Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Real Powers Are The Friends We Made Along The Way

Carrie and Jen are continuing their fight at the start of Extraordinary episode 6. To bolster her stance, the former has labelled everything in the house that she bought with a red dot. This becomes a problem for Jen, who is forced to have an onion for breakfast.

Carrie sees the video and understands Kash’s condition. She asks him to apologize to his friends. That act might make things better. Kash agrees and buys Toblerone for each one of them. At the Clinic, Jen runs into Hannah, another 25-year-old who is yet to get her powers. While filling out the bounty of forms, Jen gets bored and Hannah takes her to a bar.

They eventually bond over their lack of powers and disapproval of others looking down upon them. They get utterly wasted and Jen forgets about the forms and takes solace in the fact that she now has a friend – for now. Jizzlord is confused about why Carrie and Jen are fighting. We can see that Carrie is worried about this fight and wants to make amends. Jen continues her freewheeling with Hannah which includes cutting off a pony from a girl’s hair, who they mistakenly believe to have powers of regenerating hair.

Carrie is further upset when Jen claims ownership of the erotic jigsaws that the friends used to do together when things were tough. They say hurtful things to each other but none more than Carrie refusing to let Jen talk to her father. Kash goes to Seb first, who was eagerly awaiting some action. Ade too accepts Kash’s apology. But when it comes time for Gregor, Kash is apprehensive. The speedster hardly accepts the apology and the rest of the group discovers that Grigor has teamed up with Randall and other people who auditioned to form a new group.

Kash challenges Grigor to a duel and loses owing to his speed. He uses his own power of going back in time and punches Grigor when he opens the door. Randall too joins them. Kash believes this is the redemption part of his arc and that his group is meant to change things, something Carrie is worried about when she hears it. Jen ditches the forms and once again goes on a wild day out with Hannah. They go to the Clinic and take it apart. That is when Hannah discovers her power of teleporting. Jen is heartbroken as this means they are not the same anymore.

Hannah promises not to change things but bails on Jen when a guard chases them. She is later seen flirting with Luke in a video but Jizzlord successfully manages to cheer her up. Carrie and Jen make amends on the erotic jigsaw. The next day, Carrie accompanies her to the Clinic. When Jen asks about her problems, Carrie mentions that Kash getting back together with his group might break their relationship.

The Episode Review

Even when we knew all of this was going to take place, we still enjoyed every second of it. The writers creased over any remaining issue in the friendship and now, maybe it is a more balanced dynamic between them. Unfortunately, Kash’s truth jolt was not enough to steer him on the right path.

His excessive desire to be the hero in his own story might backfire as he can lose Carrie. That breakup will truly shatter him and it will be difficult for him to come back. Jizzlord is putting in small bits every episode to establish his arch.

We still do not know what it is, exactly. But he is turning out to be a worthy match for the others. Extraordinary continues to surprise on the positive side.

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