F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

 The Neverland

Episode 15 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) picks up at Gorya’s new home with her family instantly reliant on her.

There, she quickly finds exhaustion in the laborious day to day. As well as news that they’ve picked up new debts as her aunt had swindled the locals. Later, watching video of her friends hanging out at the flower store brings tears to her eyes.

Meanwhile, Ren informs Thyme of Gorya’s location, but he doesn’t get the reaction he’d expected. He tries again, noting if she’d really taken the money, she wouldn’t be having such a hard time. With Thyme still frustratingly unmoved, Ren threatens to no longer stand aside.

While villagers try to get their dosh out of Gorya’s family, Roselyn notes Thyme’s absence from a meeting. However, it’s Ren who shows up to help Gorya while the details he’d provided Thyme are in the trash. Helpfully, Ren pays the debts, endearing Gorya’s family.

At Parama Group, people are protesting and a former partner begs for help. True to character, Roselyn shows no mercy. Behind doors, Thyme advocates paying compensation but Roselyn remains unbending.

To give Gorya a break, Ren wakes early to do her chores. He makes a bet that he can make it successfully through a full day of work. Afterwards they play, something Gorya hasn’t done in the last year. Glakao thanks Ren for making her smile.

At the office, Tia confronts Roselyn over lying to their partners. Instead of cancelling the project, she’d actually created her own subsidiaries to keep all profit in the family. Tia tries to convince Thyme to work more cooperatively. But he signs the contracts moving Roselyn’s plan ahead.

That evening, Ren calls Gorya out to chat. Within a day, he’s figured out a plan of how he can stay with Gorya if she’s determined to remain. And build a life with her.

However, she rejects him and he knows why. She’s just not over Thyme.

With a final nail, he shares a video of a kidnapped Thyme. Of course, Kavin and MJ are the culprits, as part of a bigger operation.

On site, Kavin and MJ give Thyme a talking to, unimpressed with Parama Group’s activity to date. Explaining that love is the only thing that will give him enough heart to proceed, they remind him of previous ideals.

Committing support, they recall that its Gorya who’s made it possible for them all to change. And force Thyme to admit he still thinks of her – all the time.

Conspiratorially, Ren indicates that his family takes care of all of F4’s family medical stuff. And that if Roselyn really had cancer, he’d know about it. As Gorya shouts her frustration and stupidity to the wind, Ren recalls their first meeting – a similar yelling session on the rooftop at school.

As Thyme makes a decision, Gorya begs Ren to bring her to Bangkok. Masterminds F3 confirm their respective success.

At a board meeting, Thyme bursts in with a new proposal. F2 meet Gorya and Ren outside Parama’s offices to a blockade of riled protesters. Inside, Thyme pitches a plan to support their suppliers that will help them all in future, landing a much greater win down the line.

While his plan isn’t perfect, the investors are keen on Thyme’s passion and decide to support him. A text noting Gorya’s arrival has him racing as Tia concludes the meeting.

On his way out, Thyme bumps into familiar face. He turns back to check on his mother and gets stabbed in her place. Gorya arrives on scene as he hits the floor.

The Episode Review

From the set up in Episode 14, we already knew that Ren was on a mission to make things right. Would that we all had a friend like that, as he once again puts Gorya’s heart before his own.

What if she had agreed to his tempting plan to make a life with her? Or what if Thyme denied he still thought of Gorya? Was there a plan B? Perhaps Ren’s proposal was his plan B. He looked like he might have had some of his own hopes tied in there. Yet still had a pretty good idea how things would turn out.

On to Thyme, making huge changes in their corporate plans, as he’d always wished to do. Becoming the man he’d like to be. Did this feel too smooth a road? That’s where Gorya’s shoelace breaking comes in – an omen of ill luck. In our penultimate episode, Thyme is injured just as the couple should be rekindling their relationship. Nothing comes easy in drama land.

This instalment has a nice balance of energy in the run up to next week’s finale. For a little insight into next week, click our Ep 16 Preview story.


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