Extrapolations – Season 1 Episode 5 “2059 Part 2” Recap & Review

2059 Part 2

Episode 5 of Extrapolations begins in Svalbard, Norway. A woman steals some gear and takes off as alarm bells ring, plunging into the water and disappearing.

We’re still in 2059 for part 2 of our story, which whips across to Mumbai. The atmosphere is still choked with fumes, while the heat from the sun is so intense that daytime curfews are in place to prevent fainting, heatstroke and, inevitably, death.

Oxygen masks are supplied to residents – for a fee of course – but it’s here we meet one of our main characters we follow across the story. Gaurav is a delivery driver, and he transports goods between different areas. On the way down to the dock, something explodes in the air, which catches him off guard.

Gaurav meets his contact, an amputee called Neel, who offers to pay him 10,000 euros to transport some gear across to Varanasi. The mission specifies that they go together, which Neel is all for. As for Gaurav though, he’s not particularly happy about this 36+ hour journey.

On the way, Gaurav and Neel discuss different topics, including nanobots (Gaurav is convinced corporations track you with it), along with the war that Neel was involved with. However, the pair do share some similarities – both their families are dead. Neel is much more of an optimist though, believing things will get better. By comparison, Gaurav is dead-set that nothing ever will.

Eventually they turn in for the night, curling up in their oxygen-fueled sleeping bags. When they finally get on with their journey, Gaurav is stopped by several guards on the road, who beat him down and check through his gear. When they discover cannisters of some description (which Gaurav claims is a lunchbox), it takes Neel and a handgun to get them out of this situation. He shoots the three policeman and they head back on the road again.

Meanwhile, we learn that our robber from Norway was responsible for shooting the plane down out the sky, the one Gaurav saw earlier in the episode. She works for Mr Bilton, and she checks into a hotel, paying off the workers, asking for ice and to not be disturbed. As we soon find out, she’s actually after the same packages that Gaurav has.

The pair eventually hitch a ride to avoid detection, where they show up to meet Anusha, their boss. Neel and Gaurav drop off the cargo but this is only part of the journey. According to Anusha, they need to be in Amritsar by the following day. The thing is, the entire military is after them now, following the three fatalities. As a result, they’re going to have to travel during the day.

Anusha sets up an imported vehicle, but they’re also going to be joined by a genetic scientist called Dr Harbaksh Mann. He’s the one who could be the key to all of this, given he can manipulate the cargo they have – which happens to be special rice seeds. They’re stolen from the vault in Svalbard, and it would seem that Mann is going to program the seeds to launch rice.

As the trio head up a dirt road, they find themselves ambushed by a kid, who launches fruit at the car. Unfortunately, the heatwave hits and the kid ends up passing out. A scramble to save everyone ensues, as Neel tries to save the kid, passing out himself, prompting Gaurav to get involved and snatch the pair up and put them back in the car – and safety.

Gaurav scrambles to the local village, where he learns that Neel is actually a Muslim. However, the assassin shows up out of nowhere, desperate to get the seeds. Neel regains consciousness but ends up being killed, while the the mum of the child Gaurav and Neel saved, stabs the assassin and kills her.

Gaurav heads back on the road again, dropping off Harbaksh to Amritsar and returning to the village. Lo and behold, just like Neel said, it begins raining. Gaurav sits in Neel’s wheelchair, just as the heavens open and he lets the raindrops soak his face. Gaurav hands over the seeds, which he happens to have stored in his pocket, and tells the child that they’re magic.

The Episode Review

Extrapolations returns to 2059 this week for an episode that focuses on Gaurav’s journey into delivering a bunch of seeds, overlapping with last week’s chapter.

Guarav does inevitably get sidetracked and ultimately learns that there’s more to a person than you may initially think, typified by his chats with Neel. That in itself is fine but it again highlights one of the biggest problems with this show.

With so many time-jumps, it makes it difficult to actually get invested in the characters, while the slow, laborious pace only exacerbates the problems with this one.

Hopefully the episodes ahead can improve but given we’re over halfway through now, this one has been a disappointment.

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