Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 4 “Pet Project” Recap & Review

Pet Project

Every pet owner’s fantasy comes true in episode 4 of Extraordinary. Haven’t we all wished we could communicate with them? Life would be so much easier. Well, not the vet at Wenderburn & Clacy, whose life is a living nightmare. A small turtle tells him to put him down and the vet has no other option but to. As he does so, we hear the stressful cries for help from other animals in their cages. Jen has brought Jizzlord to him to check for microchips. Sure enough, they find an address and head toward discovering Jizzlord’s past.

Jen talks to her dad, Martin, through Carrie once again about booking a free consultation about her powers. Kash is nervous about his vigilante team and leaves Carrie sexually frustrated. Jen notices it when she sees Carrie cleaning the house. Jen also sends Luke a photo of a sock he left behind, in hopes that she can get back with him. When Jizzlord and Jen reach David’s house, they learn that he has expired. They actually walk into a funeral for David.

His previous name was Hercule, which Jen does not like. Jizzlord thinks his running away killed his owner; that he was a bad pet. But then he hears a bark and immediately turns repulsive. David had adopted Tito, a smaller dog, after Jizzlord left. They decide to steal Tito and take him to the vet to ask about David. The vet shockingly translates that Tito does not like Jizzlord and will not reveal stuff about David until they give him his day out.

They first go to a strip club, called “King Shit”, where Tito is the star attraction. Jen and Jizzlord also take their chance and get high on alcohol and drugs. But soon enough, they’re kicked out of the club when the vet has had a bit too much. Tito likes how Jizzlord and Jen party and is ready to tell them where he came from. Tito used to run into Jizzlord in the alleyway off Coburn Circus. That must have been Jizzlord’s territory.

They go into a bar in the alleyway and wait for the landlady to reveal the past. But Jizzlord bails and Jen finds out it is a dead end. She confronts Jizzlord about it on the pavement. He confides in her that he is afraid of finding out something bad about himself. Jen mentions her insecurities about going to the clinic and they embrace. She decides to keep him in the house.

For Kash’s group, the night does not go as planned. Women pedestrians passing by call them creeps. When nothing comes on their radar, a locked-out bachelor asks for their help and they agree. Ade, who has the power to go through physical objects, is tasked with opening his door from the inside. But there is a problem. He must be naked to be able to do so. Midway, his arse gets stuck in the wall and he is not able to move.

Kash gets radioed in by his mates about a real challenge for the group, but he cannot leave Ade behind. In his desperation, he does so and reaches the spot. But when an actual fight breaks out and Kash cannot use his power, he ditches his mates and makes a run for it.

Carrie discovers Gordon’s glove and remembers his superpower. She decides to visit him at his house. Gordon is reluctant but lets her in. She starts crying when Gordon refuses. But that persuades him to do it. Carrie herself is not able to go through with it and thanks Gordon for his generosity. She calls him a “real hero” for offering his services, which gives Gordon a new perspective on his powers. He then happily helps another woman who comes to his door.

On her way home, Carrie watches Kash upset and eating alone. She goes in to embrace him and comforts him like a true partner.

The Episode Review

That was a brutal blow for Kash and the boys. He did them dirty by choosing to leave. Even though he could not have possibly helped in anyway, at least he could have stayed back and got beat up together. Carrie is literally an angel. She is the only character in the show’s universe who can do no wrong and the most sorted-out one.

Jen certainly has a lot to figure out vis-à-vis her life. Her arch is such that even if she does not get powers or a partner, she will still be a fan favourite. The moment of redemption is not too far, I suppose. The change in story format to have each character go on their solo side mission is more in line with convention.

It helps give more focus on each of them, perhaps making the ensemble more rounded. We still have a lot of avenues to assimilate and plenty of more crazy things to see.

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