Faceless Love (2023) – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


(Please note: The lead character names used in the recaps are the nicknames or frequently used names in the show. Veejit is Vee, Chanon is Non, Mirin/Neeraumpan is Mirin.)

Episode 1 of Faceless Love begins with a young boy and his mother at an amusement park. He gets on a ride and his mother disappears. Unable to find her, he faints as people flock around him.

After the opening credits, we see that the young boy and his grandfather are at a clinic. The doctor says that the young boy has developed the face blindness disorder. This disorder can be caused because of a malfunction or emotional distress. The grandfather says that his mother did disappear.

The scene cuts to Bangkok in 2023. That young boy is now grown up and is the CEO of Next Innovation. His name is Veekit (Vee). His employees carry ID cards with him since he cannot remember faces. He is quite bratty in his approach. He dismisses the HR employee when she approaches to look at a new candidates list for his secretary position. He orders a hot chocolate first instead.

When he goes up to his cabin, the hot chocolate is not ready. He calls Chanon (Non) and complains. Non puts him in place and asks him to choose a secretary first. Non’s mother complains and worries since he pulled an all-nighter at work again. Non defends Vee and says that he needs to select a secretary soon.

We are then introduced with the female lead, Mirin (Rin). She is out delivering brownies. The last customer for the day, Ms Noi pesters her about getting a proper job. When Mirin heads home, she overhears her mother and her grandmother discuss her employment status. Shortly after, her grandmother gives her a new dress for her interview that day. The dress’ fashion is slightly outdated but Mirin accepts it with gratitude.

She gets ready to head to the interview (of course we know where the interview is, by now). Her real name, coincidentally, is also Neeraumpan. The same as Vee’s mother’s name. Here at the Next Innovation office, Vee is deep in work. He throws a tantrum when the hot chocolate is not what he expected. He asks for the secretary interviews to start soon.

Mirin rushes to the office as the interview is starting earlier than schedule. She is late to the interview and rushes into the room creating a spectacle out of her clumsiness. Vee immediately dismisses her based on her outdated dress. Mirin does not take it lightly and fires back. She does not have adequate qualifications but knows the company’s history inside out. Vee is stunned after knowing her name and asks her to meet him in his office.

At his office, Vee asks Mirin to convince him to hire her. She claims to have exceptional memory retention. He won’t hire her unless she changes her outfit though. He also hands her a file to memorise by the next day. When she fires back at him, Vee gives her more files to memorise and asks her to leave.

Vee signals Non to follow up, while Mirin asks if he is the nice boss. Non and Mirin chat a little and introduce Mirin as Vee’s new secretary-in-training to his secretary Miss Aew-eas. He then takes Mirin to get a makeover. He uses a book cover’s metaphor to explain why appearances matter.

He also asks her about her change of name. Mirin says her mother suggested a name change for good luck. It is her mother’s best friend’s name. Her mother and the best friend got out of touch after they grew up.

After the makeover, Mirin comes back home with a few shopping bags. The women rejoice at Mirin finally getting a job. She stays up late memorizing the files Vee gave earlier. Her mother gets up early to prepare an order and Mirin offers to help her.

At the Next Innovation, Non’s secretary is giving him the latest updates. Just then Mirin arrives and Non’s gives his approval. She goes to Vee’s office and he begins to smell her. Yesterday she smelled of grilled pork, traffic and the market, but today she smells of apple pie.

His first task for her is to make hot chocolate. She looks into the pantry and goes up to Vee again. She tells him the hot chocolate he wants cannot be made from the available ingredients so he will have to wait. She tells him that one has to trust others and not be so self-centered. Vee tells her that she is fired if he does wait but does not get the hot chocolate he wants.

As Mirin comes back with the ingredients for Vee’s drink, Non and his secretary look at her efforts. His secretary asks if Non thinks she can make it, he says he thinks that she could be the one. He thinks so because he likes the most from all of Vee’s secretaries so far.

Mirin succeeds in making hot chocolate to Vee’s liking. Vee is stunned because it is the same way that his mother used to make.

The Episode Review

Well, that was quite a start to the show. The predictable dominoes are starting to slowly fall. The product placement sticks out like a sore thumb in some places, but well, one’s got to do what they got to do! To those who are used to watching Thai dramas, they won’t find it out of the ordinary.

Apart from this, the story also follows a somewhat obvious and predictable structure. The drama is not very profound neither is it very silly. It keeps up a decent entertainment and watchable factor throughout the episode.


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