F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Broken Door

It’s Episode 4 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) and we’re back to a regular weekly schedule.  We pick up with Gorya running to meet Thyme several hours late. He’s drenched and cranky – he never waits for anyone. Yet here he is.

They head out for their date, as he’s already invested the time, but continue to bicker and push each other around like a couple of kids. Arguing over the choice of restaurant, they get trapped in a stairwell, mirroring the classic elevator scene.

Gorya nurses a feverish Thyme while they’re trapped overnight in the stairwell.

Even with a fever, he spots the advantage to lying on Gorya’s lap and having her tend him. They also have a chance for a heart-to-heart, talking about their families, starting to understand each other. In a sleepy state, he promises to cancel the red card.

They’re released the next morning and return to squabbling. Thyme insists on a second date but Gorya laughingly declines. As they chatter, someone takes pictures of them.

At Gorya’s house, her parents are worried about something, but they seem not to have realised she was out all night, presuming she’d left early that morning. They’ve got trouble coming because of a shady loan.

Gorya meets the loan shark who offers a job opportunity as a bar hostess, claiming sexual harassment isn’t allowed. An older guy takes to her strength and after many drinks, gives her relationship advice. But he turns out to be a lecher. She throws the guy, ending her career.

At school, a thread does the rounds that has everyone talking. It looks like Thyme is kissing Gorya. He confirms they’re dating and announces her red card is cancelled. F3 drags her away for a chat as the thread roars on. Hana gets pulled along looking distinctly uncomfortable.

F2 grills Gorya over her relationship with Thyme. An uncharacteristically gentlemanly Thyme steps up, telling them to back off.

Kavin cuts to the chase, asking Gorya if she actually likes Ren, saying he doesn’t want his friends to fight. But shockingly, Thyme jumps in noting that the conversation is making Gorya uncomfortable.

Kavin backs off but Gorya and Thyme argue about her catching his cold, throwing more confusion around. When it’s just the guys, they worry about whether Thyme is serious about Gorya, noting certain family disapproval. Kavin and MJ pledge support but recall Tia having been forced into a marriage. Thyme is undaunted.

Gorya’s cold has her calling out sick even as she searches for more part-time jobs. Her brother brings supplies but teases her about the clip of her with Thyme. At Thyme’s house, the housekeeper finds her towel.

Thyme visits Gorya’s house with a very (now cool again) 90’s-style Domyoji sweater on. Her father steps in to question him but upon hearing Thyme’s full name just as his family is noted on the news, they invite him in. Meanwhile, Kavin and MJ invite Kaning out.

Thyme has dinner with Gorya’s family – for 500 Baht, as promised. He enjoys the boisterous family atmosphere.

Thyme enjoys a boisterous meal with Gorya’s family.

Kaning’s private-chef-made snack is completely different, but it’s a barter for information. They ask about Gorya’s interest in Thyme, whether she’s sincere. And confirm that their lives are already planned by their families. If Gorya isn’t serious, she should step out.

Back at Gorya’s house, they compete for the ‘magic pork’ with the saddest story. The siblings talk of their poverty. Thyme’s tale is of abundance but the absence of game-playing and fun strikes a chord. They divide the magic pork into miniscule pieces for everyone, curing all woes.

Back at Kavin’s house, Kaning lands the warning for Gorya. Kavin brings it with ‘You can’t always follow your heart.’ Kaning puts up a fight, sending Kavin money for the treat and saying they should trust their friends rather than go behind their backs.

Gorya walks Thyme out chatting more pleasantly than usual. He spots Ren’s handkerchief as it drops from her pocket. Randomly, he tells the story of breaking Ren’s favourite toy, admitting he was a jerk and that Ren is a good person.

Now on better terms with Thyme, as Gorya’s fans increase (based on Thyme’s approval), she thinks she’s finally getting to a bit of normal. But Thyme’s mother puts out the order to have him observed, especially at school.

The next day, photos of Gorya’s night as a hostess are plastered on the walls. We end with Thyme standing in front of the display.

The Episode Review

The Broken Door may have been the opening of Thyme and Gorya’s understanding each other, but Kavin’s statement about not always being able to follow your heart puts a damper on romance. It should serve as a warning to Kaning as well, as F2 make it clear that all of their lives are pre-planned and not by destiny.

Among this reality, we’re finally starting to see Thyme break through his childishness with moments of insight. Tia wasn’t wrong about his relationship (such as it) helping him grow as a person.

Bright Chivaaree has managed to make the shift seem natural even its extremity. Somehow he’s brought the character from big baby to young man in a few episodes – this episode, really – setting Thyme up for the drama to come.

Gorya too seems to have had a realisation about Thyme – that abundance and privilege doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Maybe she appreciates her own family just a little bit more at the same time she sees Thyme as a product of his environment as well as a guy who’s figuring it out, like everyone else.

This is the real heart – not the attraction but the growing understanding. With Thyme’s mother now getting involved, we’re diving headlong into the primary conflict of the story.

As we’ve seen in episode 1, she takes no prisoners. But our leads have some fight in them. Once Gorya decides she’s interested – perhaps next episode – sparks are sure to fly.


Are you watching F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers? Does Thyme’s maturity growth spurt chime a bell? We’d love to hear your tales. Feel free to drop your musings below. 

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