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Formula 1: Drive To Survive returns with lots of changes behind the scenes but the same exciting and intoxicating atmosphere as before. For fans of Formula 1, this really is the definitive docu-series and Netflix continue to strike gold in this third season. Between crazy races, some shocking climaxes and a certain virus outside, Drive To Survive is just as entertaining here as it was way back in season 1.

The end of last year promised some big changes to come that would shape the landscape of Formula 1 forever. Well, thanks in part to that aforementioned virus, changes are very much abound.

The first episode and a half essentially gravitates around COVID-19, including the effect it’s had on players, staff and formula 1 in general as everything shuts down. With 10 weeks of lockdowns and uncertainty, Formula 1 finally gets underway and brings with it a slightly different way of working. Still, the action on the race-track is every bit as thrilling as it’s been before.

It’s not really until episode 3 though that everything gets back to “business as usual”, as the subsequent episodes slip into the same formula we’ve seen adopted across the previous seasons.

Just as before, this season is split into 10 distinct chapters, charting the highs and lows of the most recent Formula 1 season. Along the way we hear from the drivers and staff involved across all parts of the racing spectrum.

From Red Bull and Mercedes to Ferrari and Renault, each episode essentially hones in on one or two teams, following their specific woes or team-centric issues while charting the story of each race.

Each of these chapters are around 38 minutes long, although this year a special penultimate episode charts the exploits of two drama-filled races across an extended episode that’s around 50 minutes long. It also details a horrific crash that rocks the racing world. No spoilers here of course, but this one’s easily the best chapter of the season.

The final episode doesn’t quite match these penultimate highs – if we’re being really picky here – but the battle for third place does well to level some of this out.

Of course, all the usual hallmarks of this show crop up, including POV shots inside the different cars, interviews with drivers and lots of shots fired at teammates and rivals. This heady cocktail of drama makes up the bulk of Formula 1: Drive To Survive and this year is no exception to the rule.

Whether you’re a racing fan or not, Drive To Survive is a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional racing, with an added sprinkling of a certain virus surrounding us all. With lots of compelling races, shocking twists and turns along with some intoxicating drama, Formula 1:Drive To Survive is another excellent slice of adrenaline-fueled racing action.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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