it rot instead. When Mirin says she can bake him another cake, Vee asks her to bake it immediately. Tanya happens to overhear this conversation.

Later that day, she meets Non at a bar. She complains about her date and Mirin. She talks about Vee and Mirin’s chemistry. Non does not look happy to hear it.

Mirin and Vee reach Mirin’s home. The lights are off since Mirin’s mother and grandmother are asleep. She asks Vee to keep quiet but he does not listen. They bump into each other and Vee falls on top of Mirin. Mirin’s mother and grandmother catch them, and the latter is not happy to see Mirin sneaking a boy. A hilarious situation ensues as Mirin explains who Vee is.

As the episode concludes, we see an epilogue again. We see Vee’s mother brings a young Mirin and her mother to a church where she intends to stay. She asks them to keep it a secret.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Faceless Love delves closer to Vee and Mirin’s camaraderie. We also see Non starting to deflect on working for Vee and his company. Vee and Mirin’s fates are connected since their childhood and the epilogue just proves it further. Tanya is definitely going to be a problem for Vee and Mirin. Perhaps Non, too. 

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