Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Jen Show” Recap & Review

The Jen Show

Carrie imagines giving a great speech as the guest alumni at her former school’s prize ceremony at the start of Extraordinary episode 5. She and Jen went to the same school and are back for Andy’s graduation. The whole family is there to celebrate the young genius in the family, who has even made it to the Greenwich Conservatoire, a high honour in the universe. With so much stress around him, Ian blindfolds himself and ventures out to search for the person who is taking this unnecessary burden on themselves.

Carrie is nervous about her speech and to calm her nerves, Jen takes her to their hiding place. The alcohol she hid all those years ago is still there and they have it secretly. Suddenly, they hear the voice of Rebecca Baster, an old bully from their school days. She is now a teacher there and apparently has forgotten their feud. Rebecca is very cordial and even invites Carrie for a cup of chamomile tea in the staff room when she mentions her nervousness.

Back home, Jizzlord discovers Kash is depressed over his actions. He stays in the bath for a long time and admits he cannot get over his cowardice. Jen smokes one in the washroom and overhears Andy’s girlfriend and Andy talking. Andy admits she has not gotten into the Conservatoire. Jen also overhears Andy saying that her girlfriend has broken up with her. She comes out all smug and mocks Andy, who cannot afford to have her parents know the truth. She agrees to do “anything” for Jen.

Jizzlord brushes Kash and it helps but only momentarily. Andy embarrasses herself by doing a break dance routine she learned in her primary school as payback to Jen. Rebecca flirts with the idea that Jen pulled Carrie back in her school days. Using her power, she shows her the memories that evidence this notion. Rebecca funnily falls back into her old habits and pushes Carrie to stand up for herself and be pushier with Jen.

Kash finds out that his video has gone viral. Andy reads an embarrassing speech that Jen wrote for her, getting everyone in a stitch. But soon enough, Andy revolts and turns the tables. Jen outs her secrets and a crying Andy goes off the stage.

The family runs after she and Carrie gets on the stage. She is not able to start her speech as the Regan family’s fighting is overheard in the Audi. Carrie confronts Jen about it. Carrie calls Jen a selfish person and someone who will never get powers. They fight and Carrie leaves, while Jen sits in the toilet and cries.

The Episode Review

This was by far the most uncomfortable, unlikable episode in the show. For the audiences; for the characters, it sets a significant emotional conceit. The first big fight between the best friends and the expected arch is where one goes to find a new friend and ultimately ditches them.

It has been done before but the issues brought out by Carrie were handled well. The transition seemed organic and fully utilized the universe’s unique features. Kash’s downturn will perhaps give him some food for thought.

He cannot be a baby in an adult’s body for too long. Carrie has been taken for granted on all sides and one feels for her condition. Some hard-hitting developments in the show, finally!

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