Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 3 “Dead End Job” Recap & Review

Dead End Job

Jizzlord has trouble adapting to being human during episode 3 of Extraordinary. He struggles to use the can opener, among other things. Jen admits to Ange that her job is only temporary, to which the wise old lady has a practical response.

Tim said the same thing seven years ago. He is still there. Carrie subsumes the soul of Valerie Gold to deny signing a label deal, while Kash interviews people for his project. Jizzlord matches to learn how to be human again. Carrie earns herself a moonlighting job with the label. Kash’s interviews are fascinating to watch as many come with unique sets of powers.

One can phase through solid objects, another’s body is a magnet, and finally, a weird one who can turn anything into a PDF. Won’t the millennials just love this guy! Carrie is tasked to sing like Colt Callaghan, an 80s country singer by the label. She is daunted by it and chickens out. She calls Jen to come down for moral support, who immediately asks her how much is she getting paid.

Carrie feels the need for a talent manager in her life who can handle people and strike valuable commercial deals for her. And then the realization hits. Next thing we know, Jen Regan Talent Management Services are born. They are shocked when the label offers Carrie 300k pounds for singing. Kash sends Jizzlord off to buy groceries and other stuff. He says he should not be out by himself in the open world but Kash sends him anyway, busy in arranging his vigilante group. He says to the group that they will fight crime together. Colt comes back and it turns out he is a pervert but will get the job done.

Jizzlord finds it troublesome to get tampons. The vigilante group discusses the kind of crimes they should fight and have a debate about which crimes to put in. Carrie has a problem with the misogynist lyrics of the song but Jen tries to push her on. Carrie does agree to do it for money. To decide who is team leader, Kash is challenged to demonstrate where the clitoris is on a picture.  As he is struggling, Jizzlord arrives in time and saves him. Carrie struggles to sing the lyrics as Colt and the pair do not get their money. The group plays a game with the groceries and has a good time, together.

The Episode Review

The colourful, strange world of Extraordinary does not cease to disappoint. Even though the focus is lightweight, the writers do a great job of finding the central conceit for every episode and bringing them out without compromising flow or humour.

Jizzlord’s initiation into female hygiene was sublimely put together without making it sound crass. Episode 3 also revived an old, perverted sexist country singer with the right dose of misogyny.

Oxenham and Tyers make an amazing pair on the screen. Their “bromance” is evident as the show’s backbone and is a warm place to base one’s expectations around the show.

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