F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Time Machine

Episode 10 of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (YouTube, GMMTV, Viu) picks up at the flower shop during a rainy season storm. Flower Boss Ga urges Kaning not to hesitate as teen years are fleeting.

Lita shows up at Gorya’s house to tell her that Thyme asked her to be his girlfriend and she’s accepted. Gorya congratulates her, hiding her tears.

News spreads fast in both the school and corporate realms as the near-celebrity pair is revealed. At home, Thyme gazes at his Gorya-made cookies but tucks them away when Lita barges in. She gets straight to the point, asking if Thyme will take her to the prom, reminding him that he agreed to try to love her.

Lita even knows Thyme’s schedule, having blackmailed MJ for information. Kavin scolds him for having helped her but he claims no one can handle that girl. The guys wonder what happened between Thyme and Gorya to make him switch so suddenly.

MJ tries to give Lita the brushoff ask she begs for deets on Thyme.

Ren checks in with Gorya who says they were never a couple anyway. She decides to focus on her studies. If Thyme can move on, so can she. Ren reaffirms that Thyme isn’t the type to move on easily. But she, among others, catch him kissing Lita on school grounds.

Gorya escapes before an indignant Thyme pushes Lita away. Instead, the mean girls corner her, talking about Thyme’s new love. Talay drops a few books to scatter them. Gorya asks him about other part-time jobs and he suggests a Rider’s wife gig, helping him make deliveries. He teases that she can be his real wife and Ren overhears the exchange.

At the flower shop, Gorya reports that Thyme kissed Lita and acts like she’s ok with it. Kaning wishes she had that kind of courage. Ga encourages her to make a move with Kavin before school ends.

Kaning braves up and brings flowers to graduation. MJ and Ren offer to escort her in to see Kavin give the valedictorian speech. She tells them Gorya is with Talay making deliveries but they wonder what student from their school is a delivery guy.

Talay and Gorya share a snack by the river. He tells her that happiness isn’t hard to find and offers to show her.

Kavin’s speech quotes CS Lewis with ‘You may not be able to change the beginning but you can change the ending.’ And notes that people are good at remembering their mistakes, but no one can just get on a time machine.

While Gorya hangs out with Talay, Thyme is cajoled into a day with Lita. At the mall, Thyme spots Gorya with Talay. Ren is there too, and uneasy at seeing Talay talking to a band of guys. Thyme approaches Gorya but Talay suddenly reappears. They push at each other but Gorya pulls Talay away as Lita watches from across the hall.

Thyme follows them out and Talay sends Gorya to get security. As Gorya returns, she witnesses Thyme pushing Talay, so tells Thyme to get lost. Lita shows up toward the end of the exchange.

As Gorya takes her finals, others prepare for the prom. Thyme puts his birthday cookies in the trash and Gorya finds a new red card in her locker. She notes that everyone will move on except her as her locker falls forward and bullies start to gather.

The mean girls observe that the red card is back after Thyme had banned them. but they put it down to love hard/fight hard.  They also notice that all the social comments are from the same user – Screwdriver. While Ren talks to the guys about Talay and his mates, potentially an anti-F4 group.

At school, Gorya is hiding from bullies and Talay helps her escape, noting it must have been Thyme who ordered it. Ren asks MJ to investigate Talay but they’re not finding much.

Gorya is captured and taken to the stadium. First punched in the face, she then falls back and hits her head. Even the meanies think it’s going too far. Ren rescues a now passed-out Gorya, threatening the bullies. Meanwhile, Thyme rocks up to the prom with Lita.

Ren rescues Gorya at the old stadium.

MJ uses his hacking skills to investigate the suspiciously clean CCTV footage and calls Ren who’s about to take Gorya to the hospital. But  as the guys try to tell him that Talay was the one who posted the red card, he’s knocked out cold. Then Talay announces that they’re moving on to the next plan.

At the prom, Lita gives a sulky Thyme some homemade cookies and sincerely asks for his heart. During a selfie moment, all the students take out their phones and Thyme sees a post of a restrained Gorya along with a location. Without a word, he races out leaving Lita and the cookies behind.

The final group message from Screwdriver reads: It’s time to punish F4.

The Episode Review

The only one who seems to believe that Thyme has moved on is Gorya. Recalling last week’s Episode 9, it was absolutely she, under growing pressure, who gave up on him. But he turned around pretty quickly to follow up on her suggestion, confounding everyone, including new girlfriend, Lita. That’s not turning out well for anyone. Except maybe Talay, who spots a perfect chance, when everyone is distracted, to stick it to F4 revenge-style.

Meanwhile, check out our Ren, with feet firmly on the ground and a step ahead in figuring out that something is amiss. What happened to our airy artist who doesn’t get involved with other people’s problems?

Like a guardian angel, he’s now hyper-aware of anything that could impact Gorya as he continues to champion her relationship with Thyme.

In fact, whatever anyone else says, the guys all still seem to be shipping ‘Thya’ or is it ‘Goryme’? Either way, even at the end of the school year, with six installments ahead, we know there’s more to come. Another week with a lot of running around and not a lot of conclusion. So we should see quite a bit landing next week.

For more thoughts about Ren’s character, and connections to previous versions (and potentially gentle spoilers), see the Random Thoughts piece in the Preview for Ep 11 story here.


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