F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

 The Rooftop of Tomorrow

Episode 13 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) and Thyme still hasn’t managed to truly progress his relationship with Gorya. Professor MJ passes on a few tips, but Kavin is remarkably silent. The guys wonder whether he’s not yet over Mona.

Kaning too is out of sorts. She tells Gorya about her near-kiss with Kavin and their subsequent conversation about his romantic relationships. But she holds back telling everything.

While Kavin is busy avoiding romance, Thyme is trying to dive in with a surprise party for Gorya to celebrate their finally becoming a couple. She’s too worried about Kaning to notice his planning.

Thyme mentions Mona but says she isn’t Kavin’s ex and didn’t turn him into a player. Instead, she was his close childhood friend who helped him escape relationships.

Perpetually in the friend zone, he specifically avoided crossing the line. But when another guy appears, jealousy takes over. So, they end with an argument. Kavin doesn’t give her a chance to respond to his last-minute confession, convinced it will be negative.

Kaning recalls how Kavin suggested she give up, as love isn’t for him. She decides to figure out what Mona would have said if Kavin had shown up to meet her on a rooftop.

As Kaning tries to figure which building it was, Gorya gets dragged to the party Thyme created to celebrate their coupledom. But she’s too distracted to appreciate his efforts. He unveils one silly treat after another, with MJ and Ren just shaking their heads.

In the middle of it, Gorya gets a call from Kaning and runs to her aid, missing everything. She’s in trouble for trying to access a hotel roof. Luckily Thyme follows and as it’s his hotel, gives Kaning the required permission.

And scolds Gorya for getting in Kaning’s way. But offers to help by speaking with Kavin.

Since the conversation with Kaning, all Kavin sees is Mona in everything. Then she really does appear. But it’s to check in about Kaning, wondering if her rooftop search has anything to do with that day. As they chat, he spots a ring on her finger.

After Mona leaves with another guy, Kavin texts Kaning to stop what she’s doing. However, she’s too far in to give up. Thyme convinces Kavin to respond to Kaning’s invitation – and to not miss a second chance at resolution.

Kavin recalls moments with Kaning and decides to meet her. Of course, Thyme’s waiting to deliver him. At the site, Kavin finally sees what Mona was trying to say.

Mona’s message to Kavin.

Afterwards, Thyme gathers everyone to his place, aiming to revive the couple party. But as they’ve been up all night, tiredness takes over.

Kavin gives Kaning a ride home, thanking her. He hints that Mona isn’t the reason he showed up, but refuses to say more.

Gorya commends Thyme for his calm, practical assistance. He promises many more surprises in their future. And she shocks him with a kiss.

Later, when Gorya reaches home, Ren is waiting, trying to take her away. At Thyme’s mother’s order, men are emptying her house.

The Episode Review

While Thyme and Gorya settle into a reliant partnership much of this hour focuses on Kavin and Kaning, where we finally get a peek at Kavin’s backstory. I’d mentioned last week that I didn’t recall this circumstance in the original Hana Yori Dango, but, my bad – Sojiro Nishikado did have a history with a first love. Of course, alternate versions cover this piece, but the Thai rendition is quite similar to China’s Meteor Garden 2018.

What’s done very well here, more so than in others, is the clear nod that all of Kaning’s efforts are realised when Kavin frees himself from past regret, making him able to move on. The power of sincerity and determination rule her magic wand. This could go completely wrong, but she does it because it needs to be done.

There’s also a lovely piece with Gorya wanting to help her friend and Thyme being the one to spot when it’s time to take a step back and support from behind. Not known for his analytical thinking when it comes to relationships, he proves himself more than what he seems. At least if it’s not to do with Gorya, where he loses all reason. With this, he further endears himself to his love. Nice one.

With happy resolution all around, as a close, Thyme’s mother resurfaces. Guess we’ll see more of her determination next week. For a little insight into what will happen, have a look at our Ep 14 Preview story.


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