F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Atonement

Episode 11 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) surfaces at the site of Gorya’s captivity where Talay and friends await Thyme, the fish who’s taken the bait. Talay acknowledges that he’s keen to teach Thyme a lesson.

As Thyme heads to Gorya alone, F2 rescue Ren and pass on intel by phone. At the warehouse, Talay reveals his reason for plotting against F4 and relationship with Phupha. He confirms that since the incident, the once shining Phupha no longer has such potential. He’d been crushed by F4.

Turns out, for revenge Talay hacked his way into their school. After Phupha had been beaten, his family went into debt to cover his treatment. While Talay slowly gathered other students who’d also suffered at the hands of F4.

He berates Gorya for being friends with them after what they’d done to her too. She should have been the one to fight against them. She tells him that what he’s doing isn’t right and offers to help him change things. But Talay is too angry to hear.

When Thyme arrives and admits to this past, Talay gives him a red card and the jackals launch. Gorya tries to stop Talay by talking about Phupha. But when one of the other guys tries to shut her up, Talay defends her.

Gorya tries to convince Talay to stop but he’s not having any of it.

Afterwards, he immediately attacks a fallen Thyme to prove a point. Talay continues to punch while Thyme says he won’t fight back, as that would mean losing. As Talay attacks with a chair, Gorya breaks free from her bindings and covers Thyme, getting knocked out.

Days later, Gorya awakes in the hospital and runs to see Thyme in his hospital room. She finds a covered corpse. The guys let her believe he’s gone as she curses at the sheet. She still has a lot of bad names to call him.

The guys hold it together as she also professes her love. But Thyme is too happy to keep playing dead. She smacks them all with a pillow. As they laugh and play, Lita hears the joy from outside and throws her ‘get well’ flowers in the bin.

Exiting the hospital, Kavin offers Kaning a ride home. A series of texts demonstrate that things aren’t yet over between Thyme and Talay. He sends F3 into action.

At another hospital, Ren finds Phupha who’s not able to walk. Meanwhile, Thyme has been visiting all the people they’d hurt to apologize and take his licks. Ren confides to Talay that Thyme has changed since meeting Gorya.

He then asks Talay to let things end but Talay isn’t convinced. He’d recorded Thyme confessing to the bullying and insists on sharing it with the world.

Talay says he needs to expose everything from the start to stop it at the root cause, preventing future incidents. Ren suddenly envisions Thyme’s mother talking of red cards.

Talay plans to share the file and then admit his own wrongdoings, fully fair. He says F4 must admit everything before it’s too late.

That evening at her front gate, Gorya is kidnapped by suited men. However, she lands at Thyme’s place. Ah, those suited men. He tells her he met with Talay and posted the confession video himself. Gorya checks to see if it broke the internet, but there’s no video to be found.

Instead, her voicemail has a message from Talay. He’d set the share to ‘only me’ and decided to discontinue his revenge spree. Much like Phupha’s Dad had done in the past.

In a flashback to different times, it’s Talay who delivers the classic line, ‘If apologies were enough, the police would be out of a job.’ Phupha sagely comments that Talay speaks like a character from a manga, claiming he’d forgive someone willing to change.

Thyme promises Gorya that he’ll continue to do better in future. He takes her to see the meteor shower with his telescope. She notes its beauty, such a shame it doesn’t last. A perfect segue for Thyme to present the meteor necklace.

Official highlight clip, in case you need to see it again (sorry, no subs, but you get the gist):

And we end with Thyme professing ever-lasting love and once again asking Gorya to be his girl.

The Episode Review

We’ll have to wait until next week for Gorya’s answer. But Thyme has made such great strides as a human, how could she say no? Hold on, wait a minute – what happened to Lita? More excitement to come, am sure. For a few ideas, check the Ep 12 Preview story here.

Talay put on a good show this week, with high-speed shifts from angry to crazy to normal to angry again. Even though he went a bit overboard in the vengeance stakes, at least his action was in his friend’s name.

His idea of everyone revealing everything publicly is an interesting one. Of course, many more rats would go down with that ship, including himself. Additionally, it could impact families and their empires as well.

With social media, it’s an entirely plausible possibility. If you’ve watched Thai series like The Judgement (Netflix) – entirely worthy – you already have an idea of how this can spiral, pulling others in like a whirlpool. Is posting everything out in the open for faceless people to assess and comment on a reasonable punishment? How does one give ‘the whole story?’

Let’s have a quick look at Thyme’s solution – more personal and potentially more meaningful yet not without some serious embarrassment. Not the kind that knocks over a company but the thing implants one to one.

Thyme’s already completely softened from his former persona. How many people do you think would apologize to every person he’s ever wronged? How many people would even think of it?

Apart from the dramatic events, Ep 11 was filled with energy and urgency. The changes in lighting from moody and sinister to bright and revealing then finally to soft romance helped to make mood shifts clear and immediately comprehensible. A solid episode all around.


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