Extrapolations – Season 1 Episode 1 “2037” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Extrapolations starts this Apple Original on July 16th 2037. The highly anticipated climate change meeting, COP42, continues in Israel amidst urgent cries for action as corporations continue to grow bigger and more lucrative. One among those is Alpha Industries, with its CEO Nick Bolton in the driving seat. He’s rumoured to have invested in a new casino project above the Arctic Circle.

In Tel Aviv, the sky is choked orange thanks to forest fires raging nearby. Here we meet Marshall, a guy preparing for his first day as a Rabbi. These forest fires are affecting Russia too, with St Petersburg also suffering from the same deadly effects of the fires.

During the COP42 conference, the attention turns toward migration, the lack of water affecting some nations, and the likelihood that Nick Bolton could be the solution here. He has water desalinization patents that could swing things in their favour. However, they need to be wary of exactly what he may ask for in return. After all, giving these over would result in a loss for Bolton of over 2.7 billion euros.

The world is standing on the brink, and over in New York we follow pregnant woman Becca, who’s saved from the midst of a forest fire. No idea how the helicopter they’re in during the next scene touched down but it’s assumed that they managed to get out before flying over to New York. Anyway, Becca’s partner Omar actually happens to be one of the key members of the COP42, but he values his family ahead of the country and rushes out to be with his wife.

However, a guy called Junior most certainly doesn’t value family. In fact, he’s an archetypal evil billionaire who just wants to continue making money, believing that the world is going to shit but he and other elites can be there in “gold-plated coffins designed by Kanye” to go out in a blaze of glory.

As he ends up in Greenland, specifically at Franz Josef Land, the place is a mess. Ice sheets have melted and there are numerous obstacles in the way, specifically from the Chinese who have already edged in and want to try and get a leg up on the competition.

There’s a lot more exposition to come though dear readers! There are efforts to try and preserve what we have in this world, and using the latest genomic technology, Menagerie2100 will attempt to save “what nature cannot” by gene-capturing plants and animals, to maintain a vast library of creatures before they can be reintroduced to the world.

Omar lands, just as Becca gives birth. Their baby is hooked up to machines but he’s not in a great way. Becca laments being in he forest trying to save birds for the Menagerie2100 project but believes the pair are stronger together.

What’s less strong however, is what’s happening at the Climate Summit. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the nations cave to Bolton’s demands, agreeing to a global temperature increase, moving the goalposts in order to satiate Bolton and the other big investors. Outside, someone ends up setting themselves on fire in protest.

Over in Greenland, Junior ends up killed by a walrus right on the edge of the shore. He receives a message from Bolton just before this though, telling him the bad news about Alpha pulling out of the hotel business. As the news comes in, and everyone becomes aware of the temperature increase, a massive sheet of ice over in Greenland collapses, raising sea levels across the world.

The Episode Review

Extrapolations could have been a really entertaining show, a popcorn munching thriller akin to The Day After Tomorrow, with a mix of action and drama sprinkled in with social commentary about climate change. Instead, this show takes such a ham-fisted, heavy-handed method of delivering its message that it feels like being smacked in the face constantly.

Climate change is serious, yes, but the way Extrapolations constantly spouts exposition every 5 minutes to tell us about the devastating effects this is having on the world (honestly, take a shot every time forest fires are mentioned) makes this feel more like a preachy seminar than a piece of entertainment.

That’s not to say the message can’t get out there of course, but given story and character are the two most important elements of any production, Apple’s latest show struggles to even portray any memorable characters so far.

With time jumps coming across the season, it’ll be interesting to see whether the show calms down with its messaging and focuses on building characters we really care about. So far, this is a shaky start.

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