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Ha-Roo’s Memory

Following yesterday’s cliffhanger ending, we return to Extraordinary You with another slice of drama, one that sees big changes to Ha-Roo’s character. Given what he saw last time out, the episode predominantly revolves around him trying to find out the truth while Kyung and Dan-O continue to exacerbate his confusion.

We begin the episode with Ha-Roo heading to the portal and finding a red flower on the ground. Staring at the photo of Dan-O on the wall, he contemplates what to do next as he walks down the hallway. Given he can’t remember everything from the past, Dan-O gives him the cold shoulder before walking away.

The next day Kyung deliberates over Do-Hwa’s words about changing the story as he waits to speak to Jimmiche. Their conversation is cold and as he stands toe to toe with the Dried Squid Fairy, he talks about the story’s future direction before walking away. Kyung’s disdain is projected toward Ha-Roo next, as he finds him talking and helping Dan-O during science. Slamming down his basket on the table, Kyung forces Ha-Roo to leave before Dan-O’s woes continue, hearing that Ha-Roo may have a new love interest.

Meanwhile Dan-O is teased in class until Nam-Joo grabs her and takes her outside. She tells him not to pity her as they talk, before Do-Hwa talks to her in the classroom again about the butterfly effect. However, as the conventional page turning sounds, Dan-O sits and listens as Nam-Joo announces that Ju-Da is the only woman for her. However, the line is identical to Kyung’s from the dinner before, raising more questions around who the writer is and what they have planned for these characters.

After knocking a secret book out of Jimmiche’s hands and causing him to confront her about it, Ha-Roo finds himself falling for Dan-O as he sits across the table from her and mutters that she’s on his mind. After a dream sequence, later on at the library Dan-O slips off a stool and lands right in Ha-Roo’s arms. It’s enough of a reaction to get him thinking about her as Dan-O herself jumps forward in the story.

Here, we see her in hospital talking to the doctors. At the end of her conversation, she lets slip that she wants to get married before the scene changes to shadow. Convincing her Father she doesn’t, we cut forward to see Nam-Joo and Do-Hwa discussing A3 as Kyung jumps in and agrees with them. As the scene changes back to shadow, they continue speaking together before Ha-Roo buys flowers for Kyung to give to Dan-O. She rejects him though, telling Ha-Roo he’s not the real one, walking away in disdain.

As the shadow turns back to the stage, Ha-Roo and Dan-O walk together and buy gifts for Kyung. She thanks him for helping but as it turns back to shadow again, she tells him that he can’t change her set-up and that she’s destined to marry Kyung whether she likes it or not. He doesn’t understand, naturally, and questions why he can’t remember. Sighing heavily, she walks away as Ha-Roo is left to wonder what it all means.

The next day Kyung goes searching for the comic book in the library. Instead, he finds one called “Trumpet Creeper” which appears to have Dan-O featuring in it too. As Kyung wonders what this is, Dan-O learns that Ha-Roo has become self-aware again. As we cut forward, Kyung and Dan-O prepare for their marriage and at dinner they hold hands. The scene changes and they hastily let go of one another while back at the school, Jimmiche burns the comic book. As he does, Ha-Roo heads outside and spies the familiar flowers from the past he can’t remember.

After telling Kyung exactly how she feels, Dan-O stands in the middle of the road and watches the world go by. As she laments her life, Ha-Roo appears and tells her about Number 13. He promises to change her story and reveals a fresh scar on his hand. He apologises for arriving late as Dan-O holds his hands and weeps as he holds her, promising he’s not going anywhere from now on.

With a big reveal at the end and lots of drama throughout, Extraordinary You leaves things wide open going forward here. It seems Ha-Roo is finally self-aware now and after several episodes of anguish, Dan-O may well be seeing a bit of positivity coming back into her storyline again. Given the concern Jimmiche had regarding the new book, it seems clear now that something dramatic is going to happen at Kyung and Dan-O’s wedding. Could this be a big elaborate ploy from the writer to have Ha-Roo jump in and spoil the celebrations? 

Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure – Extraordinary You continues to deliver compelling, well-written drama and although some of the stage and shadow jumps are a little quick and sporadic, the unique premise and lovable personality for Dan-O are enough to see you through these moments. Roll on next week!


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  1. I think Yeo Ju Da had become self aware too considering she looked sad when she read Do Hwa’s bio that says “Goodbye Yeo Ju Da.”

    Gosh, I’m also curious about Baek Kyung’s half brother who I assumed is also aware of his character.

    I wonder who else in this drama had become self aware of their characters! 🙂

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