F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Chessboard

Episode 14 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) and workers are ransacking Gorya’s house. As Gorya grapples with the destruction, Roselyn’s man shows up to confirm the land now belongs to Parama Group.

Thyme tries to intervene but his mother confirms she’s given Gorya a red card. And taunts him to stop it if he can.

The guys group up to strategize and realise Roselyn has a bigger plan for Thyme. Kavin confirms that the families have eyes on all of them, as he’s just been called home. Ren encourages Thyme to support Gorya, even if she’s pushing him away. F3 pledge to provide whatever’s needed.

At the flower shop, Boss Ga offers Gorya a place to stay and undying assistance, as he sees her as family. F4 show up to help, her army in the fight. They quickly make a party of creating her new space.

Later, Thyme tells Gorya he’s not going home, protesting by staying with Ren. Gorya wonders whether they’ll ever get his mother’s blessing. But having a team behind them gives them hope.

The next day, Auntie Yu has the staff packing Thyme and Gorya’s things and Roselyn catches her.

Gorya is also up with the birds, cleaning the flower shop. Of course, Thyme is there to help his girlfriend as they smile sweetly at each other.

Auntie Yu calls Thyme to meet, having been thrown out of the Paramaanantra house. Ren’s take is that Roselyn fired her because she’s important to Thyme. He predicts a lot more damage to come.

He’s not wrong as Thyme discovers his accounts frozen and corporate rumours he’ll be disowned.

At the same time, suited men are destroying the flower shop as Parama Group buys the land out from under Ga. And Kaning gets a call that her father’s been fired.

In flashback, Thyme recalls Auntie Yu’s advice to hold the line. She points out the imminent trade-off for every good deed. In the face of so much disaster, Gorya races to meet Roselyn.

With Roselyn in a Cruella-style dress, the showdown begins with the chess master. But Gorya immediately admits defeat. She’ll leave Thyme to resolve everything for her friends. But notes that as she loses, Thyme will win because he’s changed. And he’ll never be what Roselyn wants.

Roselyn dressed as classic villain Cruella DeVille.

With tears in her eyes, Roselyn promises to compensate Gorya for past deeds. But before that, there’s something they must resolve that affects Thyme directly.

After 117 missed calls, Gorya calls Thyme to meet. She claims she’s sorted everything with Roselyn who won’t fight them anymore. After a lovely day together, Thyme talks about their future – how he’d run Parama Group with Gorya at his side.

As Thyme describes his plans, Gorya recalls her chat with Roselyn. As the rain breaks, Gorya tells him they should split. She claims his mother offered a big fat check and she took it.

Gorya breaks Thyme’s heart.

But what she saw was evidence of Roselyn’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Clearly, Thyme won’t be able to manage on his own so early in his career. He’s too naïve so she aims to force him to grow as quickly to take the reins. Her dying wish to Gorya is to bring back the old Thyme who’d be able to survive what’s to come.

Thyme doesn’t believe for a second that Gorya would take money to end things, but she’s determined to convince him. The final nail is a claim that she’s been playing him from the start, knowing he was rich and stupid.

She tells him to grow up and gives back the necklace. But he slaps it away.

At the train station, Auntie Yu reminds her that she’s a fighter. Somehow, she still has the necklace, having rescued it from the drain.

Conversely, Roselyn gloats at hearing Gorya has gone and Thyme is keen to take up the business in Singapore. She burns her (presumably fake) medical records.

Nearly a year later the mean girls reminisce about Gorya. But they quickly recover to check out F4’s Instagram results.

Back together, MJ and Kavin have an appointment. While Ga and Kaning decorate the flower shop. The guys drop by to gift Ga a car. They quickly leave Kaning and Kavin to chat.

Kaning feels guilty over Gorya leaving so abruptly without a trace. They don’t know where her parents live but Kavin assures they’re  still looking for her.

It’s Ren leading the investigation. He spots a news story about Parama Group’s dramas.

From Singapore, Thyme is at the helm at Parama Group, proposing firing an entire team to stop the corporate bleed. While everyone else looks horrified, Roselyn is the cat who got the cream. Tia tells him he’s more and more like their mother, missing who he’d been with Gorya. Of course, it’s the last thing he wants to hear.

From the road, Ren speaks to MJ – they’re both still searching for Gorya in their own ways. But agree to take a break. When Gorya is ready, they’ll find her.

That evening, the news announces a meteor shower, noting it can make wishes come true. The next spot features farmers and Ren recognises Gorya’s parents.

At work, things don’t seem to be going well for Parama, but Rosyln doesn’t buckle. Thyme, however, is still ambushed with thoughts of Gorya.

Then Ren appears to show Thyme what he’s found – it’s Gorya.

The Episode Review

And here comes the Thai twist – a mother’s dying wish. Very much a tamarind-flavoured storyline and one that hits Gorya right where it counts. What else can she do but believe and know that she can’t be the one to tell Thyme his mother has cancer.

But of course, it’s a play – it must be. That’s exactly how Roselyn rolls, isn’t it? All that aside, the belief that Thyme will have to man-up in his old way doesn’t seem quite as obvious a response. So, it takes time to be fair? Well, maybe it does.

We can presume that Gorya believes that Thyme would need that armour in the face of his mother’s demise plus overwhelming battles in the business world.

If it were you, would you believe Roselyn unreservedly? Believe that no mother would falsify something so horrible? Well, most mothers aren’t Roselyn, are they? Let’s hope not. I believe the clue is in the two-faced outfit she’s wearing. Well done, Wardrobe Department.

With this in mind and no one but Gorya knowing the reason she left, can Ren find a way to bring her back? Not without a solid reason, I’ll bet. And he’s only got two more episodes within which to do it. Onward, my friends.

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