F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 3 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

For fans of South Korean drama Boys Over Flowers (Netflix, Viki, Tubi, Hulu) or the Chinese (or Taiwanese) Meteor Garden (Netflix) or indeed the original, Japanese Hana Yori Dango, there’s now a new version of the classic story coming to streaming channels straight from Thailand.

If you’ve watched Meteor Garden 2018 (Netflix – see mini-review here) early indications show F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers to have a similarly modern vibe attached to the classic manga story. To get closer to the source material, you can catch the anime version of Japanese Hana Yori Dango (translation: Boys Over Flowers) on Crunchyroll.

The story of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, centres around a school for the elite reigned by four guys with an overabundance of privilege, money and good looks. So much so that they’re both feared and revered by those around them.

A girl who isn’t from within upsets their applecart, clueless about the rules and not interested in knowing them. She’s just there to go to school. Until she clashes with the leader of F4 which begins a series of battles that eventually shows glimmers of romance.

Directed by Patha Thongpan for Thailand’s GMMTV, he’s noted an interest in honouring the classic storyline, adding a ‘now’ freshness and displaying a unique Thai aesthetic that meets the original.

What does that mean for us? Thai drama is known for its way-over-the-top ‘da-da-da!’ portrayal of stories but has more recently, particularly at GMM, gotten closer to a familiar highly dramatized reality in contemporary series like The Gifted or Kiss the Series. It’s delivered in a more believable, less day-time-TV fashion that’s way more watchable than some of the old-skool offerings.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Cast

If you watch Thai TV, you may have spotted the same faces cropping up regularly on the same channel. Many actors are signed directly to a station with long-lasting contracts. Notably, GMM, which has a dedicated BL (Boys Love) drama following, has previously paired two of the F4 leads in BL series 2gether. So, it will be interesting to see how they fare in a drama where chemistry is crucial to live up to the brand.

Vachirawit ‘Bright’ Chivaaree plays lead character Thyme (Tsukasa Domyoji/Joon Pyo/Dao Ming Si). His counterpart in 2gether, Metawin ‘Win’ Opas-iamkajorn is the playboy Kavin (Sojiro Nishikado/Yi-jung/Ximen). Is it a miss that they’re not after the same girl?

It’s actually newcomer Jirawat ‘Dew’ Sutivanichsak, who plays Ren (Rui Hanazawa/Ji-hoo/Huaze Lei) in the love triangle. But content to date seems to throw more emphasis on the Kavin character than Ren, indicating a slightly different balance in the storyline.

Hirunkit ‘Nani’ Changkham as MJ (Akira Mimasaka/Woo-bin/Meizuo) rounds out the Flower Boys, but in this version he’s both playful and a fighter. And Tontawan ‘Tu’ Tantivejakul plays ordinary but forthright girl turned love interest, Gorya (Tsukushi Makino/Jan-di/Shancai).

According to the director, all of these actors exude their characters – so, let’s wait and see.

Where Can I Watch F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers?

This new series is set to air on GMM 25 on Saturdays for 16 episodes. It will simultaneously stream internationally through GMMTV’s official YouTube channel and on streaming platform Viu.

Episode 3 Release Date

In accordance with GMM TV’s New Years’ Eve special programming, Episode 3 of F4 Thailand will release on Saturday, January 8th (instead of Jan 1) at 8.30pm (Bangkok Time) – 8.30am (ET) and 1.30pm (GMT). The simultaneous international release on YouTube will come ready with English subtitles, so you’ll be viewing right along with viewers in Thailand.

Episode 3 Preview

What do we expect from F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Episode 3? From the preview clips, Gorya continues to show an interest in Ren while Thyme seems to have noticed her, deigning to take the bus to sit next to her. It also appears that his beloved sister is about to make an entrance. From previous versions of the story – particularly Hana Yori Dango – Domyogi’s interest in Makino was sparked by his adoration of the sister who raised him, based on similarities in the girls’ personalities. So it will be fun to meet Ms. Thea Paramaanantra and see how they far they go in comparing Gorya to her. There’s also more from Mira and all of the Flower Boys coming up.

Is There A Trailer For F4 Thailand?

If you haven’t caught it yet, there is a trailer for F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers:

In addition to the trailer, the team have released a song from their official soundtrack featuring the main cast. It’s certainly channelling the vibe and seems to be right on target to deliver everything Director Thongpan has promised:

What Happened In Episode 2?

See the recap and review here. Watch for recap and review stories each week after airing.

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We’ll be covering the series episode-by-episode, so watch along with us and tell us what you think. Any ideas based on the trailer or the song? Jot ‘em below – we’d love to hear it.

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