Extrapolations – Season 1 Episode 3 “2047” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Extrapolations begins with Marshall showing up at the Department Of Sea Level Mitigation to pitch their approval to save the American infrastructure.

With sea levels rising, it has caused chaos for many of the countries and states across the world on the coast. One such bout of chaos comes from Texas, which is apparently no longer part of American democracy. Miami is flooding more every day and Marshall wants the church saved. The thing is, the place is already waterlogged, with everyone in attendance needing to wear wellys just to hear him speak.

Harris Goldblatt shows up with his daughter Gabriela and his daughter Alana. Alana is very forthcoming and points out she’s not in the mood for religion in the wake of the apocalypse. However, she seems to warm to Marshall.

In private, she approaches Marshall and questions whether God is punishing them all with everything that’s happening across the world. She has big disdain for her father and his capitalistic ideals, unhappy that he, and others like him, are profiting from other’s suffering.

Back home, Alana uses her exposition device to tell us all that there are currently 23 million climate refugees as of the year 2047. Those inside Miami are desperate to leave, fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. That’s hardly surprising though given the growing sea levels, and among those looking to leave is Marshall’s mum.

That’s probably for the best given Marshall receives some terrible news just after that, informing him that Temple Israel is not a candidate for preservation.

When Alana lashes out that night at her father, Harris deliberates over how to appease his difficult daughter and continue with his work.

Part of that includes heading in to see Marshall, offering to “grease some palms” and keep Marshall’s temple going. But before that, it’s time for a, impromptu advert for another Apple Original, Schmigadoon!, as Marshall and Alana start singing and dancing to “Singing In The Rain”.

When he awakens, Marshall receives a call confirming that his temple has been chosen for preservation after all. Unfortunately, it’s chosen in favour of the homeless center.

If that wasn’t enough, Harris is detained by the FBI who arrest him for bribery of a public official, racketeering and extortion. On his way out, he tells the Rabbi that he’s done what he can to try and swim, and no one else seems to know how to do this.

Harris is allowed to sit and listen as Alana has her bar mitzvah and points out, in front of everyone, that God is going to smite them down and judge them all. Alana also confirms that she’s the one who actually called the police and even worse, Marshall is called out for selling out the homeless. Unfortunately, there’s a bigger problem afoot as there’s a big hurricane inbound with maximum winds.

As a result of the hurricane, the church is looking the worse for wear, and the flooding is actually much worse than it was before. When Marshall grabs the Torah and takes off for higher ground, the flood rushes through town but he’s thankfully saved before it’s too late.

Over in Tallahassee, Marshall works to give out food to homeless people at the shelter, given he’s now homeless himself. Alana forgives him for his transgressions, as Marshall admits that it’s up to them to try and change things. And with that, Alana does the impossible… she smiles?! And helps Marshall serving out food.

The Episode Review

I’m not qutie sure why Hollywood seem to have this obsession with making unlikable teenagers that preach to everyone but Alana has absolutely no redeemable features. She not only belittles everyone around her, including her own schoolmates, but also makes a mockery of the church and religion by cursing and acting disrespectfully.

The situation involving the homeless is also quite incredulous because, sure, the homeless center may be shut down but… why not move them to the church? That way you’ve killed two birds with one stone and everybody’s happy.

In terms of content though, the idea of religion and commentary surrounding its place in a climate ravaged world is a nice touch, but we haven’t really seen much in the way of the rest of the world beyond the US.

Given we did see Greenland, Russia and a few other countries in episode 1, it’s a shame that hasn’t continued. Hopefully the episodes ahead do branch out and show more of the impact across the world.

However, in terms of quality storytelling and empathetic characters, Extrapolations hasn’t quite hit the required mark.

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