Extrapolations – Season 1 Episode 2 “2046” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Extrapolations begins with Becca looking after her son, who’s now a young kid called Ezra. He’s survived his ordeal as a baby and the pair head out together to brave another day in 2046. It’s an “Orange Day” for the pair. As we later learn, Ezra has a condition called Summer Heart, which is directly linked to Ezra’s weak heart.

Becca speaks to a guy called Marco over a hologram, who brings up how there are numerous beached whales showing up on the beaches. The ocean temperature is rising and the food column is starting to collapse.

After saying goodbye to her child, Becca gets the helicopter to Bahia Malaga, where forest fires are still raging. Omar is no longer around though, while it seems smoke and the choked atmosphere isn’t a problem for these helicopters that just fly right through without an issue. Past that, Becca ends up at a rig, where she’s now working on a project called Tomorrowzoo. Becca is still an employee of Menagerie2100.

Becca uses whale song to communicate with a female whale down below, whom she talks to about the world and what’s been happening. There isn’t enough food for the humpback whales to survive and they’re struggling to continue on, Eve (the name of the whale) needs to find the male of her species in order to procreate and continue to prosper. The thing is, getting food for the whales is something that’s a PR nightmare for those above ground, especially as there are people in Asia currently suffering an awful drought.

When Becca shows up at work the next day, she finds Hendricks is there working. He’s from the Southern Hemisphere Project Resources Management department. He’s been coming in during the night to speed things up, and is working in lieu with Christina, who happens to be Becca’s boss.

Hendricks isn’t sure about Becca’s voice avatar she’s using, believing she’s getting too emotionally connected to the whale, especially as she’s using the voices of her late husband Omar and of her mother for the whale.

Becca is shocked  when she learns that Hendricks has been playing a dead male mating call to lure the whale in. Given Eve is the only whale left, while the other fish have been burning to acid, Becca tries to take the moral high ground but Christina shuts her down, pointing out what they’re doing with Tomorrowzoo. Due to her sub ordinance, Becca is kicked off the whale case and Hendricks takes over.

Becca isn’t taking no for an answer though and heads back to the “Alpha” Oil rig. She sabotages the broadcast and admits the truth to the whale, that there’s no male and all of it is just a recording. The whole thing isn’t recorded, given she shuts off the equipment, but that only arises more questions from Hendricks and Christina, who bring Becca into the office and question what she’s done.

Becca feigns ignorance, claiming that she didn’t make contact, as she’s debriefed and moved up to Alaska for her next job, which includes investigating wolves. But before that, Becca and Ezra decide to go and see the final whale in its natural habitat, where it gives a little splash as a way of saying hello.

The Episode Review

Extrapolations dials down on the preachy narrative but in its place, is a long, drawn-out episode where we follow Becca and Ezra as they go about their days. The issues across the globe are a little more subtly developed here, which is a nice touch, but the trade-off is that the story just doesn’t really have much of a hook.

Sure, we see how these guys and gals live but beyond that there’s nothing here to really keep you invested, especially with how this episode has played out. Hopefully the chapters ahead can improve.

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