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Faceless Love (2023) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

What exactly is my secretary’s name?

Episode 2 of Faceless Love shows us a glimpse into Vee and Non’s childhood. Non is crying over his mom’s disappearance. Non consoles him with some icecream.

After the opening credits, we are brought back to the present where Vee is stunned after tasting the hot chocolate. He asks Mirin where she learned to make it. His attempts and international trips to find that flavor have been unsuccessful so far. Apparently she learnt it from her mother, who probably learnt it in pastry class. She further adds that Vee should listen to others and not just follow what he thinks.

When he says she should share the recipe with the kitchen staff, she denies, saying she’ll safeguard the recipe so that she can continue working at Next.

The two have a sassy exchange of words again. Vee says that she might have changed her look and made the hot chocolate but she is still quite lacking. He asks her to make the hot chocolate again and warns that she will be fired if she fails to remake the taste.

On her way to make the second batch of hot chocolate, Mirin meets Non. Non asks Mirin what she thinks of Vee. She calls him self-centered, unprofessional and bossy. Non concurs with her deduction. He introduces her to Manit, the head of the IT department, and Maewkwak, a newly hired programmer. Maewkwak’s name translates to Maneki Neko in Japanese. Non asks her to join them after she makes the hot chocolate.

Non introduces the men to Vee. He makes the same remark as Mirin about Maewkwak’s name. Vee gives them the details of the upgrades and fixes he wants in the Good Life app. He asks them to get it ready within a week to launch it at the festival. Manit says that Rome was not built in a day. Vee counters by saying that God made the world in six days and he is in those leagues.

The meeting is done and Mirin overhears Manit and Maewkwak expressing their concern over Vee’s tight deadlines. At Vee’s office, Non reminds him of the upcoming thank-you party, but Vee wants to challenge Mirin further.

As Mirin brings the hot chocolate, Vee asks her to memorise guestlist for the party. He relieves Non and says he will take Mirin shopping for the event instead. Non asks if he can have a taste of the hot chocolate, Vee sternly denies.

Mirin waits for the lunch break. She remembers the drink her grandma packed for her. Just then a maid comes with a change of clothes for Non and Vee whose clothes are stained with hot chocolate. They change in front of Mirin and she is visibly embarrassed. She asks them to apologise to her, before Vee then says he will be transforming Mirin from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

He takes her shopping to a fancy store and ask her to try on various outfits. At the same time, he also prepares his outfit. She appears in a champagne colored outfit.

He holds her face, takes a guess at her facial features and orders for earrings from the Methinee brand. Vee and Mirin arrive slightly late to the party. Vee launches into his speech immediately, thanking the partners and investors of Next. In a short flashback, we see that Vee tells Mirin to tell him who everyone is as they approach or talk to him.

Vee mingles with the crowd while Tanya comes up to meet him. She clearly has the hots for him and asks the guy out to dinner to discuss an investment. He says that Mirin would contact her and excuses himself, citing dizziness because of Tanya’s perfume. Mirin scoffs as Non asks Tanya to tone down her perfume. Tanya takes offence and tells Mirin to postpone any of Vee’s engagements and make sure he meets Tanya at 6pm on Saturday.

Non tells Mirin to not be alarmed by Tanya’s behaviour. He then asks Aew-eas to introduce Mirin to all department heads and leaves. Mirin thinks perhaps Tanya was serious about the business investment. Aew-eas says Tanya’s family has enough wealth to last generations and at this point, Mirin realizes Tanya might have other intentions.

Non’s mother complains to his grandfather about Non working overtime for Vee. The grandfather simply says both their tasks cannot be compared and leaves. Tanya finds Non’s mother and complains that Vee did not entertain her yet again. Non’s mother says she should ask Non instead since he would one day have his own business which will be much bigger than Vee’s Next Innovation.

Non’s grandfather calls him and asks if he feels exhausted work. Non denies the claim and says his mother worries for him. His grandpa says Non should work hard and not think whom the work is for. Non smiles and nods, but his slight expression change tells us he might not completely agree.

Vee has been hiding since Mirin was missing from his side but she finds him soon. She asks him to smile more as they greet the guests. The next guest they meet is Methawee, an important partner investor. Non joins them as Methawee expresses her interest to continue to invest in Next. Non explains the next two launches but is interrupted by Vee who asks Mirin to explain it instead.

As Methawee leaves, she expresses her interest to invest in the soon to be launched app Keep Up. She admires Mirin’s talents and appreciates her choice of earrings. Mirin, unaware of the earrings’ maker, launches into her opinion. Methawee is displeased as the earrings are from her sister’s jewellery brand. As a result, she changes her mind about the investment.

Non profusely apologises on Mirin’s behalf, but Methawee leaves in anger anyway. Vee lashes out at Mirin for not knowing the brand. She sees it as Vee looking down on her humble background. Vee says it is to show her what type of world she would be mingling in. Non defends Mirin, but Vee’s harsh comments hurt her. She leaves and Non follows her but not before telling Vee that he would have to choose a secretary by himself if he fires Mirin. Vee realizes his mistake and berates himself.

Mirin walks her way home. She thinks she is fired and cries. Non looks everywhere for her. Vee also leaves the venue and drives off in his car. He sees Mirin on the edge of the highway and thinks she is about to jump. But instead she just hoisted herself up to shout out into the night. She calls Vee names and insults him which he overhears.

She falls back but Vee catches her. Non soon sees her and Vee. Non calls her Mirin instead of Neeraumpan. Vee asks for an explanation as Vee and everyone else has always addressed Mirin as Neeraumphan. Only Non knows the secret of Mirin’s dual names. The episode concludes and in the epilogue we see young Vee and Non.

Vee is playing with a Rubik’s cube and Non asks if he can also play. When Vee happily shares, Non says if there is anything Vee won’t share with him. Vee says if there is any such thing, he will let him know.

The Episode Review

The bickering between Vee and Mirin has simply intensified. It does add to a little bit of a variety but after a point, you simply want the two to have a moment’s peace when they are around each other. Non is perhaps not so goody-two-shoes as we perceive him to be. Those who are familiar with the original show, promise to keep a secret until later? 

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